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Oscars Chief: We're Making 'Big Changes'

She responds to black actors' boycott call

(Newser) - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs isn't in a position to boycott the Oscars —but she wants Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee to know that she is "heartbroken and frustrated" by this year's lack of diversity and there are big...

NYPD Union: Boycott 'Cop-Hater' Tarantino's Films

Police union not pleased with director after he called cops 'murderers' at NYC rally

(Newser) - NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot dead Tuesday, and by Saturday Quentin Tarantino was in Washington Square Park, protesting "murderers"—not the ones going after cops, but the cops themselves. "When I see murders, I do not stand by … I have to call a murder a...

Why One Lawmaker Is Boycotting Pope's Speech to Congress

He wants Pope to focus on abortion and the persecution of Christians instead

(Newser) - "When the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one," Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona writes in an op-ed published yesterday on Town Hall . Gosar, a Catholic, is boycotting Pope Francis' scheduled address to Congress next week...

Flag Removed, SC Can Now Host March Madness

NAACP, NCAA rescind their boycotts on Palmetto State

(Newser) - South Carolina's removal of the Confederate flag down from its capitol on Friday had a couple of unanticipated ripple effects, reports MSNBC : First, the NAACP ended its 15-year-old boycott of the Palmetto State; president Cornell William Brooks had praised the state's move as a denouncement of "an...

All the Fallout Happening to Indiana

Cities, businesses, bands join RFRA boycott

(Newser) - As Apple CEO Tim Cook warned , Indiana's controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act is turning out to be pretty bad for business, with companies, cities, and at least one other state joining a boycott. Among those shunning the state over the law, which critics say could allow businesses to...

Courtney Love, Other Celebs Boycott Dolce & Gabbana

After designers' comments on gay families

(Newser) - From the Oscars red carpet to the TV smash Empire, Dolce & Gabbana is everywhere in Hollywood. But might that soon change? Several celebrities have joined the boycott bandwagon launched by Elton John after fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana criticized same-sex parents and the use of in vitro...

Rarity: US Executions Fall Below 40 for Year

Opposition group thinks we might be in 'final chapter' of capital punishment

(Newser) - The Death Penalty Information Center's year-end report is out, and the number of US executions fell to 39 in 2013—just the second time that number has fallen below 40 in almost 20 years, reports USA Today . What's behind the drop? Difficulty in getting the necessary drugs, fewer...

Celebs Boycotting Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict

A whole slew reportedly joining Stevie Wonder

(Newser) - Because really, who hasn't been tempted to boycott the Sunshine State in its entirety ? Stevie Wonder started it last week, when he announced he was done with Florida in protest of George Zimmerman's acquittal and the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. Until the law...

Assault Weapon Advocates: Boycott NY Gun Law

Some assault rifle owners will refuse to register weapons

(Newser) - Assault rifle owners in New York aren't taking the state's new gun laws lying down: They're arranging a boycott of part of the law, with gun rights activists urging all assault rifle owners not to register their weapons. Under the new law, such weapons must be registered...

Morsi Opponents' New Tactic: Boycott Vote

Military gets power of arrest amid continuing protests

(Newser) - The opposition's debate on how to handle Mohamed Morsi's scheduled constitutional referendum has been decided: Boycott it. In opting not to push voters to actually show up and vote no on Saturday, the move suggests Morsi's opponents determined they didn't have the votes to squash the...

It&#39;s a Rough Day for Papa John&#39;s
 It's a Rough Day for Papa John's

It's a Rough Day for Papa John's

Company faces lawsuit, boycott

(Newser) - One large pepperoni, a text-message scandal, and a boycott on the side, please. Papa John's is in the middle of a big mess on two fronts, one in court and one in the media. Here's a look at both:
  • Papa John's is in the midst of a

Obama Hugger Facing Boycott
 Obama Hugger Facing Boycott 

Obama Hugger Facing Boycott

Pizzeria owner's hug sparks Yelp battle

(Newser) - The Florida pizzeria owner who bear-hugged President Obama over the weekend is facing a major backlash from cheesed-off Republicans. "People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant," says Scott Van Duzer , a registered Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 and plans to do...

More Trouble for Madonna

 More Trouble for Madonna 

More Trouble for Madonna

Concert on Warsaw Uprising anniversary triggers boycott calls

(Newser) - Now the Poles are upset with Madonna. In the latest uproar over the singer's European tour, Polish veterans groups—along with Catholics—are protesting her concert tonight because it falls on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Ticket holders are being asked to boycott the show, and a conservative...

Delta Drops Daily Show Amid 'Vagina Manger' Furor

Catholics declare victory

(Newser) - Delta Airlines has decided to pull its ads from the Daily Show, prompting a round of gloating from the Catholic League, BuzzFeed reports. The Catholic League is still angry about a bit last month in which Stewart joked that if women wanted to get Fox News to take the "...

Spirit Airlines to Charge $100 for Carry-Ons

Move comes as boycott movement crops up on Facebook

(Newser) - Now that other airlines are jumping on the fees-for-carry-ons band wagon, Spirit Airlines wants you to be sure and remember that they were the first . The airline is jacking up its carry-on fees, which will now range from between $20 a bag all the way up to an eye-popping $100,...

Burma's Swearing-in Oath Spurs Boycott

Aung San Suu Kyi, party members plan to boycott parliament

(Newser) - A few weeks after Aung San Suu Kyi was elected to Burma's parliament , her party is ready for its first clash with the regime. Opposition leader Suu Kyi and other members of the National League for Democracy are likely to boycott parliament next week over wording in a swearing-in...

Marlins Manager's 'Love' for Castro Prompts Boycott

Ozzie Guillen must quit: Cuban-American group

(Newser) - A Cuban-American group is fuming after the Miami Marlins' manager spoke ever so highly about Cuba's former president. "I love Fidel Castro," Ozzie Guillen told Time . "I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last...

Pastor: Boycott Starbucks Over Gay Marriage

Company is following Satan, says USA Christian Ministries chief

(Newser) - A pastor is calling on Christians to shun Starbucks because of its support of gay marriage in Washington state , reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . "Starbucks is no longer fashionable," says USA Christian Ministries head Steven Andrew in a statement. He makes the case that the chain would lose 80%...

Transgender Girl Scout, 7, Triggers Cookie Boycott Call

Teen calls for boycott on YouTube over 'unsafe' member

(Newser) - A California teenager is attempting to organize a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because the Scouts allowed a 7-year-old transgender member to join last year. Why are the Girl Scouts "willing to break their own safety rules to accommodate transgender boys?" a girl who calls herself Taylor asks on...

What Boycott? GoDaddy Gained Users Yesterday

But that doesn't mean 'Dump GoDaddy Day' was a lost cause

(Newser) - An impending boycott may have pushed GoDaddy to change position on SOPA, but the boycott itself didn't hurt the company much. Yesterday, the official day of the movement, GoDaddy actually saw a net increase of 20,748 domains, TechDirt reports. Indeed, GoDaddy saw almost twice as many transfers into...

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