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Farmers Find Meteorite in Corn Field

May be part of similar meteorite found more than 100 years ago

(Newser) - A 33-pound meteorite isn't what farmers Bruce and Nelva Lilienthal expected their harvest to yield. But sometimes these things just fall into your lap—or corn field, as the case may be. The Minnesota couple found the rock two years ago, but didn't follow up on the peculiar... More »

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came From ... Space

Beads made 5K years ago came from meteorite

(Newser) - A cache of iron beads dating back 5,000 years to Egypt had long puzzled archeologists: That predates smelting, so how on earth did the Egyptians craft them? Turns out, it wasn't done on Earth at all, reports Nature . UK researchers borrowed one of the beads from a museum... More »

Moon's Water May Come From ... Earth

New study suggests it arrived via ancient meteorites

(Newser) - Scientists discovered water on the moon only a few years ago, and until recently, the prevailing theory was that it got there via comets. Now they're not so sure. New research on rocks brought back from the Apollo 15 and 17 strongly suggests a different possibility: The moon got... More »

Did a Sri Lanka Meteorite Have Fossils Inside?

Scientists fuel controversy with big claim

(Newser) - A group of scientists says a December meteorite over Sri Lanka held "fossilized biological structures"—but many of their colleagues aren't convinced. According to the pro-fossil team, electronic microscope images show tiny pieces of algae known as diatoms, supporting the idea of "panspermia." The theory—... More »

Scientists Figure Out Russia Meteor's Origin

As biggest piece yet found in Ural Mountains

(Newser) - Turns out there is a cool use for trigonometry: Scientists in Colombia have been able to calculate the trajectory of the meteor that injured 1,000 in Russia this month using data gleaned from local camera footage and a lake landing spot. Once they had determined the meteor's path... More »

Biggest Piece of 55-Foot Meteor Found So Far: 7mm

And 7mm happens to be just .26 inches

(Newser) - The numbers are pretty staggering: The meteor that rocked Russia last week was the biggest since 1908 , at 55 feet in diameter, estimates NASA. But the largest meteorite found to date by scientists with Ural Federal University measures just 0.26 inches in diameter, reports the Wall Street Journal . And... More »

After Meteor, Russian Politician Blames ... John Kerry

He says it was an American weapons test

(Newser) - One of the conspiracy theories getting the most attention after yesterday's spectacular meteor show in Russia comes not from a basement blogger but from one of the nation's most well-known, if outlandish, politicians, reports the Voice of Russia . “Those were not meteorites, it was Americans testing their... More »

Huge Meteor Rocks Russia

950 hurt, 110 hospitalized amid bomb-like damage

(Newser) - A meteor that shattered over Chelyabinsk, Russia, today injured some 950 people, with more than 110 hospitalized, RT reports. Several victims are said to be in "grave" condition, RIA Novosti reports. The 10-ton meteor was traveling at least 33,000mph when it entered the atmosphere, experts say, according to... More »

Oldest Impact Crater Found in Greenland

Meteorite probably smashed down about 3B years ago

(Newser) - Scientists have uncovered what might be the oldest meteorite crater on Earth. Located in Greenland, it's about 62 miles wide and was likely formed 3 billion years ago when a 19-mile-wide meteorite collided with our planet, reports . Today, an impact that size likely would wipe out humans.... More »

Meteorite Yields New Ancient Mineral

Panguite found inside 1969 fireball

(Newser) - A mineral new to science but older than our planet has been found in fragments of a meteorite that smashed into northern Mexico in 1969. Panguite was found in bits of the Allende meteorite by Caltech researchers who used an electron-scanning microscope to study minerals that were trapped inside the... More »

Why Are Tomatoes Red? Blame Meteor

Dinosaur-killing impact forced the tomato into big changes, say scientists

(Newser) - Why are tomatoes red? The same reason dinosaurs were killed off, say scientists. The massive meteorite that struck Earth 60 to 70 million years ago created extremely harsh conditions that forced the evolution of the tomato into its current red and edible form, reports . Researchers discovered this connection... More »

New California Gold Rush: Searching for Meteorite Bits

Ancient space rock can fetch $1K a gram

(Newser) - The fireball that exploded over California last week did more than just produce a window-shaking sonic boom—it also scattered pieces of meteorite over, fittingly enough, a 30-square-mile portion of the state's Gold Country region. News of the extremely rare type of space rock sent scientists and treasure hunters... More »

Mars Rocks Fell to Earth in July: Scientists

Meteorites were collected in Africa

(Newser) - We may not be able to get people to Mars yet, but Mars can get to us. Fifteen pounds of meteorite that fell to Earth over Morocco last July came from the red planet, scientists confirm. The largest chunk is more than two pounds, the AP reports. Astronomers believe something... More »

Meteorite Mistaken for Crashing Plane

Two reports lead to search and rescue mission off England's coast

(Newser) - A meteorite that fell into the sea off the coast of England Friday was mistaken for a crashing plane by several people, including a fisherman and a pilot, reports the Telegraph . Their reports resulted in emergency services being sent to investigate, but when no wreckage could be found and there... More »

Meteorite Hits Paris Home

Space rock found in the Comette family's roof

(Newser) - The Comettes were on vacation when their home was hit by a meteorite. The egg-sized space rock stayed buried in the insulation of the French family's home in suburban Paris until they called somebody in to fix their leaking roof, the Telegraph reports. "We got the roof tiler... More »

Thank Meteorites for Life on Earth?

Space rocks hold elements of DNA

(Newser) - The ingredients for DNA aren’t just here on Earth—they can develop in space, too, a study suggests. Scientists with NASA and the Carnegie Institution analyzed 12 meteorites and found that 11 of them contained nucleobases, the rings in the middle of DNA molecules. That means the space rocks... More »

Meteorite Just Misses Cricket Fans

Strike believed to be UK's first since 1992

(Newser) - Two British cricket fans nearly dropped their pints in shock when what's believed to be a space rock billions of years old hit the ground in front of them. The black, 5-inch rock split into two pieces as it hit the cricket pitch. Experts believe it is the first meteorite... More »

What Was That Giant Fireball Over Midwest?

Blast lights up sky in several states

(Newser) - Scientists are scratching their heads after a giant fireball lit up the midwestern sky, then vanished. The fireball rattled homes and shook the earth as it streaked across the sky and apparently triggered a sonic boom. Scientists speculate the phenomenon, that also lit up police station phone lines, was a... More »

Museum Puts 'Martian Colony' on Display

Alien microbacteria found on meteorite

(Newser) - A London museum that unwittingly hosted a fossilized colony of Martians for decades has put the alien life on display. NASA scientists who recently examined the Natural History Museum's fragment of the Nakhla meteorite believe bumps on its surface are fossilized Martian microbacteria, the Telegraph reports. The meteorite crashed into... More »

In Meteor, NASA Sees Best Evidence Yet of Life on Mars

Martian meteorite shows fossilized bacteria

(Newser) - A Martian meteorite that hit Antarctica 13,000 years ago offers “very strong evidence of life on Mars,” say NASA scientists after concluding that microscopic worm-like structures in the rock are almost certainly fossilized bacteria. The meteorite, which broke off the Red Planet millions of years ago, also... More »

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