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On Eve of Iowa Caucuses, a Major Snafu

'Des Moines Register' poll scrapped after Buttigieg raises concerns that it's been compromised

(Newser) - After eons of campaigning, the first state in the nation is set to vote in the 2020 presidential election on Monday, and we would normally have in our hot little hands the final Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll to reliably tell us how the fine people of Iowa are going to... More »

Warren Has a New Bragging Point

'Des Moines Register' endorses her as 'the best leader for these times'

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren has won the most important media endorsement in the nation's first state to vote in the presidential race: As Politico reports, the Des Moines Register editorial board on Saturday endorsed Warren, calling her "the best leader for these times" over the "outstanding caliber" of Democrats... More »

Reporter Exposes Beer Guy's Tweets. Then, a Twist

Des Moines Register under police watch as investigation rolls

(Newser) - A 24-year-old Iowa man asked people to Venmo him money for Busch beer and ended up raising more than $1 million for a local children's hospital. Then came a twist in that feel-good story: Carson King on Tuesday publicly apologized for years-old racist tweets uncovered by Des Moines Register... More »

Iowa Paper to Trump: Get Out, 'Feckless Blowhard'

'Des Moines Register' says real estate mogul has 'polluted' our political process

(Newser) - The Des Moines Register, the publication Politico calls "Iowa's most influential newspaper" doesn't think Donald Trump should be in the race, period, and that he should "pull the plug on his bloviating side show." An editorial published last night says Trump's concentration on his... More »

Coming Soon: 'Huckabee Post'

As he considers another run for the presidency

(Newser) - Read it into what you will, 2016 prognosticators: Mike Huckabee appears to be launching a news website called the "Huckabee Post," reports Mashable . The development actually surfaced a few days ago when Mediaite spotted this Craigslist ad seeking reporters for “a new and exciting online news publication... More »

As Clock Winds Down, Race Is a Nail-Biter

Obama shows slight leads in many polls, others deadlocked

(Newser) - With the hourglass blessedly running out on Election 2012, Team Obama is scrambling to get out the vote, while Team Romney is making a late move for Pennsylvania, as the AP reports that both campaigns are projecting confidence going into Tuesday's vote. A look around the landscape and the... More »

Do Newspaper Endorsements Matter?

Experts, voters doubt it

(Newser) - Both presidential candidates are racking up endorsements as the election draws near, prompting the AP to wonder whether editorial boards' selections do much to sway voters these days. Says a political scientist: "The short answer is no." Still, "at this stage in the campaign, you're looking... More »

McCain: Libya Worse Cover-Up Than Watergate

Political tongues wag over Sandy's effect on election

(Newser) - In a world gone mad over Sandygeddon , at least we can turn on our televisions and find the comforting spectacle of politicians bickering. The looming hurricane, the looming election, and Libya dominated today's political talk shows, with John McCain leading the GOP's charge on the White House's... More »

Des Moines Register Endorses Romney

Likely cue to Midwest's mood; Obama gets NYT's nod

(Newser) - The Des Moines Register has meted out its presidential endorsement, and it's going with a Republican for the first time since Nixon. While acknowledging deep divisions both in the nation and its editorial board, the Register, which also endorsed Mitt Romney during the Republican primaries, looks with an eye... More »

Obama Relents, Releases Off-Record Interview

White House acts after 'Des Moines Register' complains

(Newser) - President Obama got in some hot water yesterday, after the Des Moines Register complained that the White House had insisted on an off-the-record endorsement interview. The 30-minute call "was an incredibly informative exchange" that "would have been valuable to voters," the editors lamented . Obama's critics pounced,... More »

Mitt Romney Scores Big Endorsement

...from the 'Des Moines Register'

(Newser) - With the Iowa caucuses just 16 days away, Mitt Romney scored a big endorsement last night, this time from the state's largest and most influential newspaper: the Des Moines Register . "Sobriety, wisdom and judgment," the paper's editorial board wrote. "Those are qualities Mitt Romney said... More »

Cain Tops New Iowa Poll

Ex-CEO racks up 23% of likely caucusgoers in latest poll; Romney hangs in with 22%

(Newser) - Herman Cain may have his detractors , but Iowans don't appear to be listening: The former Godfather's CEO tops the latest poll from the Des Moines Register with a tidy 23% of likely caucus voters; Perennial would-be-frontrunner Mitt Romney is close at his heels with 22%. Ron Paul leads... More »

Iowa First Lady Backs Edwards

Abandoning neutrality, Culver supports 'electable' candidate

(Newser) - Iowa’s first lady backed John Edwards today but said her husband would steer clear of endorsements, the Des Moines Register reports. "I'm my own person," said Mari Culver, wife of Gov. Chet Culver. "I have my own political interests." Tom Vilsack similarly stayed above the... More »

McCain Earns Endorsements of Key Papers

Boston, Des Moines pick him; split on Clinton, Obama

(Newser) - Two newspaper heavyweights made their endorsements today ahead of the Iowa and New Hampshire voting, and John McCain came out tops in both. The Boston Globe and the Des Moines Register each endorsed McCain as the Republican nominee. The Globe chose Barack Obama among Democrats, while the Register gave the... More »

Hillary Grabs the Lead in Iowa

Des Moines Register poll give Sen. Clinton momentum heading for caucus

(Newser) - Three months before the Iowa Caucus, Hillary Clinton has opened up a commanding lead among likely voters, a new poll by the Des Moines Register finds. The poll shows 29% preferring Clinton, 23% John Edwards, and 22% Barack Obama. In the paper's last poll in May, Edwards led with 29%... More »

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