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Meet the First Car Made by a 3-D Printer

Urbee combines eco-friendliness with innovative look

(Newser) - Saving the planet just got a lot better-looking: The hybrid Urbee is the first-ever car made using 3-D printers. The firms Stratasys and Kor Ecologic created the vehicle, whose whole exterior is printed by additive manufacturing—printing layer on top of layer until, essentially, a car appears—a method that...

Prius Growing Noisier to Warn Pedestrians

Toyota offers 'humming device' to help people hear hybrid coming

(Newser) - Prius drivers worried about mowing down pedestrians who can't hear them coming are being offered a chance to make their cars noisier. Toyota is selling a $150 device that makes a humming noise that's about as loud as a regular car's engine, AP reports. The speaker system is designed to...

Toyota Announces Worldwide Prius Recall

Braking issues force recall of nearly 500K hybrids

(Newser) - Toyota president Akio Toyoda apologized to customers as he confirmed the widely expected worldwide recall of 437,000 Prius and other hybrid vehicles today. "We sincerely acknowledge safety concerns from our customers," he said at a press conference in Tokyo. "We have decided to recall as we...

Toyota Plans Smaller, Cheaper Hybrid

It's expected to go on sale in early 2012

(Newser) - Toyota will introduce a new hybrid next month that is smaller and more affordable than the Prius, reports the Detroit News . The hybrid-only subcompact is expected to go into production in 2011 and be in US showrooms by early 2012. Toyota, which will offer a peek Jan. 11 at the...

Toyota Rolls Out Plug-In Prius
 Toyota Rolls Out Plug-In Prius 

Toyota Rolls Out Plug-In Prius

Available for corporate/gov't lease today; on sale in 2011

(Newser) - Toyota will begin leasing the plug-in version of its Prius hybrid to large government and business clients today, and plans to sell tens of thousands across the globe when it starts retail sales in 2011. The new vehicle, which charges from a regular household electrical outlet, can run about 14....

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game
 Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game 

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game

Not dirty, sexy, or violent, brand is 'a minor miracle'

(Newser) - Nissan already had its work cut out in designing a hybrid—whatever it made had to measure up to Toyota’s hugely successful Prius. Then it needed a name, which came at the end of a process blending business, culture, and the law. Possibilities must be cleared in hundreds of...

Why This Hot Rod Is Greener Than a Prius
 Why This Hot Rod Is Greener 
 Than a Prius 

Why This Hot Rod Is Greener Than a Prius

You'll drive less frequently but enjoy it more

(Newser) - So, conventional wisdom tells us, if you want to help the environment, ditch those dreams of a hot-rod, get a hybrid, and commute knowing you’ve done your part to save the environment. Nonsense, writes Joe Eaton , who did precisely the opposite. “Giving up your Prius and putting a...

Japanese Mull Noisier Hybrids to Protect Blind

Survey finds blind people are unnerved by silent vehicles

(Newser) - Japanese automakers are looking into ways to make their super-quiet hybrid cars a lot louder after more than half of blind people surveyed said they were terrified of the vehicles, AP reports. The automakers are considering equipping the vehicles with radar to sense pedestrians and make sounds like engine noises...

Toyota Plans Cheaper, More Fuel-Efficient Hybrid

(Newser) - Toyota plans to keep its lead in the environmentally friendly vehicle market with a new car to be released in 2011, Bloomberg reports. The vehicle, to be based on the company's Vitz compact, will be around 5% more fuel-efficient than its Prius and will sell for around $15,600, according...

Chevy: Volt Will Get 230mpg Critics: Yeah, Right

(Newser) - GM held a triumphant press conference this morning, announcing that, using newly devised EPA methodology, its 2011 Chevy Volt will get a whopping 230 miles per gallon in city driving, by far the highest fuel efficiency rating ever. No car has ever so much as sniffed 100mpg before; the Prius...

How to Get the Most Out of Your 'Clunker'

Time offers tips for buyers considering CARS

(Newser) - Cash for Clunkers has become a smashing success—but is it right for you? Time explains how to get the most out of your clunker:
  • First, make sure your vehicle really is a “clunker”: Cars that get more than 18 mpg, don't run, haven't been registered and insured over

GM Announces Plug-In Hybrid SUV

Buick model could get twice the mileage of similar automobiles

(Newser) - General Motors’ Buick brand will churn out the first plug-in hybrid SUV by a leading automaker, the company said today. “Buick will get our first plug-in hybrid, which will put the brand front and center in the advanced technology game,” said a GM exec. The company says the...

Hybrid Owners Have More Accidents, Get More Tickets

Environmentally-conscious motorists also drive more, study says

(Newser) - Owners of hybrid vehicles tend to drive more, have higher repair bills, and get more tickets than their gas-guzzling counterparts, the Car Connection reports. A study of the behavior of 360,000 motorists found insurers pay 17% more for comprehensive coverage of hybrid owners compared to owners of conventional models....

Levy on Driving Gains Speed as Gas-Tax Replacement

(Newser) - As the US moves away from a gasoline-only auto culture, researchers and the government are investigating alternative taxes to fund road-building and maintenance, the Kansas City Star reports. The leading idea to supplant the gas tax is a by-the-mile approach endorsed by a federal commission. “If you’re committed...

Prius Owners Sue Over Faulty Headlights

Owners suing Toyota over expensive repair

(Newser) - Toyota’s Prius, now in its third generation, remains the dominant hybrid car. But an increasing number of older Prius owners are finding that the autos have a potentially dangerous flaw—failing headlights. What's worse, the so-called high-intensity discharge lamps, which are optional ugrades, can cost more than $1,000...

GM's Car of the Future Sparks Doubt in the Present

Even top exec fears hybrid will fail to herald new start for automaker

(Newser) - Success has many fathers, and for the forthcoming Chevrolet Volt, paternity claims could stretch from Detroit to Washington. But if the GM hybrid turns out to be an orphan, it could be because many of its backers, including a top GM exec, are ambivalent about its potential to rejigger the...

Michael Moore: 9 Ways to Rise From GM's Ashes

Let's use their facilities to overhaul America's transit

(Newser) - The end of General Motors is an opportunity for an America that now owns 60% of the company, writes Michael Moore. Let’s take advantage of the death of a firm that built poor cars, battled environmental rules, and shipped jobs away by using its facilities to implement a new...

Hatch: Save the Hummer ... for the Environment

(Newser) - Many Republicans won’t touch fuel economy issues, but not Sen. Orrin Hatch. He’s been an advocate for alternative-fuel vehicles for a decade, and yesterday got behind the wheel of the most muscular hybrid ever, reports Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. A company from Hatch’s native Utah...

Honda Ready to Take On the Prius
 Honda Ready to 
 Take On the Prius 

Honda Ready to Take On the Prius

Insight cheaper, simpler than Toyota's hybrid king

(Newser) - Honda is rolling out a fresh—and worthy—competitor to Toyota’s Prius, king of the hybrid market, writes Joseph P. White in the Wall Street Journal. The 2010 Insight will sell for just under $20,000, some $2,000 less than the most popular Prius model, and gets “...

Forget Hybrids: Just Drive Like Your Grandma

Americans can save gas just by driving differently: Ball

(Newser) - Driving like a grandma can save more gas than fancy hybrid technology, Jeffrey Ball writes in the Wall Street Journal. Accelerating slowly, shifting gears early, and coasting to avoid stop-and-go driving can bump gas efficiency of even the largest gas guzzlers. The catch? "I've been honked at. I've been...

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