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GM Unveils Fastest Corvette Yet, a Hybrid

The E-Ray costs $104K and does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds

(Newser) - On the 70th anniversary of when the first Corvette was unveiled to the public, GM introduced its latest iteration on Tuesday. The E-Ray hits some notable milestones:
  • Hybrid: The E-Ray is a gas-electric hybrid, a first for the model. It's like the Toyota Prius in that the battery doesn'

GM, Volkswagen to Pull the Plug on Hybrids

Automakers to focus on electric vehicles

(Newser) - General Motors and Volkswagen have decided to go all in on electric vehicles, at the expense of the hybrids in their US lineups. That's a major change for the automakers. Both have invested in hybrids, which have a gasoline engine and an electric motor. It's also a recognition...

Hybrid, Electric Car Sales Running Out of Gas

Market isn't living up to expectations

(Newser) - Gas prices have been pretty flat lately, and the automobile industry is responding with its best August sales figures in a decade. But hybrid and electric cars appear to be the casualty, with sales accounting for 3.6% of all vehicles sold thus far in 2014, down from 3.7%...

Fisker: Doomed to Be the Next DeLorean?

Obama may have seen it coming

(Newser) - Fisker: It's the sexy electric sedan that Justin Bieber was busted speeding in and which scored a $529 million loan from the Obama administration. Now it's hurtling toward bankruptcy. So what went wrong? asks the Wall Street Journal . Faulty software, suppliers going bust, delayed releases, and car recalls...

EPA Rethinks Hybrid Mileage
 EPA Rethinks Hybrid Mileage 

EPA Rethinks Hybrid Mileage

And hauls in Ford for special testing

(Newser) - The EPA is taking the unusual step of hauling in Ford's C-Max hybrid for special testing as it reevaluates its rules for determining mileage for next-generation hybrids, USA Today reports. Usually, the EPA lets automakers test their fuel mileage themselves according to its rules, but the agency has had...

Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad'
 Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad' 

Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad'

How an annoyed driver became 'annoying' himself

(Newser) - Annoyed by Prius drivers who coast up to intersections and cruise at 55mph on the freeway? So was Dwight Silverman, until he found himself driving the exact same way in his wife's Prius. "Indeed I do" become an annoying driver, he writes in the Houston Chronicle . "But...

2012's Best Value Car? Hint: It's Green and Japanese

Prius dethrones Honda Fit in Consumer Reports rankings

(Newser) - The Prius isn't exactly the cheapest car on the market, but it's the best value for your money, Consumer Reports has concluded. "Like penny stocks, a low purchase price doesn't make a car a good value," the magazine cautions. Toyota's increasingly popular hybrid bumped...

Consumer Reports Slams Ford Hybrids' Mileage

Test finds huge gap between EPA estimates and real figure

(Newser) - If the 47mpg rating on Ford's 2013 Fusion and C-Max models sounds too good to be true, well, there's a reason for that. The two hybrids perform drastically worse than advertised, Consumer Reports has concluded, clocking their actual performance at 39 mpg for the Fusion and 37 mpg...

2 Out of 3 Hybrid Owners Switch Back

Prius owners stay a little bit truer

(Newser) - America's love affair with hybrids has turned out to be more of a fling for many owners: A new study finds that when they go to trade in, about 65% of hybrid owners pass on getting another hybrid. The numbers, based on 2011 data, do fluctuate based on the...

Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study
 Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study 

Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study

Except for a few models, hybrids and electric cars take years to pay off

(Newser) - Thinking of buying a hybrid or electric vehicle to ease the pain at the pump? You may want to think again: A TrueCar.com study commissioned by the New York Times shows that, except in three cases, fuel-efficient technology is so expensive that these types of cars take years to...

Car Maker Gets $529M US Loan, Builds Car in Finland

Claims money was all spent on US design work

(Newser) - Another Energy Department loan guarantee is coming under scrutiny. ABC News has discovered that the Obama administration doled out a $529 million guarantee to Fisker Automotive to build its new state-of-the-art luxury hybrid, only to see Fisker build the car in a factory in Finland. Fisker says there were simply...

GM Teams With LG on Electric Cars

Electronics maker to do more than just provide batteries

(Newser) - Hot on the heels of news of the Ford-Toyota deal , we’ve got word of a far stranger electric car pact: General Motors has agreed to a deal to co-develop cars with LG Group, the Wall Street Journal reports. The consumer electronics company already makes the battery for the Chevy...

Ford, Toyota Join Forces on Hybrid System

Partnership prompted by airport-terminal chat

(Newser) - A trans-Pacific partnership between Ford and Toyota is set to bring us a new generation of hybrid vehicles. The two companies will join together in creating a gas-electric hybrid system suited to light trucks and SUVs, the Wall Street Journal reports. The two firms already have hybrid systems that power...

Hybrid Drivers Lose Carpool Lane

Carpool lanes now only for carpoolers in California

(Newser) - The environment thanks you, now get in the right lane with everybody else. Solo drivers of hybrid cars are no longer allowed in California's carpool lanes, reports the Los Angeles Times . The privilege initiated as incentive for drivers to buy low-emission vehicles expired at the end of June. The...

Toyota to Recall 82K Hybrids in US

Highlander, Lexus hybrid SUVs have defective computer boards

(Newser) - Toyota will recall about 82,200 hybrid SUVs in the US because of computer boards with possible faulty wiring. The car giant said today’s recall will involve about 45,500 Highlander and 36,700 Lexus Rx 400h hybrid SUVs from its 2006 and 2007 lines. The action covers just...

Benedict May Get Hybrid Popemobile
Benedict May Get
Hybrid Popemobile

Benedict May Get Hybrid Popemobile

Mercedes working on turning his ride green

(Newser) - The next popemobile could be green. Mercedes-Benz is studying a hybrid that would replace the current Mercedes used when the pope travels abroad, says the Vatican. However, Pope Benedict's new ride won't be ready until next year at the earliest, not in time for his upcoming trip to...

Ford to Build Its First Hybrid-Only Vehicle

...but it's a minivan

(Newser) - Ford is making a minivan that will become its first US vehicle sold only as a hybrid. While the automaker sells hybrid versions of some cars, it's got nothing like the hybrid-only Toyota Prius. Ford's new minivan is based on a five-passenger van, the C-Max, which is a...

Obama's 5-Ton Limo Exempt From Green Car Policy

No hybrid engine could haul that puppy

(Newser) - President Obama this week rolled out some ambitious goals toward making the federal government's fleet of cars more fuel-efficient, but his critics are likely to have fun with one thing in particular: His big limo is exempt. (Drudge has been highlighting the exemption with an upside photo of the president....

Hybrids' New Rival: Ye Olde Gas Engine

Conventional cars are giving hybrids a run for their money

(Newser) - Hybrids are gas-sipping wonders, and electric cars may be the green wave of the future, but oil-addicted America's best hope may be ... the conventional gasoline engine, reports the Washington Post . GM, Ford, and Hyundai are now selling cars with conventional engines that get 40mpg or better on the highway, and...

Toyota Rolls Out New Family of Priuses

A station wagon, a city car, a plug-in, oh my!

(Newser) - Hoping perhaps to gloss over its recent black eyes, Toyota today burnished its crown jewel, unveiling an expanded Prius line with something for, well, more than just your devout tree-hugger. The automaker is continuing the standard Prius, reports the LA Times, and will also offer:

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