Pope John Paul II

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Is bin Laden’s Death Pope’s 2nd Miracle?

John Paul II should get credit for the killing, Peruvian leader says

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II was beatified the same day special forces took out Osama bin Laden, and the president of Peru thinks it's no coincidence. Alan Garcia says the killing of bin Laden is the second miracle that the late pope needs to qualify for sainthood, CNN reports. The... More »

Benedict Beatifies John Paul II

Just 6 years after John Paul's death, beatification fastest in modern times

(Newser) - More than a million people, along with 16 heads of state and other international dignitaries, flocked to St. Peter's Square at the Vatican today for the beatification of Pope John Paul II, as the former church leader moved one step closer to sainthood. Coming just six years after the... More »

John Paul Deserves His Sainthood

He worked a political miracle against communism: Peggy Noonan

(Newser) - John Paul II continues his speedy path to sainthood this weekend, and Peggy Noonan thinks it's well-deserved. You want miracles? How about the political one he pulled off with his 1979 visit to his native Poland. It was simultaneously one of the "greatest moments in the history of... More »

Pope John Paul’s Body Exhumed for Beatification

Rome in throes of 'beatification fever'

(Newser) - Move over, wedding fever: “Beatification fever” has begun. Tens of thousands are arriving in Rome for the beatification of Pope John Paul II , for which the pontiff’s coffin was exhumed today. As Vatican officials—including John Paul’s closest aide, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz—watched and prayed, the coffin... More »

John Paul Is No Saint

Remember that whole pedophilia scandal he ignored?

(Newser) - On this Easter, Maureen Dowd turns to another resurrection of sorts next Sunday: The beatification of Pope John Paul II, or "PR boost" that Pope Benedict hopes to get from the "swiftest ascension toward sainthood on record." And while there was much to love about the "... More »

John Paul Hits Facebook

Part of Vatican's social-networking push

(Newser) - Sure, Pope John Paul II is set to be beatified, but now he's even on Facebook. The Vatican, continuing its efforts to get hip with the kids, is unveiling a Facebook page to hype the late pope's May 1 beatification, featuring video highlights of his 27 years as pontiff. The... More »

Pope's Coffin Will Be Exhumed for Beatification

Faithful will be able to pray before it at John Paul's May ceremony

(Newser) - The coffin of John Paul II will be exhumed for his beatification ceremony in May, reports Reuters . It will remain closed, but the faithful will be able to pray before it at the Vatican. About a million people are expected at the ceremony—which will bring John Paul one step... More »

John Paul's 'Miracle' Shows Catholic Church's Hypocrisy

Michael Kinsley: If we used stem cells, we wouldn't need miracles

(Newser) - News that the Vatican has given the late pontiff John Paul II credit for a miracle related to Parkinson's leads Michael Kinsley—who has Parkinson's himself—to one conclusion: "The Roman Catholic Church has either a very good or a very bad sense of humor." After all, if... More »

Krakow Church's New Relic: Blood of John Paul II

Vial will be installed in altar following late pope's beatification

(Newser) - A vial holding the blood of Pope John Paul II will be installed in a Polish church as a relic, the AP reports. The vial will form part of the altar at a Krakow church due to open in May, the month of the late Polish pope's beatification. The city’... More »

John Paul II to Be Beatified in May

Pope Benedict certifies miracle healing

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II will be beatified May 1, the Vatican announced today. The news follows Pope Benedict's determination that his predecessor performed a miracle when a nun was cured of Parkinson’s disease after praying to him, the Los Angeles Times reports. It’s been a speedy road toward... More »

John Paul II Speeding Toward Sainthood

Benedict expected to beatify him this year

(Newser) - John Paul II's fast track to sainthood gets even faster this week. A Vatican panel has concluded that the former pontiff did indeed perform a miracle—a nun says her Parkinson's disappeared after she prayed to him—and will present its findings to Pope Benedict within days, reports Reuters . Benedict... More »

Pope: Gay Marriage 'Insidious, Dangerous'

Benedict puts abuse scandals on back burner

(Newser) - Pope Benedict seized an opportunity following a massive Mass in Portugal yesterday to slam abortion and gay marriage as among the "most insidious and dangerous challenges that today confront the common good." Some 500,000 people turned out to participate in the Mass at one of Catholicism's holiest... More »

Scandal Threatens John Paul II's Sainthood

Questions swirl over late Pope's record on abuse

(Newser) - Questions swirled about John Paul II's legacy at a ceremony yesterday marking the 5th anniversary of his death. The inexplicable healing of a young French nun from Parkinson's disease had seemed like the miracle required for his sainthood. But, according to a Polish newspaper, there are now doubts the nun... More »

Book: John Paul II Whipped, Starved Himself

Pope self-flagellated in pursuit of 'Christian perfection,' says author

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, slept on the floor, and frequently denied himself food as acts of penitence, says a new book by the Polish prelate spearheading his sainthood case. The book Why He's a Saint also includes previously unpublished speeches and documents,... More »

Man Who Shot Pope John Paul Freed

Agca promises to reveal truth behind shooting, claims to be messiah

(Newser) - The Turkish man who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981 was freed yesterday after nearly 30 years in jail and has promised to tell the full story about the assassination attempt. Mehmet Ali Agca claimed after the shooting that Soviet agents were behind the attack—a theory... More »

Pope During Holocaust Moves Closer to Sainthood

Jewish groups wanted Vatican to wait; John Paul II also 'venerable'

(Newser) - Pope Benedict has moved two of his predecessors one step closer to sainthood, including a wartime pope dogged by criticism that he did too little to stop the Holocaust. Benedict declared Pius XII and John Paul II to be "venerable," the first of three steps to sainthood. The... More »

John Paul II's Attacker Wants Vatican Baptism

Man who shot pontiff seeks ceremony after prison release

(Newser) - The man who shot Pope John Paul II gets out of prison in January—and when he does, he wants to be baptized at the Vatican, his lawyer says. Over the years, Mehmet Ali Agca has claimed to be the Messiah or Jesus Christ, fueling speculation about his mental health... More »

UK Bans Ad With Lusty 'Pope'

It caused 'serious offense,' ad council rules

(Newser) - A British advertising commission has blocked the use of a dancing, beer-guzzling photo-manipulated "Pope John Paul II" in an advertisement promoting a nightclub, reports the Telegraph. "It was hugely offensive," said a spokeswoman for a Polish organization, one of several Catholics who complained about the brochure. "... More »

Vatican to Canonize Priest Who Aided Lepers

(Newser) - A 19th-century Belgian priest who ministered to leprosy patients in Hawaii will be declared a saint October 11, the AP reports. In July, Pope Benedict XVI approved a miracle attributed to Rev. Damien de Veuster's intercession, declaring that a Honolulu woman's recovery in 1999 from terminal lung cancer was the... More »

John Paul Wounded in '82 Stabbing by Priest

Testimony reveals pope sustained injuries, covered up by Rome, in attack at Fatima

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II was injured in a 1982 stabbing by a crazed priest, but the wound was kept secret until now, Reuters reports. The late pontiff was visiting a shrine in Portugal to give thanks for surviving an earlier assassination attempt when an ultra-conservative Spanish priest lunged at him... More »

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