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Why Microsoft Is Doomed to Be an Also-Ran

Or worse. Its two biggest businesses—Windows and Office— are close to obsolete

(Newser) - Henry Blodget winds up big and delivers a broadside against Microsoft on Business Insider today . The fact that Apple's market value passed Microsoft's a couple weeks ago is only the beginning. Blodget points out that a huge majority of Microsoft's profits come from Windows and Office, and both are being...

Fearless Predictions That Were Utterly Wrong

Also, that iPhone is never going anywhere

(Newser) - Remember the one about the guy who said the Internet will fail ? Ha, ha, ha. Well, while we're waiting 15 years later for that daring prediction to come true, Asylum runs through a few other notables that fell flat:
  • 'Portable computers:' "The portable computer is a dream

Microsoft Employees Disguise Their iPhones

It's best not to let the boss know (unless he's got one, too)

(Newser) - If Microsoft executives want a reminder of how they've been trumped by Apple in the mobile business, they need only look around at their own employees. Chances are, they'll see quite a few iPhones in use, reports the Wall Street Journal . Insiders say 10,000 Microsoft workers used their iPhones...

Ballmer Points Way to Keyboard-Free World

Microsoft chief shows off gear with touch, speech interface

(Newser) - In his keynote speech at the technology super-convention in Las Vegas, Steve Ballmer pointed the way to a future in which we won’t be chained to keyboards. The Microsoft chief took to the stage with a number of devices that instead use touch or sound for user interface, like...

Ballmer: Old Media Won't Last a Decade

Microsoft boss says papers, TV won't bounce back

(Newser) - The ad revenue media companies lost in the downturn won't be coming back when things turn around, Steve Ballmer told an advertising conference yesterday. The Microsoft boss said the industry has been "reset" at a lower level, and media companies are going to have to learn to survive on...

Microsoft Blows It With Bizarre Bing Ads

Blame Google for the collapse of global financial architecture

(Newser) - Microsoft is thrashing Google in new TV spots for its "decision engine" Bing—understandably, since from Microsoft's perspective their rival is single-handedly responsible for the global financial crisis. "While everyone was searching, there was bailing," says an announcer, as images of fleeting Internet memes give way...

Microsoft's New Search Engine: Bing

'Decision engine' gives users more control over results

(Newser) - Microsoft wants “Bing” to replace “Google” as your verb of choice for Internet search, PC World reports, with CEO Steve Ballmer unveiling the search engine today at a conference in California. Bing—already available for a test run—will be fully rolled out by Wednesday. The runner-up name...

Years of Search and Destroy Get Microsoft Back to Yahoo

New Yahoo CEO opens door for search deal, another shot to catch Google

(Newser) - A new CEO at Yahoo has many speculating Microsoft will renew its bid for Yahoo’s Web-search unit, the Wall Street Journal reports. But Microsoft’s quest isn’t a mere attempt to better compete with Google in the $12.3 billion paid-search market; it’s the rectification of years...

Even Microsoft Is Weighing Layoffs

Need to trim costs in weak economy has software firm looking at rare cuts

(Newser) - Microsoft could be considering the first large-scale layoff in its history, as it looks for ways to trim costs, reports the Wall Street Journal. Up to 15,000 positions are rumored to be at risk—6% of its workforce—but insiders say the cuts, across all divisions, are likely to...

High Traffic Delays Windows 7 Beta Rollout

Company's site crumbles under demand

(Newser) - After promising the world Windows 7 Beta on Wednesday, Microsoft had to pull the plug on its download site due to cripplingly high traffic, CNET reports today. “We are adding some additional infrastructure support,” Microsoft said, “before we post the public beta.” Microsoft hopes to have...

Ballmer Opens Up Windows 7 Beta

Beta version of Vista successor available to the public starting tomorrow

(Newser) - Windows 7 Beta will be launched to the public tomorrow, Steve Ballmer told the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday. The Microsoft chief, filling the keynote slot held by Bill Gates in the previous 11 years, told the audience that the operating system would be a return to the "special sauce"...

$20B Yahoo Search Deal 'Total Fiction': Exec

Execs scoff at story of Microsoft dropping $20B on search biz

(Newser) - A report that Microsoft will buy Yahoo's search business and give two Internet execs a 30% share is "total fiction," one of the execs tells Kara Swisher at AllThingsDigital. Swisher agrees that the $20 billion deal, reported by the London Times, is likely non-existent. After all, board member...

Ballmer Quashes Yahoo Bid Rumors; Open to Partnership

Microsoft 'done' with acquisition attempts, even after Yang's resignation

(Newser) - Steve Ballmer quashed the rumor that Microsoft would make another offer to buy Yahoo now that Jerry Yang has quit as CEO, CNET reports. “We are done with all acquisition discussions with Yahoo,” the chief executive said today. “We did our best; we’ve moved on.”

For Yahoo, Question Is: Who's Yang's Yin?

The next Yahoo CEO will have to take the Web portal in a new direction to sate Wall Street

(Newser) - Yahoo’s successor to CEO Jerry Yang could come from outside the Internet industry, as long as he has a strong operations background and the decisiveness to break the company’s culture of indecision, reports the Wall Street Journal. But even before hiring a CEO, the company needs to decide...

Yang's Departure Gives Microsoft New Opening

Analysts see 'beginning of the end for Yahoo' as CEO steps down

(Newser) - Investors are hoping Jerry Yang’s departure will lead to renewed talks with Microsoft, BusinessWeek reports. “This is probably the beginning of the end for Yahoo,” said one. “Microsoft will probably come back with an offer.” Microsoft has repeatedly denied interest in reviving a deal, but...

Wall Street's Tumble Costs Buffett $9.6B

Top CEOs have taken a 28% hit in the value of their company holdings

(Newser) - Next time you check the value of your portfolio, know that America's top executives are taking a pounding with you: Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has seen his holdings in his company decline $9.6 billion this year, reports the Wall Street Journal. And he’s got company. Oracle’s...

After Yahoo, Microsoft Amps Up Search Effort

Ballmer says company can be more flexible now in Google fight

(Newser) - CEO Steve Ballmer is spinning Microsoft’s failure to acquire Yahoo expertly, telling analysts today that, unburdened by the search giant, the company can be more frisky and adaptable in its fight with nemesis Google, the Wall Street Journal reports. Actions might speak louder than words, though: Microsoft announced yesterday...

It's Google's Turn on the Hot Seat

Microsoft off the hook as Congress goes after its archrival

(Newser) - You have to forgive Microsoft if it indulges in some schadenfreude today, writes Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times. Archrival Google is facing a peril that’s all too familiar in Redmond. Steve Ballmer can sit back tomorrow as Google’s top execs go before the Senate subcommittee on antitrust,...

Icahn: Microsoft Will Only Negotiate With Me

Board must be replaced, Ballmer says

(Newser) - Carl Icahn says Microsoft is still in the hunt to acquire Yahoo, but only if the board is replaced, the Wall Street Journal reports. Icahn says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “made it abundantly clear” to him that he wouldn’t talk with Yahoo’s current board, which he fears...

Teary Farewell for Gates

Microsoft CEO salutes founder, leaving after 33 years, for 'enormous opportunity'

(Newser) - Microsoft celebrated Bill Gates’ last day as a full-time employee today, the Seattle Times reports. More than 800 employees, family members and friends shared memories at the company’s corporate conference center in Redmond, Wash. CEO Steve Ballmer bid a tearful farewell to his longtime friend: "We've been given...

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