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Your Fish Might Recognize You

Archerfish shown to distinguish between human faces

(Newser) - Be careful who you call "fishbrain." The insult might actually be a compliment, based on a new study in Scientific Reports . For the first time, scientists have discovered that a species of fish can distinguish between human faces—something once thought possible only among primates with large, complex...

Some People Are Born Without a 'Mind's Eye'

Aphantasia impairs one's ability to visualize

(Newser) - When science journalist Carl Zimmer wrote a 2010 article in Discover magazine about English neurologist Adam Zeman's case study of a man who couldn't visualize people or things, the professor was approached by 21 people who saw themselves in the article and wanted to learn more. Now Zeman...

Google's Photo ID Feature Calms Privacy Fears

Security experts applaud opt-in requirement

(Newser) - Google has quietly launched a facial recognition service for Google+, but unlike Facebook's more intrusive photo ID feature , Google is earning praise from privacy experts for keeping Find My Face an opt-in feature, reports eWeek . Like Facebook's Tag Suggestions, which launched about a year ago, Find My Face...

Google App Would ID Faces, Dish Out Personal Info

Search giant being 'extra careful' amid privacy concerns

(Newser) - Imagine this: You're sitting in a cafe. Someone snaps a photo of you on their cell. An app matches your face with your name. Said photographer suddenly knows who you are ... and maybe even your phone number and email. Google is reportedly developing just such a a facial-recognition mobile app,...

Face-Reading Vending Machines Hit Japan

Contraptions offer drinks based on market research

(Newser) - Vending machines have officially entered the 21st century: A Japanese firm has developed a vending machine that determines your age and gender using facial-recognition software then recommends drinks based on your demographic, the Week reports. A man, for example, might get offered a “canned coffee drink” because men “...

Why Women Are Better at Recognizing Faces

But guys who are gay or left-handed aren't too bad, either

(Newser) - Researchers studying face recognition capabilities have discovered that women are 5% better than men at identifying faces they have seen before. Why? The researchers hypothesize that women are more interested in recognizing faces because they need to recognize and provide for their children. But guys, there's hope. If you are...

Staring at Disfigured Faces Is 'Instinctive'

Distorted or frozen features trigger a 'primal response' in viewers, scientists believe

(Newser) - The stares people like face transplant patient Connie Culp deal with are likely the result of instinct rather than insensitivity, Wired reports. Scientists believe that disfigured faces flummox the screening system the brain has developed to judge whether a person poses a potential threat, causing people to become transfixed when...

Crows Recognize Human Faces: Study

Birds distinguished friendly and unfriendly masks, squawked at perceived foe

(Newser) - If you ever offend a crow, don’t expect it to forgive and forget. University of Washington researchers found that the birds recognize human faces long after an encounter, the New York Times reports. Participants wore specific masks when they captured campus crows; after their release, the birds angrily scolded...

Lenovo Debuts Hip Laptop Line
Lenovo Debuts Hip Laptop Line

Lenovo Debuts Hip Laptop Line

New models will emphasize design, extra features

(Newser) - Longtime business stalwart Lenovo will unleash a stylish new line of laptops on a crowded consumer field, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lenovo’s IdeaPad line will offer sporty red aluminum-alloy cases and higher-performance gaming specs, as well as novel features such as face-recognition software that lets users log in...

9 Stories
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