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Amid Own Turbulence, BlackBerry Splurged on a Jet

Firm says it was to replace 2 others, but now ditching all

(Newser) - BlackBerry's been having a rough patch lately. It made headlines Friday with a second-quarter loss of almost $1 billion and plans to cut 40% of its worldwide workforce; then, USA Today notes, the company postponed its launch of BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS because the Android version was... More »

BlackBerry Offers Peek at Crucial Upgrade

And at least one reviewer is underwhelmed

(Newser) - RIM today offered a peek to developers of its all-important BlackBerry 10, which is due to hit shelves in early 2013. Or, as CTV News puts it, the company began "fighting for its life." That's how great the stakes are for RIM as it struggles for relevancy... More »

Dell Must Reinvent Itself or Perish

Tech giant should buy RIM, writes Richard Saintvilus

(Newser) - Dell is in a tailspin, with earnings down 18% from last year. What to do? Reinvent itself—by buying Research in Motion, the creator of the Blackberry, writes Richard Saintvilus at TheStreet . By gearing up for battle against Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in the mobile device market, the PC... More »

You Know Things Are Bad When ... RIM Selling Jet

As part of BlackBerry maker's move to cut costs by $1B

(Newser) - Pity poor, poor RIM, which will soon have to make do with just one of its two private jets. Bloomberg spoke with two sources who revealed that the decision to sell the nine-passenger Dassault Aviation SA F50EX is part of the company's plan to trim operating costs by a... More »

BlackBerry's Last Hope: Windows

Farhad Manjoo thinks an alliance is RIM's only chance

(Newser) - Research in Motion's latest earnings report was such a train wreck that just looking felt wrong. "If you're betting that RIM's toast, you're probably right," writes Farhad Manjoo of Slate . Its grasps for the consumer market have failed utterly, "and it's obvious... More »

How RIM Killed the BlackBerry

Co-CEOs, resistance to innovation hurt company

(Newser) - Research in Motion is announcing its earnings today, and they're "going to be terrible with a scoop of worse for August," an analyst tells CNET . How did things get so bad for the BlackBerry maker? It started at the top, the Wall Street Journal says in a... More »

RIM's Co-CEOs Step Down

Balsillie, Lazaridis insist it had nothing to do with investor pressure

(Newser) - A big shuffle at Research in Motion last night, as Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis—who have served together as co-CEOs for two decades—stepped down, turning over the top position at the struggling company to former chief operating officer Thorsten Heins. Balsillie and Lazaridis also gave up their co-chairmanship,... More »

Is India Spying on US With Help From RIM, Apple?

Leaked memo from India’s Military Intelligence suggests so

(Newser) - An internal memo from India’s Military Intelligence posted online by hackers contains some disturbing allegations: It claims RIM, Nokia, and Apple provided the Indian government with backdoor access to their mobile devices in exchange for "Indian market presence." The story was initially picked up by Manan Kakkar,... More »

BlackBerry Unveils New Operating System

But details are sketchy as it tries to fend off Apple and Android

(Newser) - BlackBerry maker Research In Motion unveiled a new operating system today in hopes of grabbing some attention away from the iPhone and Android phones. The new BBX system combines existing BlackBerry elements with RIM's previously announced QNX operating system for phones and tablet computers. RIM said BBX will incorporate... More »

RIM: Sorry About BlackBerry Outage ... Want Free Apps?

Company will hand out at least 12 premium apps in apology move

(Newser) - In an attempt to appease the tens of millions of angry customers who were affected by the days-long BlackBerry outage last week, Research In Motion is handing out $100 worth of free premium apps starting Wednesday. "We’ve worked hard to earn [customers’] trust over the past 12... More »

Text, Email Backlog Blamed for BlackBerry Outage

Network failure spread after backup system failed, RIM says

(Newser) - The BlackBerry service outage that has spread worldwide and annoyed millions of users started with the failure of a link in Research In Motion's European infrastructure, the Blackberry maker says. The back-up system also failed, and the subsequent backlog of European texts and emails caused the outage to spread... More »

BlackBerry Outage Hits US

Millions in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, and more lose service

(Newser) - BlackBerry's epic service outage finally struck North America today, as users in the US and Canada lost access to various communication services. Today is the third straight day of outages, which began in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, Reuters reports. RIM blamed the problem on a core... More »

BlackBerry Rolls Out New Touch Phones

But will it be enough to save Research in Motion?

(Newser) - Research in Motion rolled out three long-delayed new BlackBerry devices today that it hopes will stem its slide toward irrelevancy. All three devices run on the BlackBerry 7 OS, and all sport touch screens. The flashiest offering may be the Torch 9850/9860, RIM’s first all-touch screen BlackBerry, but there’... More »

RIM Unveils Answer to iPad

iPad rival supports Flash, will be a gaming platform

(Newser) - Research in Motion unveiled its new tablet today, making the Playbook the first official competitor to Apple's iPad. CEO Mike Lazaridis wasted no time in taking a jab at his rivals, noting that the Playbook was the first tablet to access the "full web"—meaning that it supports... More »

BlackBerry to Unveil iPad Rival

Internally, they're calling it the 'BlackPad'

(Newser) - BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is preparing to unveil a new tablet computer as early as next week—and internally, they’re calling it the “BlackPad,” sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The device will have a 7-inch screen, one or two cameras, and a brand new operating... More »

RIM to India: Fine, You Can Read BlackBerry Email

Firm will allow officials to read users' email

(Newser) - With India threatening to kick the BlackBerry out of the country if it couldn't spy on users' messages, Research In Motion has proposed, well, allowing India to spy on users' messages, CNET reports. India's ban is on hold for 60 days while it reviews RIM's proposals for giving it access—... More »

Torch Is Best BlackBerry Yet (but Still No iPhone)

If you like your current BB, you'll like this

(Newser) - RIM unveiled its new BlackBerry Torch 9800 today, complete with both a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard, as well as a faster browser. It's out Aug. 12 for $200 with a 2-year AT&T contract. Some early opinions:
  • Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired : "From what we saw, the BlackBerry
... More »

Blackberry Maker to Apple: Speak for Yourself

RIM says its smartphones don't have antenna problems

(Newser) - BlackBerry maker RIM begs to differ with Steve Jobs' assertion that all smartphones have antenna problems. Apple is just trying to "distort the public's understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention," the co-CEOs write in an animated statement. (Read it in full at Crackberry.com... More »

Blackberry Bug Snarls Delivery of E-mails

RIM says it has fixed today's widespread smartphone glitch

(Newser) - Don’t panic, Blackberry users. Research In Motion says it’s resolved the particularly ill-timed technical issue that caused crippling e-mail delays throughout North America this morning. Customers, however, may still experience delays for a while as the system works through the backlog of unprocessed e-mails. “The timing couldn’... More »

How to Improve the BlackBerry

RIM dominates in sales, but the iPhone has big advantages

(Newser) - The iPhone has become a cultural phenomenon, but RIM sells way more units than Apple does. Why, then, does the BlackBerry have such obvious flaws? Wired lists five improvements RIM needs to make:
  1. Browser. The web looks much the same on an iPhone or Palm Pre as it does on
... More »

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