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Goop Pushing 'Fake Medicine' With $135 Coffee Enema: Doc

Some say the Implant O'Rama is a toxin cleanser; others, a 'stupid and dangerous idea'

(Newser) - Each January, Goop "[gets] back to business," meaning it's "detox month" at Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand. But 2018's version is promoting a concept Ars Technica calls a "stupid and dangerous idea." As part of the site's "Beauty & Wellness Detox... More »

Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams

Researchers 'debunk nutrition myths'

(Newser) - Love a good juice detox? Getting into gluten-free baking? Taking antioxidant dietary supplements with your meals? Not so fast, says a large team of researchers who investigated peer-reviewed studies on a variety of recent nutrition fads. In fact, the American College of Cardiology reports that many of these diet trends... More »

Docs Warn Against Herbal 'Detox' That Sent Woman to ER

Medley of herbs resulted in severe hyponatremia

(Newser) - After a woman wound up in the hospital in the UK last year after ingesting a medley of herbs for a New Year's "detox," doctors are issuing a warning: There is such a thing as too much water, and people need to be careful with supplements, even... More »

'Souping' Takes Juicing by Storm

Bottled soups boast more fiber, less sugar than juices, but experts are still groaning

(Newser) - Back in February, the New York Times declared "souping" the new juicing. The appeals are obvious: juices tend to be stripped of fiber and loaded with sugar, and soups can be more dense, filling, and warm, not to mention tasty given the commonly added spices such as turmeric and... More »

Booming Instagram Business: Pushing 'Teatox'

It's a lucrative scramble for those pushing the countless varieties

(Newser) - Anyone who's spent a little time on Instagram has likely encountered some kind of ad pushing tea that promises to detoxify your body and help you shed a few pounds to boot. Maybe Flat Tummy Tea or Lyfe Tea or My Beauty Tea or Fit Tea, or ... and on... More »

Kate Moss Was Wasted on Flight: Passengers

Witnesses claim model didn't have ticket, was 'clearly inebriated' at Turkish airport

(Newser) - News about Kate Moss has been as scarce as the clothing she wasn't wearing in Playboy last year, but she made headlines at a Turkish airport on Monday. A witness at Bodrum Airport tells the Daily Mail that the 40-year-old supermodel appeared to wheedle her way into boarding the... More »

Hoffman Went to Rehab for Snorting Heroin

Actor says he checked himself into detox for 10 days

(Newser) - In the world of celebrity rehab, Philip Seymour Hoffman's self-imposed stay at a detox center this month falls into the hard-core category: He tells TMZ he had been snorting heroin. The Oscar winner says he had kicked a substance abuse problem for more than two decades but lapsed about... More »

Vietnam's Agent Orange Victims Get Scientology Detox

But doctors skeptical about detoxification program

(Newser) - In an attempt to detoxify people exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government is relying on … L. Ron Hubbard. The Church of Scientology founder developed a detoxification method espoused by Tom Cruise and other bigwig Scientologists. The "Purification Rundown" or "Hubbard method" involves... More »

Post-Holiday Detox Does 'More Harm Than Good'

'Janopause' leads to excessive drinking afterwards: doctors

(Newser) - Planning to go cold turkey after some heavy holiday boozing? British doctors warn it may do more harm than good, the Daily Mail reports. The so-called "Janopause"—a month of forced sobriety after New Year's—often leads to excessive drinking from February onward. "You’re better... More »

What a $5,600-a-Week Luxury Detox Is Like

Painful at first, but by the end...

(Newser) - On the first day of her $5,600-per-week stay at a ritzy Malibu detox ranch, Christina Binkley was awakened at 5:30am to do yoga, eat a tiny frittata, and then go on a 12-mile hike. "The scenery was gorgeous," she writes in the Wall Street Journal , but... More »

Brown Rumors Old News: Manager's Dad

Plus, reality acts fight over Jacko, and more

(Newser) - Two British reality talent-show acts nearly came to blows in their competition to open for Michael Jackson’s London shows, the Mirror reports. It may be a moot point, the New York Post adds—so far, no one is willing to insure the July concerts. Elsewhere:
  • The father of Chris
... More »

Pre-Pregnancy Scientology Diet Saps Katie

Actress on detox diet to help conceive second baby

(Newser) - Why did Katie Holmes really skip the Oscars? It wasn’t for work, the Mail reports, but because of a detox diet that left her drained. The diet, which consists of herbal drinks, is recommended by Scientology to aid conception—and Holmes and husband Tom Cruise are ready for a... More »

Diet Books for a Skinny 2009

Menu: Lemon juice, meditation, and a lunchbox of meat

(Newser) - Another year, another diet book. What's new? The Wall Street Journal dishes the skinny—and the zany—for 2009:
  • I Can Make You Thinner, Paul McKenna: Train your brain to only eat when hungry (hypnosis cd included).
  • The Lemon Juice Diet, Teresa Cheung: The initial recipe—lemon juice, water, maple
... More »

Detox is Second (or Only) Home for These Addicts

Repeat patients who use it as refuge are costing New York millions

(Newser) - Drug addicts who check into New York hospital detox units dozens of times per year cost the state more than $300 million annually. These frequent fliers are often homeless or mentally ill people who see detox as a source of food and housing. People use it instead of the shelter... More »

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