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Sick of Pumpkin Spice Everything? This School Literally Is, Too

School evacuated due to strong smell from air freshener; 5 sent to hospital with stomach upset

(Newser) - An unusual smell prompted an evacuation and a hazardous materials response at a Baltimore high school Thursday afternoon, the AP reports. But after five people were taken to the hospital complaining of upset stomachs, fire officials discovered the source of the smell: a pumpkin spice air freshener. Cristo Rey Jesuit... More »

Teen Tries to Mask Cigarette Smoke, Causes Explosion

Too much air freshener created a dangerous gas mix

(Newser) - A German teenager has suffered serious injuries after accidentally creating an explosion in the family car with air freshener, the AP reports. Police in the western city of Duisburg say the 17-year-old boy had been trying Wednesday to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in a recently purchased... More »

Teacher Febrezes 'Stinky' Student

Newfoundland boy sprayed for smelling fishy

(Newser) - A teacher in a Newfoundland fishing village put a student out in the hallway for a period and sprayed him with Febreze—for smelling fishy. The mother of 10-year-old Christian Robertson said he was teased by other students after having fried fish for lunch, and then bullied by his teacher.... More »

Companies Spice Up the Smell Of Clean

Moroccan bazaar scent says you tidied up ... even if you barely did

(Newser) - Makers of household products are constantly working to redefine the smell of clean, the Wall Street Journal reports, even as Americans are spending 40% less time actually tidying up than they did 40 years ago. One of the newest is Procter & Gamble’s Moroccan Bazaar, a ginger-edged scent for... More »

Chemists Sniff Out Household Stinks

Smell squad recreates odors to wipe them out

(Newser) - Chemists are trying to replicate the odors of stale smoke and rotting garbage in a quest to make America a better-smelling place, the Wall Street Journal reports. A specialist squad working for the International Flavors and Fragrances company captures common bad household smells, brings them back to the lab, and... More »

Cleaners May Trigger Asthma

Common household products blamed for 1 in 7 cases

(Newser) - Cleaning products with bleach and air fresheners may cause asthma, or aggravate symptoms, even if those products are used only once a week, according to new research. As many as 1 in 7 asthma cases may be caused by exposure to household cleaners, says a study in the American Journal ... More »

Groups Ask Feds to Regulate Air Fresheners

Environmental lobby claims scents contain toxins, harm health

(Newser) - Air fresheners contain dangerous chemical compounds linked to asthma, cancer, and developmental problems, said a coalition of environmental groups in petitioning the EPA yesterday to regulate the industry. While most companies denied the charges, Walgreen Co. responded by pulling three fresheners off shelves in its 5,850 stores, the San ... More »

7 Stories
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