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They Cheered Against India, Now Face Sedition Charges

At least 7 arrested in India for cyberterrorism after celebrating Pakistan's cricket win

(Newser) - If you're in India, you'd better cheer for India. That's the message from authorities in Uttar Pradesh, where police have arrested at least seven people for allegedly celebrating Pakistan's victory over India in Sunday's T20 World Cup cricket match in Dubai. All seven face charges...

Cricket Shocker: Star Hit by Ball Dies

Australia mourns player killed in 'freak accident'

(Newser) - Australia is in mourning for one of its top cricket players, who has died two days after being hit in the head by a ball during a match in Sydney. Phillip Hughes was felled by a ball that struck him at the base of the skull, below his helmet, causing...

Coming Soon: Contract-Free iPhone

Cricket to debut pre-paid version, but phone will cost you

(Newser) - We hear you: You've always wanted an iPhone, but you've got commitment issues. You don't want to hop into bed with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon for two whole years. Well, good news: Soon Cricket, a regional carrier owned by Leap Wireless, will be offering a contract-free...

Scientists Replicate Prehistoric Cricket Sound

Could be the world's oldest known song: researchers

(Newser) - Scientists have brought back a sound that hasn't been heard in 165 million years: the song of a prehistoric cricket. Using a remarkably intact fossil of a katydid—also known as a bush cricket—researchers were able to create soundalike replicas based on the creature's wings, AFP reports....

Virus Wiping Out Crickets Raised for Snakes

Cricket farms being forced out of business

(Newser) - These are hard times for America's cricket farmers, and unless a virus is brought under control, they could become hungry times for pet snakes. The virus has swept through farms, killing millions of the crickets raised for pet reptiles and zoo animals, and driving several farmers out of business, the...

Meteorite Just Misses Cricket Fans

Strike believed to be UK's first since 1992

(Newser) - Two British cricket fans nearly dropped their pints in shock when what's believed to be a space rock billions of years old hit the ground in front of them. The black, 5-inch rock split into two pieces as it hit the cricket pitch. Experts believe it is the first meteorite...

US Viewers Slam 'Racist' Aussie KFC Ad

Yanks are misinterpreting ad, says KFC

(Newser) - An Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken ad featuring a white cricket fan befriending a black crowd with a bucket of fried chicken has been blasted as racist in the US. The Australian fan in the ad asks "Need a tip when you're stuck in an awkward situation?" while surrounded by...

Sex Advice for Indian Cricketers Sparks 'Masturgate'

National debate follows after players urged to have sex or "go solo" before games

(Newser) - A leaked training document urging India's cricket team to seek sexual release—either with their wives or by "going solo"—before big games has sparked both outrage and sniggers across India. With sex education banned in Indian schools, many commentators have welcomed the opportunity to speak more...

Cricket Victims See 'Inside Job'

Sri Lankans say security vanished; al-Qaeda may have played role

(Newser) - An unexplained gap in scheduling at this week's cricket match in Lahore has led to angry speculation that the gunmen who attacked the Sri Lankan team may have acted on inside information. While the Pakistani and Sri Lankan teams had traveled together on earlier days, the Pakistani team left later...

Cricket Ref: Pakistan Cops 'Left Us to Be Sitting Ducks'

(Newser) - A British cricket referee traveling in the Sri Lankan convoy attacked in Lahore yesterday said Pakistani police fled the confrontation, the AP reports. “There was not a sign of a policeman anywhere,” Chris Broad said. “They had clearly left the scene and left us to be sitting...

Cricket Attack Raises Fears for Sports Events

Teams cancel Pakistan visits; 20 arrested in attack

(Newser) - As Pakistani officials arrested some 20 suspects in yesterday's attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore, new fears emerged that sports events may become a new target for terrorists, reports the Times of London. One international team canceled a trip to Pakistan last night, and the country's plans to...

8 Die as Pakistan Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team

5 cops killed, at least 8 team members injured

(Newser) - A dozen masked gunmen armed with rocket launchers and rifles opened fire in Pakistan today on a bus carrying Sri Lanka's national cricket team, killing five police officers and injuring at least eight team members. Gunmen rushed the bus as it headed to a stadium in Lahore for a match...

Stanford's Other Mess: Cricket
 Stanford's Other Mess: Cricket  

Stanford's Other Mess: Cricket

(Newser) - Before he was charged with massive fraud, Sir Allen Stanford was often charged with an equally grievous offense: subverting the game of cricket. The Texan was among the sport’s deepest-pocketed fans, but the fast-paced Twenty20 tournaments he favored annoy purists. When Stanford put up $20 million in prize money...

Who Is Sir Allen Stanford (Other Than $8B Scammer)?

(Newser) - Alleged fraudster R. Allen Stanford may not have been a household name before the SEC accused him of skullduggery yesterday, but not because he’s been keeping a low profile. Calling himself “Sir” Allen Stanford ever since he was knighted in Antigua in 2006, the colorful financier is the...

India Cans Pakistan Cricket Trip

Tensions still high in wake of Mumbai violence

(Newser) - Government officials have canceled the Indian cricket team’s tour of Pakistan, the Times of India reports, terming the trip unsafe and inappropriate in the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks for which it holds a Pakistan-based group responsible. “The government has declined permission to go ahead with the...

Terror Outcry May Nix Pakistani Cricket Tour

(Newser) - Reacting to the Mumbai terror attacks, India’s sports minister said today that he opposes upcoming cricket matches between India and Pakistan, the Washington Post reports. MS Gill said India's team should not take a 5-week Pakistani tour as planned while "people from their soil were indulging in mass...

Pakistan Cricket Coach Wasn't Murdered

New tests show Bob Woolmer died of natural causes

(Newser) - Police in Jamaica ruled today that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died of natural causes, reversing their previous stance that he had been murdered. Found dead in a Jamaican hotel room the day after Pakistan lost to Ireland in March's World Cup, the 58-year-old coach was originally said to have...

Cricket Coach Poisoned and Strangled

New BBC investigation claims Bob Woolmer incapacitated

(Newser) - The murder mystery that cast a shadow over international cricket is deepening. A BBC investigation claims Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer, found strangled to death last month, was also poisoned. "It now seems certain that he had already been rendered helpless—leaving him unable to fight back," BBC's...

Aussies Dismantle South Africa
Aussies Dismantle South Africa

Aussies Dismantle South Africa

Australian Juggernaut to Face Sri Lanka in Cricket Final

(Newser) - Australia's wily bowlers looked unbeatable in an all-around thumping of fellow Antipodeans South Africa. The Aussies will oppose Sri Lanka in the final of a cricket World Cup marked by controversy and intrigue, including the as-yet-unexplained death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer following an eliminating loss to Ireland on St....

Cricket Coach Murdered
Cricket Coach Murdered

Cricket Coach Murdered

Woolmer now said to be strangled, after team's surprising loss

(Newser) - The death of Bob Woolmer, the English-born Pakistani cricket coach, was ruled a murder yesterday, roiling the sedate world of international cricket  with a crime investigators call “extraordinary and evil.” When Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica last Sunday, it was thought he...

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