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22 Celebs Who Had Cosmetic Surgery Before Hitting 25

Why wait until 40 to improve your nose, boobs?

(Newser) - Cosmetic surgery and Hollywood go together like bread and butter—and some stars don't even wait until middle age to go under the knife. Radar rounds up 22 stars who had plastic surgery before even hitting age 25:
  • Dianna Agron: After her nose was broken twice, once in high

Voice of Charlie Brown Upset by Ex's Boob Job

Peter Robbins accused of stalking, threatening ex and plastic surgeon

(Newser) - More details are trickling out on why, exactly, the "voice of Charlie Brown" was arrested Sunday : Peter Robbins was, allegedly, quite unhappy that he paid for a breast enhancement for a girlfriend ... and then the relationship didn't last. The 56-year-old is accused of stalking and threatening both the...

MTV to Teen Mom Stars: Enough With the Boob Jobs

Network not happy with sexed-up image

(Newser) - Even if you like to pretend that MTV's Teen Mom reality show does not exist, you may find this "news" item amusing: The network is not happy that so many current and former cast members have gotten their breasts enhanced, because apparently it has a classier idea of...

Waitress Sues for Boob Job Benefits

Swedish woman denied sick leave payment

(Newser) - A Swedish waitress is suing her employer after they docked her earnings for the sick pay allowance she got while off work for two weeks having cosmetic breast enhancement surgery. Upon returning to work with the new and improved breasts, her employers noticed the difference and told her the boobs...

World's Largest Breasts Could Kill Woman

See Heidi Montag, there is a downside to plastic surgery

(Newser) - Beware, Heidi Montag, or you could end up like Sheyla Hershey: She achieved her dream of having the world’s largest breasts, but now she’s fighting for her life because of them. The Brazilian model, who now lives in Houston, got all the way up to M-cups before downgrading...

Why Celebs Get Boob Jobs

Ten reasons, from sad to sadder

(Newser) - Sometimes it’s because their boyfriends like big boobs, and sometimes it’s because Jesus doesn’t not like big boobs. Ten celebrities and the reasons they gave for getting breast enhancements, rounded up by The Frisky :
  • Carmen Electra: Says now it was just “really trendy” to get breast

Kate's Boob Job: Thank the Bodyguard

It's normal for bodyguards to assess your breasts, right?

(Newser) - If you’re a fan of Kate Gosselin's reportedly enhanced boobs, you have her bodyguard to thank. “Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best,” a source tells Us . Steve—that would...

Sharon Osbourne Wants to Sell Boobs on eBay

Breast implants are too annoying, she says

(Newser) - Sharon Osbourne discusses her children, her marriage, and her new novel with new! magazine, but most importantly, she discusses her boobs. “I wish I’d never had my breasts done the last time,” she says of her cosmetic surgery. “They’ve put these bloody great bags in...

Italy to Ban Teen Boob Jobs

Girls too young, surgery too dangerous

(Newser) - Italy is about to pass legislation barring girls under 18 from having breast enhancement and other plastic surgery. A burgeoning number of teens are having the operations, which are frequently a gift from parents. "Far too many adolescent girls are unaware that there are risks with this surgery. We...

Hungary Holds 'Miss Plastic' Pageant

Beauty contest offers prizes to the surgically-enhanced—and their surgeons

(Newser) - Boob jobs, facelifts, and new noses were on parade in Budapest last night as Hungary held its first "Miss Plastic" pageant. The winners—who had to prove they had actually gone under the knife—received prizes including a new apartment and a new car, and their surgeons took home...

Brit Transsexual Sues for Health Service Boob Job

Plaintiff claims refusing surgery is a violation of human rights

(Newser) - A transsexual denied breast enlargement surgery by Britain's National Health Service is suing, claiming the denial violates her human rights. The plaintiff—who has undergone hormone treatment and lived as a woman for the last decade—says the surgery is essential to her identity as a woman.

Brit Firm Offers Bigger Breasts From Stem Cells

Controversial cancer therapy to be used for cosmetic procedures

(Newser) - A new breast enhancement procedure using stem cells from stomach fat to grow larger breasts is being made available for the first time in the UK, reports the Times of London. The procedure has already been used in trials for use on breast cancer survivors. Now a controversial new operation...

Writer Probes the Land of Lipo

(Newser) - Hoping for a firsthand glimpse at the $13 billion cosmetic-surgery industry, an undercover writer visited three surgeons to ask what could be improved—on her 27-year-old, 5-foot 9-inch, 120-lb. body. “Are teenybopper idols and those who emulate them freely choosing plastic surgery? Or is plastic surgery choosing them?” Melanie...

Aussie Navy Busted Over Free Boob Jobs

$10,000-a-pop operations address "psychological issues"

(Newser) - The Royal Australian Navy has footed the bill for $10,000 breast-enhancement surgeries for sailors, says a plastic surgeon who told Australia's News Network that he performed breast enlargements for two such women—although neither had any injury. Officials insist the Navy pays for cosmetic operations only when there are...

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