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Pussy Riot Releases New Song

It's called 'Putin Lights Up the Fires'

(Newser) - Pussy Riot's two-year sentence for "hooliganism" in Russia puts them squarely in the music world's spotlight today, and the group is taking advantage with the release of a new single. The Guardian has compiled a montage video of the trio and their supporters to accompany it. The... More »

Russians Kasparov, Karpov Rekindle Chess Rivalry

Russian grand masters meet in Spain for series of matches

(Newser) - More than 25 years after their rivalry gave chess, and Russia, a much-needed jolt, former champions Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov will face off for a series of matches in Spain, beginning tomorrow, the Telegraph reports. The younger Kasparov took Karpov’s world title in 1985, and then seemed to... More »

Putin Critic Committed to Mental Hospital

Disturbing echo of Soviet era tactics

(Newser) - An opponent of Russian president Vladimir Putin has been imprisoned  in a mental hospital in a move reminiscent of the "punitive psychiatry" used to discredit dissidents in the old Soviet era. Roman Nikolaichik, a member of chess champ Garry Kasparov's anti-Putin coalition, Other Russia, was certified mentally unstable after... More »

Russian Liberal Stands Down

Opposition candidate accuses Kremlin of turning presidential contest into 'farce'

(Newser) - Another candidate has dropped out of the race for the Russian presidency, complaining of dirty tricks, the Washington Post reports. Boris Nemtsov, leader of a mainstream liberal party, said the uneven playing field was turning the contest into a farce. He accused the Kremlin of using "Goebbels-like propaganda, force... More »

Kasparov Won't Run for Russian Prez

Gov't foiled opposition's nominating meetings

(Newser) - Former chess champ and Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov won't be running for president this March, but not for lack of trying: Other Russia, his political party, was unable to book a Moscow conference hall due to government pressure on landlords, said his spokeswoman. Today is the last day Russian... More »

Observers Cry Foul Over Putin Victory

Monitors say gov't tampered with polls Kasparov calls 'dirtiest'

(Newser) - Even as Vladimir Putin hailed his party's decisive victory in Russian elections yesterday as a mandate, international elections observers said the polling was neither free nor fair, and complained of government interference. State employees were reportedly ordered to vote for Putin, CNN reports, and Garry Kasparov’s Other Russia party... More »

Kremlin Hails Big Putin Win

PM's party expected to garner landslide victory in parliamentary election

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin had garnered more than 60% of the vote in parliamentary elections today, hailed by the Kremlin as continued popular mandate for his policies even after his term ends. Putin's United Russia party, boosted by the country's oil boom, was expected to grab a landslide victory, but opposition and... More »

Freed Kasparov Sounds Alarm on Coming Russian Chaos

Putin leading us to danger: chess champ

(Newser) - Chess legend Garry Kasparov walked out of prison after serving five days for leading a protest march and warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin was leading the nation down a dangerous path to chaos, the New York Times reports. He vowed to continue his fight against Putin's repressive policies. Fear... More »

Putin Stumps for Party in TV Address

President urges vote for United Russia in Sunday's parliamentary elections

(Newser) - In an announcement aired on Russian television Vladimir Putin called on citizens to vote for his United Russia party in parliamentary elections Sunday, in order to prolong "stability and continuity," and "set the tone" for March elections. He also warned casting ballots for liberal opposition candidates would... More »

Russian Police Detain Kasparov

Riot police disperse a rally by the Other Russia opposition coalition

(Newser) - Russian police seized opposition leader and former chess champion Garry Kasparov today at a rally in Moscow protesting the fairness of upcoming elections, the BBC reports. Authorities arrested Kasparov and other leaders of the Other Russia coaltion when they broke through police lines to march toward the election commission. "... More »

Kasparov in Presidential Gambit

Former world chess champ maneuvering to replace Putin

(Newser) - Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov has been overwhelmingly chosen by an opposition coalition to run for president of Russia when Vladimir Putin's current term ends next March, reports the Daily Telegraph. His place on the ballot is not guaranteed until he registers, a process likely to be checked by... More »

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