Korean War

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N. Korea: We Moved US Troops' Remains 'En Masse'

Pyongyang warning may be aimed at launching talks: 'NYT'

(Newser) - More than six decades after the Korean War ended, some 7,800 American soldiers are still considered missing in North Korea—and the country is warning that their remains could soon be gone, the New York Times reports. The remains were "carried away en masse" from burial areas "...

S. Korea Returns Soldiers' Remains to China After 60 Years

But soldiers from the North are still there

(Newser) - The last of the Chinese soldiers who helped North Korea avoid defeat in the Korean War six decades ago have finally gone home. South Korea today repatriated the remains of 437 soldiers from China who have been in the so-called "enemy cemetery" near the city of Paju all these...

Widow Receives Vet's Remains, 63 Years Later

Joseph Gantt was killed in Korean War

(Newser) - The photo pretty much says it all: There is 94-year-old Clara Gantt weeping at the coffin of the husband who finally returned from the Korean War after more than six decades. Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph E. Gantt was a field medic who was injured and captured in December 1950,...

Freed 85-Year-Old: I Was Bored in N. Korea

Merrill Newman says he was detained in hotel, not jail

(Newser) - Life as a captive of the Stalinist regime he fought 60 years ago was actually a pretty dull experience, Merrill Newman says. The 85-year-old veteran, back in the US after more than a month in North Korean custody, says he was comfortable but bored during his detention, reports the Santa ...

American Held in N. Korea Oversaw Guerrillas

Kuwol fighters 'Pyongyang's most hated'

(Newser) - The detention of an 85-year-old American in North Korea appears to be revenge for his actions with a group of guerrilla fighters that did immense damage to the North during the Korean War, the AP finds in interviews with former members. Surviving fighters from the Kuwol partisan unit—glorified in...

Korean War Vet's Remains Go Home, 6 Decades Later

George Conklin, 18 when killed, gets buried this weekend in upstate NY

(Newser) - George Conklin was all of 18 when he got killed fighting in the Korean War in 1950. More than six decades later, the Army corporal is finally back home for burial in upstate New York, reports AP . His were among the remains recovered near North Korea's Chosin Reservoir in...

On Korea War Anniversary, Hackers Hit Both Sides

Anonymous group involved

(Newser) - Today is the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War, and both Koreas found themselves under attack once more—cyberattack, in this case. Key North and South Korean government and media websites mysteriously went down for hours, the AP reports. Hackers from Anonymous had announced plans to attack North Korea, and...

N. Korea Cuts Military Hotline, Warns of War 'at Any Moment'

Move may strand hundreds on wrong side of border

(Newser) - Pyongyang, declaring that "under the situation where a war may break out at any moment, there is no need to keep North-South military communications," has cut another key hotline to the South, CNN reports. The "dialogue channel" Pyongyang has cut is used daily as South Korean workers...

US Is Still Paying for Civil War
 US Is Still Paying for Civil War 

US Is Still Paying for Civil War

Other wars cost $40B a year in compensation: report

(Newser) - It's been 148 years, and the US is still paying relatives of Civil War veterans every month. Two surviving children of veterans receive $876 annually, and while that may amount to a paltry sum, the AP's analysis of the continuing costs of US wars turns up much heftier...

North Korea Scraps Armistice, Cuts Hotline as War Games Begin

UN will today look at North Korea's appalling human rights record

(Newser) - North Korea today "completely scrapped" the armistice that held a tenuous peace on the peninsula for six decades, reports the Washington Post , even as American and South Korean troops began the large-scale military drills Pyongyang had warned them to abandon. The North is playing up its unpredictability, saying in...

N. Korea Threatens to Kill Korean War Ceasefire

As US-China proposal on new sanctions goes to UN today

(Newser) - The US and China have settled on a new round of sanctions against North Korea, and Pyongyang is responding by ratcheting up its usual bluster, threatening to cancel the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean War if sanctions go forward and US-South Korean military drills that began March 1 continue....

Search for North Korea MIAs Over Before It Began

$5.7M search for soldier remains was just days from restarting

(Newser) - A program to recover the remains of the 5,500 American soldiers missing in North Korea from the Korean War has been shut down again, just two weeks after being announced , due to renewed tensions over North Korea's planned satellite launch , reports the New York Times . The US was...

S. Korea Returns Remains of US Soldier

He was killed in the early days of fighting in 1950

(Newser) - One more US soldier from the Korean War is coming home: South Korea today handed over the remains of an American killed in the early days of the war in 1950, reports the Korea Herald . The remains were found last year on a hill in South Chungcheong Province, and they...

North Korea Well Positioned for War: Report

Pyongyang would have advantage in early days of conflict with South Korea

(Newser) - North Korea’s offensive-minded military strategy is in some ways superior to South Korea’s defensive-minded one, and would give it an edge in the early days of an all-out war, a Korean-based think tank concludes in a new report. With 1.2 million military personnel and a record number...

US to North Korea: Help Us Find Fallen Soldiers

Remains of 5,500 servicemen are believed to be located there

(Newser) - The US recovered the remains of some 220 US troops killed in the Korean War when recovery teams were allowed access to North Korea from 1996 to 2005, but the Bush administration then ended the program over fears for the teams’ safety. Now, for the first time in six years,...

US Vets Unveil Agent Orange Dumping Ground in Korea

Deadly defoliant could be wreaking damage on Southern Korean health

(Newser) - Some 33 years after they buried up to 250 rusting 55-gallon barrels stamped "Agent Compound Orange" in a South Korean ditch, three American soldiers are pointing US and South Korean authorities to the location of the dumping ground. Their story has set off a media firestorm in South Korea,...

Korean War POW Finally Buried After 60 Years

Artie Hodapp died of starvation in or near a POW camp in 1951

(Newser) - For 60 years, Artie Hodapp's family agonized over a heart-rending mystery: Where had the young man, known for his rollicking sense of humor, come to rest after dying in the Korean War? The answer was among 17 boxes of remains that the North Koreans turned over nearly two decades...

N. Korea Warns of More Strikes
 N. Korea Warns of More Strikes 

N. Korea Warns of More Strikes

North says US to blame for attack on South

(Newser) - North Korea has warned it will attack the South again if it carries out any "reckless military provocations." The statement from a North Korean military delegation—which promised "second and third strong physical retaliations without hesitation"—didn't specifically mention the US-South Korea joint military exercises set...

North Korea: US Owes Us $65T
 North Korea: US Owes Us $65T 
...for being so mean

North Korea: US Owes Us $65T

...for being so mean to us for the past 60 years

(Newser) - With the 60th anniversary of the Korean War fast approaching, cash-strapped North Korea is demanding that the US pay it nearly $65 trillion to repay it for the damage caused by those decades of hostility, the AFP reports. According to the regime's inscrutable math, the US owes $26.5 trillion...

Guess Which War Has the Best Movies

 Guess Which War 
 Has the Best 
HINT: it's not WWII

Guess Which War Has the Best Movies

A look at Rotten Tomatoes gives the crown to the Civil War

(Newser) - The new Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks series The Pacific got the folks at New York magazine's the Vulture blog wondering which war has produced the best movies. They looked up every one they could think of at Rotten Tomatoes, then averaged the scores. The winner: the Civil War. Here are the...

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