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Americans Face Hearing Loss 'Epidemic'

Hearing impairment far more common than expected

(Newser) - Americans are likely to face an epidemic of hearing impairment in coming years as the use of personal listening devices soars and the population ages, Reuters reports. A third of adults already has hearing loss to some degree and the proportion is expected to rise significantly. White Americans, men, and... More »

US Troops Lose Hearing at Alarming Rates

Aural damage from Iraq, Afghanistan wars reaching epidemic levels

(Newser) - US troops are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with epidemic rates of hearing damage, AP reports, with 128,000 disabled by permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, ringing in the ears. The nature of the current conflict is part of the problem, with roadside bombs and sudden ambushes giving troops... More »

Cell Phones Linked to Hearing Loss

Study finds hour a day on cell phone caused progressive damage

(Newser) - Extensive cell phone use can cause progressive hearing loss, according to a new study presented at a scientific conference in Washington. The study, conducted by researchers in India, found high frequency hearing loss among users who talked for more than an hour a day for four years on their cell... More »

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