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After Signing a $2B Deal With GM, Accusations and an Exit

Nikola founder Trevor Milton steps down

(Newser) - Electric and hydrogen-powered truck startup Nikola secured a $2 billion partnership with General Motors earlier this month—and lost its founder two weeks later amid swirling accusations about an "intricate fraud" allegedly carried out by the company. Trevor Milton, who also served as the executive chair, stepped down Monday... More »

You Can Buy a Hydrogen-Powered SUV Next Year

Hyundai introducing Tucson powered by hydrogen fuel cell

(Newser) - For the first time, starting next year, you'll be able to buy a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Hyundai will introduce a hydrogen-powered version of its Tucson SUV, which will initially only be sold in California, as the state has nine filling stations available. As more filling... More »

Apple Files Patent for Hydrogen-Powered Phones

They say it could make portable devices lighter, thinner

(Newser) - Apple is working on a new way to power its fleet of consumer electronics: Hydrogen fuel cells. Apple has applied for two patents that cover using the fuel cells on portable electronics like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, which it boasts could make those products smaller, lighter, and able to run... More »

Phone Dead? Just Add Water

Pocket-sized charger could be boon in developing world

(Newser) - A Swedish company has produced a pocket-sized hydrogen fuel cell, which will allow users to charge cell phones and other devices using just water and a little hydrogen fuel. The H3 charger will be released by myFC in Scandinavia in December, globally in 2011, and will cost about $45. The... More »

Cross-Country Hydro-Car Tour Wraps Up In LA

31-city, nine-automaker tour aims to promote nascent technology

(Newser) - A fleet of hydrogen-powered cars wrapped up a 31-city cross-country US tour in Los Angeles this weekend, Reuters reports. The first such trip by zero-emission vehicles aimed to promote the cars, supplied by nine automakers, and the need for more accessible zero-emission fuel. The US has 60 hydrogen stations so... More »

Forget Batteries —Get Ready for Fuel Cells

They could soon be a better choice to power laptops, phones

(Newser) - Think fuel cells are just for cars? Think again. Their real value may be to power portable electronics such as laptops and cell phones. Fuel cells that use methanol, rather than gasoline, could replace batteries in electronics. They last much longer and take just a moment to refuel—and they're... More »

Honda Unveils Hydrogen Car

Emission-free FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen and water

(Newser) - Honda has begun commercial production on the FCX Clarity, an emissions-free car that runs entirely on hydrogen and electricity, the BBC reports. Honda only plans to produce 200 models over the next 3 years, however, expecting the scarcity of hydrogen fueling stations to dampen demand. “In the next few... More »

A Plane That Runs on Hydrogen

Boeing's manned flight successful, put passenger-aircraft application still far off

(Newser) - Boeing has successfully tested the world’s first manned, hydrogen-powered plane, the BBC reports, with one executive calling the three flights in Spain “a historical technological success.” The propeller-driven two-seater runs on a hydrogen fuel cell that emits only heat and water. Boeing engineers say they doubt the... More »

Gas Still Rules Green Auto Show

'We're talking about decades' before cars can be weaned off fossil fuels

(Newser) - Green was the color of opening day yesterday at the International Auto Salon in Geneva, another show full of hybrids and other low-emission vehicles, with green lighting and nature-friendly slogans to prove car companies care, Der Spiegel reports. Still, cautions General Motors' CEO to those set to pronounce the gasoline... More »

10 Life-Changing Innovations

These technologies may ultimately transform human existence

(Newser) - From omnipresent Internet to cloned donor organs, LiveScience picks 10 new technologies that, when fully developed, will transform our lives.
  1. Digital libraries: When all of humanity's texts are digitized, any factual question will be answerable online.
  2. Gene therapy/stem cells: The key to curing some of our nastiest afflictions.
  3. Ubiquitous wireless
... More »

Green Cars Race for Funding

Hydrogen and hybrid electrics are competing to replace gas

(Newser) - Makers of two green technologies—hydrogen fuel cells and plug-in electric hybrids—are racing to become the alternative energy of choice for buyers thinking beyond gasoline. They are competing for public attention, space on manufacturer’s production lines, and federal support, reports the Los Angeles Times. Electric cars,like Toyota’... More »

Honda Shows Hydrogen Is Here

Hydrogen fuel car won't shock you with its forward-thinking design, NYT says

(Newser) - It may not look high-tech enough for the Jetsons, but Honda’s new FCX Clarity is definitely worth all the buzz, New York Times auto critic Norman Mayersohn gushes. After test-driving the sedan, which runs on hydrogen fuel, Mayersohn said its greatest trick is its simplicity, which helps “convince... More »

Puyo: It's Green, Safe and Glows

Honda concept car is soft to the touch and hydrogen cell fueled

(Newser) - Honda unveiled the unusual Puyo today, an in-development concept car with no sharp edges and a coating of soft silicone to absorb collisions, Reuters reports. Visitors to the Tokyo Motor Show were given a look at the car, which runs on hydrogen fuel cells, is driven with a joystick, and... More »

GM Road-Tests Hydrogen Fuel

(Newser) - GM is lending vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells to drivers in LA and New York to see if the alternative technology works in the real world, the LA Times reports. In the largest such road test of its kind, GM will loan more than 100 of its expensive Chevy... More »

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