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Astronomers Ignore People's Pick for Pluto Moon Name

Moons named Styx and Kerberos, despite William Shatner's campaign

(Newser) - Though Star Trek fans (led by William Shatner) overwhelmingly won an online vote to name one of Pluto's recently found moons "Vulcan" earlier this year, the International Astronomical Union has decided against the moniker. It has named the former planet's fourth and fifth moons "Styx" and...

Star Trek Writer Sorry About That Underwear Scene

Alice Eve in bra, undies 'gratuitous,' Damon Lindelof admits

(Newser) - There's a scene in the new Star Trek movie in which a female character, played by Alice Eve, strips down to her underwear before donning a torpedo-disarming outfit. Cue uproar. It seems that fans felt the scene was completely unnecessary, and writer Damon Lindelof recently issued a sort of...

Trek Blasts to No. 1

 Trek Blasts 
 to No. 1 
box office

Trek Blasts to No. 1

'Into Darkness' tops box office, but not at warp speed

(Newser) - The Star Trek franchise may be living long, but it hasn't quite prospered as well as expected this time around. Star Trek Into Darkness topped the box office charts in its opening weekend, but "only" made $84.1 million domestically—well under the $100 million many had expected,...

Star Trek Goes Boldly, Triumphs
 Star Trek 
 Goes Boldly, 
Movie Review

Star Trek Goes Boldly, Triumphs

JJ Abrams' latest wins over critics, if not Trekkies

(Newser) - Four years after he first thrilled audiences and annoyed hard core Trekkies with Star Trek, JJ Abrams is back with Star Trek Into Darkness, and critics are gushing over it, saying it's even more thrilling—and perhaps even more likely to annoy fans.

Google Really Is Trying to Be the Star Trek Computer

Farhad Manjoo discovers that Google's obsession is real

(Newser) - For years, when Google employees likened their projects to the Star Trek computer, Farhad Manjoo dismissed it as a convenient media metaphor. "Google is very likely the nerdiest large company on earth; of course its employees like Star Trek," he writes in Slate . But after many, many references,...

IRS: Yeah, Our $60K Star Trek Parody Was a Bad Idea

Agency spent big bucks on 'training' film for employees

(Newser) - "There is no mistaking that this video did not reflect the best stewardship of resources." So says the IRS in regard to a five-minute Star Trek parody made by employees in 2010 that cost about $60,000, reports AP . Congress got wind of it, and the agency offered...

10 Movie Prequels That Are Actually Good

They're not all 'Oz'

(Newser) - You hear a beloved film is getting a prequel, and you inevitably groan. (See: Oz the Great and Powerful .) But not all origin stories are bad: Time rounds up 10 that are actually quite satisfying:
  • Star Trek: Longtime fans were likely "delightfully astonished and even shocked by JJ

Spock Himself Chimes In on Obama's Jedi Gaffe

President mixes up his 'Star Trek,' 'Star Wars' references

(Newser) - As the Twitter-verse made abundantly clear today, President Obama mixed up his Star Trek/Star Wars references in the heat of the sequester moment. If you missed, Obama complained that he couldn't "do a Jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right,"...

William Shatner Calls Real-Life Astronaut in Space

Has some questions for Canadian Chris Hadfield

(Newser) - An astronaut on the International Space Station got to talk to none other than Captain James T. Kirk today, reports. Chris Hadfield first heard from William Shatner on Twitter last month, when the actor asked the Canadian astronaut, "Are you tweeting from space?" The conversation grew to...

Star Trek Director Gives Dying Fan Sneak Screening

JJ Abrams sends rough cut of sequel to cancer patient

(Newser) - A Star Trek fan with just days to live got to watch a rough cut of upcoming sequel Star Trek: Into Darkness after a plea on social media reached director JJ Abrams. The film won't be released until May, but Abrams and producer Damon Lindelof arranged for a copy...

Google Doodle Honors Star Trek

Interactive logo marks sci-fi series' 46th anniversary

(Newser) - Star Trek has landed its very own Google Doodle . Google is honoring the sci-fi series' 46th anniversary with an interactive doodle featuring the logo letters transformed into Star Trek characters, reports Mashable . The actual anniversary of the first episode isn't until tomorrow, but Google decided to unveil the Doodle...

Obama, Romney 'Shy' Introverts Who Love Star Trek

Barack and Mitt could even share Vulcan symbols at a barbeque

(Newser) - President Obama and Mitt Romney may not be so different after all. Both like grilled chicken and Star Trek—and iPads, Modern Family, and spicy food. On a more serious note, both are considered aloof, analytical introverts who prefer cautious decision-making to gut instinct, and eschew the emotional tone of...

Star Trek-esque Device May Let Blind 'See'

Uses sound to activate visual cortex

(Newser) - Remember the iconic Star Trek visor that allowed a blind engineer to see? A team of scientists in Israel has developed something like a real-life version of the gadget, the Daily Mail reports. The Sensory Substitution Device turns visual information into sound that blind people can interpret after a little...

Google&#39;s Own &#39;Siri&#39; Named for Star Trek
 Google's Own 
 'Siri' Named 
 for Star Trek 
rumor mill

Google's Own 'Siri' Named for Star Trek

Software to be called 'Majel' after Enterprise voice: reports

(Newser) - Siri's got competition. Google is reportedly working on its own version of the voice-activated smartphone assistant, and rumor has it the software's name honors Star Trek. Google is apparently calling the system "Majel," after Majel Barrett, who did the voice for Star Trek's talking computer,...

Spock Transports to Final Star Trek Convention

Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy

(Newser) - Spock may live long and prosper, but he's had it with Star Trek conventions. Leonard Nimoy is ditching the Vulcan mind meld with devoted fans at the Trekkie fests now that he's 80 (in human years). The cosmic get-together over the weekend in suburban Chicago celebrating the 45th...

US Dreams of Interstellar Spaceship in 100 Years

DARPA offering $500,000 to space innovators

(Newser) - Is it possible that Star Trek and a sci-fi story written by Jules Verne more than 100 years ago will inspire the next generation of space technologies? DARPA, the research and development division of the US military, sure hopes so. In fact, the agency has promised to award $500,000...

Captain Kirk Launches Discovery's Final Flight

Shuttle leaves space station, set to land on Wednesday

(Newser) - Discovery left the International Space Station for the last time today, but not before getting a rousing send-off from Captain Kirk himself. As the astronauts woke, they were treated to the unmistakable voice of William Shatner. "Space the final frontier," the recording said. "These have been the...

We Just Moved Closer to Teleportation

 We Just 
 Closer to 
in case you missed it

We Just Moved Closer to Teleportation

How 'you' can be in 2 places at once

(Newser) - It's a tongue-twister, and it can get messy, but "quantum entanglement" may one day make it possible to teleport people across the galaxy faster than the speed of light. And it won't happen like Star Trek, with people beaming from one place to another. Rather, it involves quantum mechanics...

Leonard Nimoy Retiring His Spock Ears

At 79, he's leaving the stage for good

(Newser) - Don't expect to see Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek sequel now in the works for 2012. The 79-year-old tells the Toronto Sun he's retiring from all acting gigs—including Spock—for good. "I've been doing this professionally for 60 years,” he says. “I want to get...

Andrew Koenig Hanged Himself: Source
Andrew Koenig Hanged Himself: Source

Andrew Koenig Hanged Himself: Source

Friends found Growing Pains actor, 41, in tree deep in Vancouver park

(Newser) - A source close the investigation into Andrew Koenig's death tells E! the 41-year-old was found hanging from a tree in a Vancouver park yesterday. The actor's father, Star Trek star Walter Koenig, said only that his son committed suicide during a news conference yesterday; the source says a search party...

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