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Now You Can 'Show Your Love, Leave a Tip' on Twitter
Twitter Introduces a 'Tip Jar'

Twitter Introduces a 'Tip Jar'

You can easily send money to certain users from their profile

(Newser) - "Show your love, leave a tip." It's now possible, Twitter announced Thursday in introducing a new test feature designed to allow you to easily send money to your favorite accounts. To use the so-called "Tip Jar" feature, available to English-speaking users of Android and iOS app...

Man Blames Apple for $600K Bitcoin Theft

Scam cryptocurrency app was downloaded from the 'trusted' App Store

(Newser) - Apple says its App Store is "the world's most trusted marketplace for apps," where each submission is carefully reviewed. Still, one app on iOS was able to steal $1.6 million in bitcoin from at least five people, reports the Washington Post . On Feb. 1, Phillipe Christodoulou...

Told Google Not to Track You? It May Be Doing So Anyway
AP Probe: Google Is Storing
Data You Said Not To

AP Probe: Google Is Storing Data You Said Not To

Specifically, your location data

(Newser) - Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. An AP investigation found many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you've used privacy settings that say they'll prevent...

'Shady' $4 Smartphones Supposedly About to Ship

CEO says he feels 'vindicated' by Ringing Bell's Freedom 251 release, but others are still wary

(Newser) - Smartphones going for about $4 are said to be shipping this week in India, and the manufacturing company's head says he's pleased that they're finally coming out, even though the company will take a loss on each phone, the Guardian reports. Ringing Bells originally said it would...

Google Unveils New Mobile Payment System

Android Pay, other upgrades, will be out later this year

(Newser) - Google's next version of its Android operating system will boast new ways to fetch information, pay merchants, and protect privacy on mobile devices as the Internet company duels with Apple for supremacy. The upgrade will give Android's personal assistant, Google Now, expanded powers of intuition that may be...

Android Wear: More Wearable Wearable Tech?

New OS set to open up smartwatch market

(Newser) - Wearable technology looks set to take a big leap forward with Google's new Android Wear system, a version of its mobile operating system designed specifically for wearable devices. Analysts say the move opens the door for a lot of wearable devices like smartwatches that, unlike Google Glass, the general...

Google's New Android: KitKat
 Google's New Android: KitKat 

Google's New Android: KitKat

Version 4.4 comes with candy bar tie-in

(Newser) - Will Google's new version of Android be chunky—or breakable? The company has given the tech world a sweet surprise by announcing that version 4.4 will be called "KitKat" instead of Key Lime Pie as previously signaled. The move is seen as a marketing coup for the...

Facebook Unveils 'Home' for Phones

Download to convert Androids will be out next week

(Newser) - The "Facebook phone" is here and, as expected , it is not a phone built by Facebook. Instead, the company unveiled "Facebook Home," a download that converts an Android phone into a Facebook-centric device, reports CNET . It will be available on a limited basis April 12 at the...

Public Gets Look at 'Google Glass'

And its first chance to be part of a limited beta test

(Newser) - Google gave the public its first taste of how it would feel to strap on its much-anticipated digital glasses , releasing photos and a video showing off the system's capabilities and user interface. Users are shown taking video and photos, performing searches, and overlaying directions, weather, and flight info over...

Angry Birds Won't Tick Off Nokia After All

Rovio will create a version for Windows Phone platform

(Newser) - Good news for Nokia and fans of Angry Birds who use their phones: Game-maker Rovio says it plans to make a version of the new Angry Birds Space for the Windows Phone 7 platform, despite earlier reports to the contrary, notes Mashable . The game sequel launched on iOS and Android...

Android May Outsell iPad by 2016

Amazon's lower prices might make the difference: report

(Newser) - Priced well below the iPad at $200, Amazon's Kindle Fire could help its fellow Android tablets outsell Apple's devices by 2016, says research firm IDC in a report picked up by Wired . In the fourth quarter of last year, Apple accounted for 54.7% of tablet shipments, compared...

Hackers' Favorite New Target: Android

Malicious apps surged more than 3,000% last year

(Newser) - Cyber criminals have spent years figuring out how mobile systems like Android work, and now they're cashing in, security experts warn. Android, now the most popular smartphone operating system, has seen malware surge along with its popularity. Malware targeting the Google-created system grew a massive 3,325% in the...

Google Privacy Shift Makes Android an Info Gold Mine

Google can collect all kinds of data to share with other platforms

(Newser) - Google's controversial new privacy policy could have an especially big impact on people carrying around Google in their pockets. Google will in March begin sharing info it collects across its platforms when users are signed in—and Android users essentially always are. "I guess it's theoretically possible...

Lost the Remote? 84-Inch TV Has Voice Control

'Ultra-resolution' screen uses motion control, too

(Newser) - Perhaps the days of searching for remotes are coming to a close: LG's latest TV operates using voice- and 3D motion-control. The 84-inch HDTV, shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show today, offers "ultra-resolution" and a bezel of just a millimeter, Mashable reports. It also has a plasma...

Franken Wants Answers on Phone-Tracking Software

Warns that Carrier IQ may run afoul of law

(Newser) - The latest phone-tracking controversy has caught the attention of Capitol Hill. Sen. Al Franken has written to Carrier IQ demanding answers on whether its software goes too far in logging the doings of millions of smartphone users, reports the Huffington Post . His move comes after an Android developer raised the...

Your Android Phone May Be Spying on You

Carrier IQ insists it's just a 'diagnostic tool'

(Newser) - A hidden piece of software in your Android phone may be watching your every move and sending that information to an unknown recipient, a security researcher has alleged. In a video posted earlier this week, Android researcher Trevor Eckhart shows a program called Carrier IQ logging keystrokes, text messages, and...

Occupy Supporter Makes 'I'm Getting Arrested' App

Android program designed to send a blast text before the cuffs go on

(Newser) - Sometimes you just don’t have time to type out a text message—like, say, when the cops are about to zip-tie your wrists together. That’s why Brooklyn software developer Jason Van Anden created “I’m Getting Arrested,” a free Android app designed to let Occupy protesters...

Jobs: I'll Spend Every Cent Apple Has to Kill Google

Called Android 'stolen product'

(Newser) - Steve Jobs was furious over what he called Google’s “grand theft” of Apple ideas, and he didn’t mince words about it, the Huffington Post reports. “I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this,” he says in Walter Isaacson’s biography , discussing Apple’s patent...

Android Chief: Siri, Schmiri. Phone Is Not an Assistant

Andy Rubin not interested in Siri-like functionality

(Newser) - Android users, don’t hold out hope for your phone to get a Siri -like function anytime in the near future. “I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant,” Android chief Andy Rubin tells All Things D . “Your phone is a tool for communicating....

Samsung, Google Unveil Slick New Android Phone

New phone is first to run Android 4.0

(Newser) - Only hours after Motorola rolled out its new Razr , Samsung and Google unveiled a new Android smartphone of their own. The high-end Galaxy Nexus—which is set to retail for more than $700—would have launched more than a week ago, but the companies decided to reschedule after the death...

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