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Deathly Hallows Is Darkest Potter Movie Yet

Quidditch gets swapped for bleak tone in penultimate film

(Newser) - The penultimate Harry Potter movie hits theaters today, and while reviews for Deathly Hallows: Part I range all the way from "best Potter movie ever" to "worst Potter movie ever," most critics are positive about it and are looking forward to next summer's grand finale. The movie...

New Harry Potter Film Debuts in London

It's the first part of the two-part finale

(Newser) - American audiences have to wait another week, but the second-last installment of the Harry Potter movies premiered in London tonight. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I sets up the grand finale, which isn't out until July 2011. Not that reviews will mean a whit to devoted fans, but...

Draco: Harry Potter Ate My Childhood

Selling kid soul to Voldemort a mixed blessing for Tom Felton

(Newser) - While other stars of Harry Potter sobbed as they recently wrapped up 10 years of filming the wizard epic, Draco Malfoy was "excited." For "the past decade we haven’t had much freedom to do other projects. I ­certainly haven’t had much freedom to keep...

Top 10 Young Box-Office Draws

Sam Worthington leads 'Young Hollywood' pack

(Newser) - Which of Hollywood’s young guns can claim the title of most likely to get you to the multiplex? Entertainment Weekly crunched the numbers to find out. Here they are by name, age, and box office average:
  1. Sam Worthington, 34, $329.6M
  2. Daniel Radcliffe, 21, $244.7M
  3. Taylor Lautner, 18,

Radcliffe 'Devastated' by Potter's End

Watson: 'I feel like someone is dying'

(Newser) - The Harry Potter epic is almost over and its stars are crushed. Daniel Radcliffe says he'll be "devastated" when filming ends in two weeks. "There is nothing I watch without it triggering a series of memories," he tells People . Everything about the films "is so linked...

'Harry Potter' Heads Back to Broadway

Daniel Radcliffe will star in 'How to Succeed in Business'

(Newser) - Harry Potter's alter ego is returning to the Broadway stage, and not only will he keep his clothes on this time around, but he'll also sing and dance. Daniel Radcliffe, 20, who stripped down when he starred in Equus in 2008, has landed the lead in a revival of How ...

Emma Watson Is Top-Paid Woman in Hollywood

'Harry Potter' star banked $41M, ranks just 14th among moneymakers

(Newser) - Emma Watson made more money last year than any other actress in the world. The Harry Potter star banked over $30 million from acting and modeling jobs; she has worked on ad campaigns for Burberry and People Tree. Watson ranked 14th on Vanity Fair 's list of Hollywood's top moneymakers,...

8 Celebs Who Love to Get Naked

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore—even Harry Potter likes to go nude

(Newser) - Some celebrities strip down so often, seeing their naked bodies starts to seem commonplace. The Frisky notes eight of the worst offenders:
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Equus was one thing, but donning his birthday suit for Harry Potter? Come on now.
  • Jennifer Aniston: She’s bared her bare tush everywhere from film

Harry, Hermione Get Naked

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson get 'very sexy,' says director

(Newser) - Hang on to your hats, parents: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger will strip down in a “very sexy” scene in the next film. The decidedly mature scenario comes about courtesy of a monster that's torturing Ron Weasley, Hermione’s would-be boyfriend, with the scandalous images. “We’ll create...

'Draco' Defends Daniel Radcliffe Over Pot Pic

Harry Potter 's Tom Felton says allegations are made up

(Newser) - Tom Felton may play Daniel Radcliffe’s arch-enemy in the Harry Potter films, but in real life he’s jumping to Radcliffe’s defense in Marijuanagate. “Harry” made headlines earlier this month when a British tabloid ran a photo of him allegedly toking up (jazzed up by a supposedly...

Hogwarts Is Rife With Homosexual Tension

(Newser) - No fancy divining necessary: Anyone with decent gaydar can see that new Harry Potter movie is awash in homoeroticism, Natasha Vargas-Cooper writes on Gawker. Hogwarts is seething with hormones in the Half-Blood Prince, she notes, but with the idea of "loose lady wizards" a no-no, most of the flirtation...

Vatican Charmed by Potter

(Newser) - Though rarely a fan of wizards and witches, the Vatican has declared the latest Harry Potter film a positive tale of “friendship, altruism, loyalty" that achieves the "correct balance" in depicting teen romance, reports the Guardian. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, opening today, makes clear that...

Potter Still Making Magic

Sixth installment is one of the best in the series

(Newser) - Our sixth cinematic trip to Hogwarts holds onto the magic with stunning visuals, great acting, and a maturing storyline:
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is “spellbinding, even though it is more grounded in reality and less fanciful than previous installments,” writes Claudia Puig in USA Today.

'Harry' Charms Kid Reporter

Radcliffe exudes class at premiere

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe didn't need his onscreen counterpart's wand to charm a very cub reporter at the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As journos pressed in on all sides, Radcliffe zeroed in on the nervous 11-year-old Scholastic News reporter, New York reports. He continually—but politely—...

Watson Waves Goodbye to Harry Potter

Seeking 'normal' life, Hermione gets ready for Ivy League

(Newser) - After 10 years at Hogwarts, Emma Watson is ready to move on to the Ivy League, the New York Daily News reports. The Harry Potter actress, who’s been playing the boy wizard’s pal Hermione Granger since she was 9, is taking a break from acting—and movie shoots,...

Potter Kids Need to Rebel: 'Malfoy'

Film needs more controversy from young actors, says co-star

(Newser) - The young stars making magic in the Harry Potter series are far too nice, says co-star Jason Isaac. “The problem with Harry Potter,” the actor who plays Lucius Malfoy, father of Potter rival Draco, tells the Telegraph, “is that there is so little controversy.” They “...

Potter Stunt Double Feared Paralyzed In Set Blast

Stuntman plummets to ground while rehearsing flying scene

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter stunt double has been seriously injured in an accident during the filming of the final boy-wizard movie, the Daily Mirror reports. The 25-year-old man was rehearsing a flying sequence using a harness when an explosion sent him plummeting to the ground. He told colleagues he couldn't...

'Harry' Invites Obama Girls to Hogwarts

Actor offers to give first daughters a tour

(Newser) - Malia and Sasha Obama just moved into the White House, and they may soon get a tour of an even more exciting place: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter himself—or, rather, actor Daniel Radcliffe—invited the first daughters to visit the set and said he “would...

Radcliffe Sick of Being Naked

'Harry Potter' star ready for new role

(Newser) - The idea of Harry Potter getting naked brought a lot of attention to Broadway’s Equus—but star Daniel Radcliffe is getting tired of stripping down with a fake horse every night, reports the New York Post. What’s next for the actor? Possibly a musical, he told his producer....

Revealing Radcliffe Carries Equus

Harry Potter star delivers 'intense' performance

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe takes on a “mothball-preserved, off-the-rack part” as a teenage stable boy who blinds horses in the Broadway debut of Equus, and “wears it like a tailor’s delight,” writes Ben Brantley of the New York Times. Radcliffe’s “beautifully understated” acting and his “...

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