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Kevin Bacon Disguised Himself as One of Us, Hated It
Kevin Bacon Disguised
Himself as One of Us, Hated It
in case you missed it

Kevin Bacon Disguised Himself as One of Us, Hated It

Actor speaks to 'Vanity Fair' on occasion of 2 new movies opening

(Newser) - Playing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" will only get easier as of this weekend: The actor has two new films opening, the horror movie MaXXXine from Ti West and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F with Eddie Murphy. He sat down with Vanity Fair's Julie Miller to talk about...

On Prom Day, Footloose School Will Get a Big Guest
Kevin Bacon Fulfills His
Promise to Footloose School

Kevin Bacon Fulfills His Promise to Footloose School

Actor visited Utah's Payson High School, where 'Footloose' was shot, on prom day

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon on Saturday fulfilled his promise to students at Utah's Payson High School—where he filmed Footloose four decades ago—when he showed up on campus on prom day. "It's been a long time—40 years—that just blows my mind, you know," the actor...

Runaway Pig Kevin Bacon Gets Shoutout From Namesake

Pennsylvania pig back in pen after 17 days on the loose

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon, a footloose pig, is back home after some encouragement from Kevin Bacon, the actor. The Footloose star weighed in Saturday on what became a hilarious game of cat and mouse in his native Pennsylvania. On a Facebook page titled "Bring Kevin Bacon Home," Gettysburg resident Chelsea...

Kevin Bacon Has a 'Six Degrees' Idea

He wants to use it to spread the word about staying home amid the coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon wants to turn the "six degrees of separation" idea forever associated with him into a tool to fight the novel coronavirus. In an Instagram post, the actor urges people to use the concept to spread the word about the importance of staying home amid the outbreak to...

5 VIP Celebs Who Got Their Breaks on Soap Operas

Julianne Moore even won a Daytime Emmy

(Newser) - Don't look down on soap operas: Some of today's biggest stars got started there. ETOnline rounds up 10 such actors. A sampling:
  • Julianne Moore: Played a dual role, half-sisters Sabrina and Frannie Hughes, on As the World Turns from 1985 to 1988—and even won a Daytime Emmy.

5 Longest Marriages in Hollywood

Bet you didn't know Denzel's been married 3 decades

(Newser) - Yes, even in Tinseltown, some relationships go the distance. ETOnline rounds up nine celebrity marriages that have done just that. A sampling:
  • Denzel and Pauletta Washington: 30 years
  • Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan: 25 years
  • Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: 25 years
  • Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: 25 years

Kevin Bacon Apologizes for Tweeting Spoiler

He gives away plot twist in TV show 'The Following'

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon has inadvertently given his Fox TV show The Following a big dose of publicity, but not in the way diehard fans will appreciate. We won't give it away here, but Bacon served up a major plot twist on Twitter before deleting the tweet and apologizing, reports the...

'6 Degrees' Kevin Bacon Learns Wife Is ... His Cousin

Actress Kyra Sedgwick was initially horrified

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon's wife says she knew it all along. Actress Kyra Sedgwick and her Hollywood-star husband were filmed for the PBS show Finding Your Roots, which traces family backgrounds, and learned that they're actually cousins—albeit ninth cousins, the Independent reports. Sedgwick looked mortified at first: "See,...

You Can Get From This Page to Any Other in 19 Clicks
You Can Get From This Page to Any Other in 19 Clicks
in case you missed it

You Can Get From This Page to Any Other in 19 Clicks

It's the Kevin Bacon-ification of the Internet!

(Newser) - This week's coolest tech nugget: Though recent estimates peg the number of webpages in existence at a staggering 14 billion, a Hungarian physicist says we can get from any one page to any other in 19 clicks or less. Yes, it's the Kevin Bacon-ification of the Internet. To...

14 Stars Related to Other Stars
 14 Stars Related to Other Stars 

14 Stars Related to Other Stars

Seems like lots of Hollywood celebs are cousins

(Newser) - Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon got a bit of a surprise when they went on PBS' Finding Your Roots and discovered … they're actually distant cousins, Zap2It reports. "Talk about six degrees of separation, right?" jokes host Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. In the Huffington Post , 14 more...

'Jezebel Thinks I'm a Sexist Prick': Stewart
 'Jezebel Thinks I'm 
 a Sexist Prick': Stewart 
plus: the kevin bacon game!

'Jezebel Thinks I'm a Sexist Prick': Stewart

But sexism claims take backseat to Kevin Bacon

(Newser) - Jon Stewart went on a rant last night ostensibly related to Fox News’ insistence that we should never blame George W. Bush for anything, but it took a few turns along the way. He even threw in a line acknowledging Jezebel’s recent take-down of his show: “Jezebel...

9 Celebs Who Would Never Cheat

Thank goodness not everyone in Hollywood is dirty

(Newser) - If Tiger Woods and Jesse James have caused you to lose your faith in men, perhaps these upstanding gents will comfort your troubled heart. Jo Piazza points to nine Hollywood guys who would (we certainly hope) never cheat, on PopEater :
  • Tom Hanks: He’s been married to Rita Wilson for

Town Hall 'Paranoia and Violence' a Liberal Fantasia

(Newser) - To listen to the Obama camp and the liberal media, the anti-Obamacare protesters at last month’s town halls are a grave threat to our way of life, Mary Katharine Harn writes in the Weekly Standard. But “the climate of paranoia and violence that enveloped our political system this...

Thug Swipes Bacon Phone Packed With Celeb Contacts

(Newser) - A brazen Manhattan subway thug swiped actor Kevin Bacon's Blackberry, likely packed with phone numbers of his A-list celebrity pals, reports the New York Post. Bacon gave chase, but the thief maneuvered through the crowd at a midtown subway station to freedom. Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, are no...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Lead to Madoff

Actor, wife Kyra Sedgwick lost money in Ponzi scheme

(Newser) - It turns out Kevin Bacon didn’t put enough degrees between himself and Bernie Madoff. Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick join Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg on the list of Hollywood denizens duped by the Ponzi schemer, Bacon’s rep confirmed to New York magazine. Rumor has it the couple...

Aussie Feces Fracas Drags Bacon's Name Down Under

Squabble falls within 6 degrees of culprit

(Newser) - No, actor Kevin Bacon did not poop in anyone’s ice cream, reports Australia's Age. That we know of. But Stephen and Jessica Whyte insist someone put human feces in the gelato they were served at a Sydney hotel. Newspapers noticed that the Whytes have ties to a rival pub,...

'70s Vigilantes Take '07 in Hands
'70s Vigilantes Take '07 in Hands

'70s Vigilantes Take '07 in Hands

New slate of vigilante films in era that mirrors '70s anxiety

(Newser) - Our era of economic upheaval and political powerlessness mirrors that of the 1970s, and now we’re getting our own silver screen vigilantes to clean up the mess. Everyman killers like Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle took action when the system wouldn’t, says Slate, and this season “vengeance...

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