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New Hangover Remedies

Gatorade just not cutting it? Try one of these.

(Newser) - If you drank too much eggnog at the office holiday party, never fear: The Frisky has six hangover cures you might not have tried yet. A sampling:
  • Sprayology: With the tagline, “Spray it in your mouth!” how can you go wrong? Plus, this $20 “party relief formula”
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Genetically Altered Yeast Ends Wine Hangovers

But remedy doesn't sit well with purists

(Newser) - A Canadian scientist has found a genetically modified hangover cure. He distributes an altered yeast, MLo1—which eliminates compounds that cause headaches in red and many white wines—to 40 winemakers in the US and Canada. But some vintners and winos are resisting the genetic alteration of their craft, which... More »

The Scourge of Morning After

Deconstructing the hangover—and the folk remedies that are still the only hope

(Newser) - Hangovers have afflicted the recently drunk since the Stone Age, yet a dependable remedy remains elusive. A hangover takes hold just as the body succeeds in eliminating the alcohol from the blood stream, Joan Acocella notes in the New Yorker. It results from a pileup of insults the system sustains... More »

Hey, Before You Hit Your Office Holiday Party, Click Here!

Plenty of causes, few cures for hangovers

(Newser) - If the dangers of drunkenness don’t deter you from revelry this holiday season, maybe the agony of a hangover should, Newsweek reports. Some experts call the morning-after malaise “a mini-withdrawal” similar to a recovering alcoholic’s; others say it’s the work of chemicals left over from the... More »

Five Worst Hangovers Ever

(Newser) - Think you know how to tie on one?  You're a piker compared to these historical debauches:
  1. Admiral Edward Russell's 17th-century throwdown. His punch had 250 gallons of brandy, 125 gallons of Malaga wine, 1,400 pounds of sugar, 2,500 lemons, 20 gallons of lime juice, and 5 pounds of
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