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There Was a Hole in Her Roof, a Still-Warm Rock on the Floor

NJ home may have been struck by a meteorite

(Newser) - It's not every day that meteorites come crashing through the roof, but that appears to have been the case at a residence in Hopewell Township, NJ. An oblong object measuring about 4 inches by 6 inches tore into the home around 1pm Monday, reports . CBS Philadelphia interviewed...

A $25K Hunt Is On in Maine for a Piece of a Meteorite

Anyone who manages to find a 1kg piece could end up handsomely rewarded

(Newser) - Most meteorites fall in the ocean. Last Saturday morning, one fell into the woods of Maine—and whoever finds a chunk of it could find themselves handsomely rewarded. The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum is hoping to get its hands on any fragments that remain, and has announced a $25,...

She Was Hit by a Meteorite. Things Went South From There
She Was Hit by a Meteorite.
Things Went South From There
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She Was Hit by a Meteorite. Things Went South From There

Revisiting the story of Ann Hodges of Alabama

(Newser) - At first, the theory was that an Alabama housewife had the misfortune of being hit with a part of an airplane that had fallen from the sky, barreled through the roof of her Sylacauga home, bounced off her radio, and hit her in the hip. She'd been napping under...

'Flaming Basketball' From Sky May Have Caused House Fire

California man lost home, dog, truck in blaze

(Newser) - Peope in a remote part of Northern California saw a possible meteor Friday night—and an area rancher believes it may have caused the fire that burned down his home and killed one of his dogs. Nevada County resident Dustin Procita tells KCRA that he was relaxing at home after...

Dog House Hit by Meteorite Sells for More Than Meteorite

Roky's former shelter goes for $44K

(Newser) - A dog house that was hit by a meteorite in 2019 was sold for $44,000 at an auction—well below Christie's high estimate of $300,000, but more than enough to get Roky, a German Shepherd in Costa Rica, a new home. "My first question when I...

Thanks to Hole in Roof, This Doghouse Could Sell for $300K

The hole was caused by a meteorite

(Newser) - A ramshackle doghouse with a 7-inch hole in its roof doesn't sound like it would be worth as much as $300,000. But that hole changes things. The structure, formerly home to a Costa Rican German shepherd named Roky, was hit by a meteorite on April 23, 2019, at...

Meteorite Crashes Through Roof, Nearly Hits Woman
Space Debris Crashes Through
Roof, Onto Woman's Pillow
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Space Debris Crashes Through Roof, Onto Woman's Pillow

Canada woman says it's a nice reminder that life is precious

(Newser) - A British Columbia woman was awakened the night of Oct. 4 by a crashing sound and the feeling of debris hitting her face. Ruth Hamilton looked up to see a hole in her ceiling and a rock on her pillow and called 911, not sure what had happened. The truth...

In UK, a Fireball in the Sky, Sonic Boom, and a 'Shock' Find

First meteorite in 30 years is found on a driveway

(Newser) - Experts say a rare chunk of space rock, believed to contain the most primitive material in the solar system, is in such good shape that it's comparable to samples returned from space missions. But this one didn't come to Earth under careful conditions. Instead, it fell from the...

Somewhere Here Lies an Ancient Space Relic
Somewhere Here Lies
an Ancient Space Relic
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Somewhere Here Lies an Ancient Space Relic

It just dropped from space, and the search is on

(Newser) - The search is on for an apricot-sized meteorite somewhere near Aiguillon, France. Cameras at an astronomy facility in Mauraux spotted the small space rock falling to Earth over southwest France last weekend, per the Guardian . The meteorite landed at 10:43pm Saturday near Aiguillon, some 60 miles southeast of Bordeaux,...

Rock From Mars Continues Its Strange Journey

NASA is bringing the small meteorite back to the red planet

(Newser) - Somewhere around 700,000 years ago, an asteroid or comet slammed into Mars and sent debris flying everywhere. And perhaps 1,000 years ago, one small piece of rock finally ended up on Earth. Now that same bit of basalt is going back to Mars, reports the BBC . As the...

Scientists Find Evidence of 1888 Death by Meteorite

It's the earliest evidence of such an occurrence

(Newser) - Researchers in Turkey are on the trail of a killer from space. After searching state archives, the researchers believe they have found the earliest confirmed case of a person being killed by a meteorite, reports. The researchers say the luckless man was killed and another man was paralyzed...

Giant Impact Crater Reported in Unusual Place
Under Greenland's Ice,
a Surprise Find

Under Greenland's Ice, a Surprise Find

Scientists think they've found one of the world's biggest impact craters

(Newser) - Scientists think they've found one of the world's biggest impact craters, but confirmation is tricky given its location—under a glacier in Greenland. In the journal Science Advances , researchers make the case that a meteorite perhaps a mile wide slammed into Greenland somewhere between 12,000 and 3...

Rock Used as Doorstop Actually Worth $100K

Farmer says it landed in his backyard in the 1930s

(Newser) - A Michigan man curious about a rock he'd used for decades as a doorstop now knows its secret: it's a meteorite worth $100,000, the AP reports. In fact, the nearly 23-pound hunk of iron and nickel is the sixth largest meteorite found in Michigan, according to the...

A Rock That Held Open a Shed Door Is Worth $100K

Turns out it's the 6th-largest meteorite ever found in the state

(Newser) - The Smithsonian confirmed it: What one man in Grand Rapids, Mich., man used as a doorstop for years is a meteorite thought to be worth $100,000. That it was a meteorite was apparently known to him: The Detroit Free Press reports the unnamed man bought an Edmore-area farm in...

He Had a Knack for Finding Meteorites. Then Things Got Crazy

Steven Curry fancied himself a pro, then it all fell apart

(Newser) - "He's found outlines of crustaceans, snails, and sea worms inside his meteors," the Grand Junction, Colo., news report declared. "Proof of alien life." That would be something, if only it were true. Writing for the Verge , Brendan Borrell has the lengthy story of Steven Curry,...

Diamond From the Sky May Have Formed in 'Lost Planet'

Meteorite has traces of proto-planet, researchers say

(Newser) - Fragments of a meteorite that fell to Earth a decade ago provide compelling evidence of a lost planet that once roamed our solar system, researchers say. A team from Switzerland, France, and Germany examined diamonds found inside the Almahata Sitta meteorite and concluded they were most likely formed by a...

NASA Scientist Finds Michigan Meteorites

Weather radar is the key for Marc Fries

(Newser) - If the United States Geological Service's reading of a magnitude 2.0 earthquake in Michigan on Tuesday night wasn't enough to convince you that a meteor did in fact streak through the sky there, let Marc Fries. The NASA scientist says he managed to track the meteorites (those...

A 'Biscuit-Sized' Rock May Clear Up a Space Mystery

In a Swedish quarry, scientists find an 'extinct' meteorite

(Newser) - The Earth has just given up a very alien secret: Scientists are reporting in Nature Communications that a rock found in a limestone quarry in Sweden is the first of its kind to have been discovered on our planet, a "biscuit-sized" remnant of a space rock they believe collided...

NASA: Meteorite Didn't Kill Man
 NASA: Meteorite Didn't Kill Man 

NASA: Meteorite Didn't Kill Man

Evidence points to 'land-based explosion'

(Newser) - Whatever it was that killed a bus driver in India on Saturday probably didn't travel through untold millions of miles of space to get there, according to NASA scientists. The 11-gram rock recovered from a college campus in Tamil Nadu is still being analyzed, but NASA scientists say that...

Man Believed to Be First Ever Killed by Meteorite

But some scientists remain skeptical

(Newser) - There's the slim chance of being hit by lightning, and then there's the almost nonexistent chance of being hit by a meteorite. A man in India, however, was apparently killed by the latter, which would likely make him the first person recorded killed by an object that fell...

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