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Google Still Wants Unused TV 'White Space' for Wireless Web

Broadcasters remain fearful of interference

(Newser) - Google is re-doubling its efforts to get the FCC to allow the development of unused space in the TV spectrum for wireless Internet service, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The vast majority of viable spectrum in this country simply goes unused," the tech giant wrote to the commission....

Web Inventor: Don't Track Me, Bro
Web Inventor: Don't Track
Me, Bro

Web Inventor: Don't Track Me, Bro

Internet creator decries spyware: 'You can't have' my data

(Newser) - He may have created a web that's worldwide, but Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee is very proprietary when it comes to tracking programs, such as Phorm, that allow ISPs to monitor their customers. Berners-Lee says he’d drop any company caught mining his data. “It’s mine—you can’t...

In Surprise Turn, Verizon Embraces File Sharing

'The problem is not peer-to-peer technology, the problem is how you deploy it.'

(Newser) - Verizon announced today that it plans to use peer-to-peer software to speed the deployment of legitimate content over its networks, in a break from the industry’s usually negative stance towards file sharing, the AP reports. Working with a P2P company named Pando Networks, Verizon found that when an ISP...

AOL Goes Social, Buys Bebo
 AOL Goes Social, Buys Bebo 

AOL Goes Social, Buys Bebo

$850M acquisition for a company struggling to change roles

(Newser) - AOL will buy for $850 million in an attempt to enter the social networking market, the Wall Street Journal reports. Bebo has 22 million unique visitors a month, well behind MySpace's 109 million, but the site’s strong European presence will give AOL access to key youth demographics...

Repairs Begin on Cut Net Cable
Repairs Begin on Cut Net Cable

Repairs Begin on Cut Net Cable

Ship expected to reach 2nd severed undersea line today as well

(Newser) - Repairs have begun on a segment of undersea Internet cable reported severed off the coast of the United Arab Emirates last Friday, Reuters reports. FLAG, an Indian telecom, said that one of their ships had reached the cable, the most recently disrupted of three main lines to undermine access across...

Mideast Web Woes Persist as 3rd Cable Is Cut

Repairs could take days or even weeks

(Newser) - A third cable carrying Internet traffic to the Mideast was cut today off the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai, and web and phone service remained disrupted in large areas of the Mideast and India because of breaks in two cables in the Mediterranean Wednesday. The cables severed earlier carried as...

Sea Cable Damage Cuts Internet Service to Mideast

Egypt goes offline; India hit with severe delays

(Newser) - Damage to two underwater cables has huge swaths of the Mideast and South Asia offline and repair ships scrambling to restore internet service to millions. One of the cables has been completely severed, the Financial Times reports. Some 70% of Egypt's service was disrupted, including all of Cairo, and bandwidth...

Verizon Q4 Profits Ride Wireless Gains

Cell phones, Internet continue to shine as landlines decline

(Newser) - Verizon Communications, riding a wave of wireless and Internet growth, yesterday announced net income rose to $1.07 billion for the fourth quarter, up nearly 4% from $1.03 billion a year ago, reports the New York Times. Verizon Wireless, second to AT&T in the US, added some 2...

Thailand Axes Anti-Monarchy Website

Critical postings, government shutdown may spark legal fight

(Newser) - A Thai ministry has shut down a website critical of the country's monarchy, the AP reports. Postings on questioned news accounts that all citizens mourned the king's sister, who died Wednesday, and criticized officials. "I think we're one of the few sites posting remarks against the monarchy,...

Critics Blast Claims of Net Outages by 2010

Lambaste industry group behind study predicting failures

(Newser) - Ominous warnings earlier this week of a looming Internet disaster are highly misleading, suggest critics. "As we've stated previously, most warnings of capacity armageddon come from traffic shaping companies looking to sell hardware," the industry web site Broadband Reports writes about a recent Nemertes Research study, which was...

FCC Put to Test Over Net Neutrality

Consumer groups lodge complaint against Comcast file sharing interference

(Newser) - Consumer groups and legal scholars filed a complaint with the FCC today asking the agency to fine Comcast for interfering with subscribers' file transfers. The case will be the first major indication of the FCC's actual stance on Net Neutrality. The petitions call on the FCC to fine Comcast $195,...

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