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12 Best Films of the 21st Century
12 Best Films of 21st Century
in case you missed it

12 Best Films of 21st Century

Time to revisit 'Mulholland Drive'

(Newser) - BBC set out to find the best films of the 21st century by polling 177 critics around the world. They've decided that David Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive is the one most likely to end up a classic, as it sits atop the list of 100. The...

Hail, Caesar! Is 'Plot-Free' Yet 'Utterly Satisfying'

The 17th film from the Coen brothers is 'pure Coenism, for better or worse'

(Newser) - Hail, Caesar! is the 17th film by moviemaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen—of Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men fame— and tells the story of a studio fixer (Josh Brolin) searching for a kidnapped movie star (George Clooney) in 1950s Hollywood, though that plot...

Inside Llewyn Davis Among Coens' Best

Critics rave about musical tale

(Newser) - The Coen brothers' latest film tells the dark tale of a folk musician in Greenwich Village in 1961. Though you might not want to befriend Llewyn, his story is well worth a watch—in fact, some critics are calling Inside Llewyn Davis a candidate for the Coens' best. A sampling...

Coen Brothers Marvel: We're 'the Mainstream Guys'

In NYT interview, Joel and Ethan surprised they're 'the establishment' now

(Newser) - Joel and Ethan Coen give an interview to movie critics AO Scott and Manohla Dargis of the New York Times in which they marvel at the fact that they are now "the mainstream guys," shed a bit of light on their collaborative writing, and even offer a defense...

French Lesbian Love Story Takes Top Prize at Cannes
 Top Prize at Cannes Goes To... 

Top Prize at Cannes Goes To...

'La Vie D'Adele' ('Blue is the Warmest Color')

(Newser) - The Cannes Film Festival prizes have been announced, as selected by Steven Spielberg and his jury of actors and directors. Taking out the top prize, the Palme d’Or, was French film La Vie D'Adele (Blue is the Warmest Color) from Tunisia-born director Abdellatif Kechiche, reports the Hollywood Reporter...

Coen Brothers Creating TV Show

Filmmakers will have a television project for the first time

(Newser) - Good news for Coen brothers fans: Soon you won't even have to leave your house to get a fix. The Oscar-winning filmmakers are creating an hour-long TV series for Fox, according to the Hollywood Reporter . The single-camera comedy Harve Karbo will center on a Los Angeles private investigator, his...

Big Lebowski for Rent on Facebook

You can 'like' specific scenes and lines

(Newser) - It's now the easiest it's ever been to share your favorite The Big Lebowski quote with strangers. The Coen brothers' cult classic is available to rent on Facebook , where you can "like" and comment on specific scenes and lines as you progress through the movie, reports Mashable...

Coen Brothers' True Grit Is Pure Western Wizardry
Coen Brothers' True Grit
Is Pure Western Wizardry
movie review roundup

Coen Brothers' True Grit Is Pure Western Wizardry

Remake features a star turn by 13-year-old Hailee Steinfeld

(Newser) - True Grit, the Coen brothers’ latest, updates a John Wayne classic—though it may stick closer to the original novel than the first film. Critics are impressed, with the Rotten Tomatoes score currently at 95%:
  • In the New York Times , Manohla Dargis applauds the film’s 13-year-old star, Hailee Steinfeld,

Directors Who Should Go Sci-Fi
 Directors Who Should Go Sci-Fi 

Directors Who Should Go Sci-Fi

Coen brothers, Scorsese, Tarantino could give Cameron a run

(Newser) - With Avatar whipping up Oscar buzz for James Cameron, io9 nominates five great directors who could make magic with the “wondrous freedoms” available in the science-fiction genre:
  • Paul Greengrass: The man behind The Bourne Ultimatum thrives on a “mixture of chaos and intimacy”—perfect to document the

Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski ? You're in Luck
Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski? You're in Luck
get me REWRITE

Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski? You're in Luck

Retelling of Coen brothers cult classic has 'Knave,' not Dude

(Newser) - If “the Dude abides” isn’t Shakespearean enough for you, a young filmmaker has just the thing: Two Gentleman of Lebowski, a script that retells The Big Lebowski in a Bard-like fashion. So, instead of Walter saying the John Turturro character Jesus “served 6 months in Chino for...

New Lebowski Tome Worthy of the Dude
 New Lebowski Tome 
 Worthy of the Dude 
book review

New Lebowski Tome Worthy of the Dude

It's a little late, but the essays by college scholars come through

(Newser) - The Coen Brothers’ 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski has a growing body of critical literature to support it, though like the Dude, it moves at an abiding pace. Out now is The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies, a collection of papers from the Lebowski Fest in Louisville—in...

There Will Be Blood Best of the Best: Critics
 There Will Be Blood 
 Best of the Best: Critics 
best of the decade

There Will Be Blood Best of the Best: Critics

Eternal Sunshine and Lord of the Rings tie for second

(Newser) - Back in the day, P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood wasn't even unanimously considered the best film of 2007. But it comes out on top in Gawker 's aggregation of critics’ “Best Films of the Decade” lists, “its straw in the whole damn cinema’s milkshake....

Notable Golden Globes Snubs


Notable Golden Globes Snubs

Lee Daniels misses Best Director race, The Road shut out, and more

(Newser) - The Golden Globes are “as notable for the films and performances that members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association omit as for those that they celebrate,” writes Chris Lee in the Los Angeles Times , and yesterday’s nominations “had no shortage of surprising snubs.” Lee, and...

A Look Back at Movies of the '00s
 A Look Back at 
 Movies of the '00s 

A Look Back at Movies of the '00s

Which films will be remembered, and which ones deserve it?

(Newser) - The shifting sands of entertainment technology make a look at the past decade's movies a tricky proposition simply because standing the test of time means something different almost daily. "The possibility of a digital, on-demand afterlife guarantees at least a theoretically universal long-tail immortality to blockbusters and curiosities alike,...

Coen Brothers' Ad Knocks 'Clean Coal'

Filmmaking duo mock coal industry in ad for Al Gore green group

(Newser) - The Coen brothers chuck the notion of "clean coal" into the woodchipper in a new ad commissioned by Al Gore’s Reality Coalition, the Guardian reports. The ad, which the filmmaking duo directed for the anti-coal environmental group, features a salesman spraying black smog from a can marked "...

Lakeview Bullies Box Office
 Lakeview Bullies Box Office 

Lakeview Bullies Box Office

Samuel L. Jackson thriller beats Coen brothers for top spot

(Newser) - Samuel L. Jackson thriller Lakeview Terrace debuted at number one over a soft box office weekend, Variety reports. Banking $15.6 million, it ousted Burn After Reading ($11.3 million) and outpaced My Best Friend’s Girl ($8.3 million), Igor ($8 million), and Righteous Kill ($7.7 million). Ricky...

Burn Leads Box Office Boom

Comedy thriller records biggest opening ever for Coen brothers

(Newser) - The Coen brothers' Burn After Reading led an unexpectedly strong box office weekend by nabbing top spot with $19.4 million, Variety reports. With overall sales up 35% over this frame last year, Tyler Perry’s The Family that Preys took second with $18 million, followed by Righteous Kill ($16....

Coens Burn , But Not Brightly
 Coens Burn, But Not Brightly

Coens Burn, But Not Brightly

No Country follow-up funny, but not the brothers' best

(Newser) - Burn After Reading is your standard Coen Brothers comedy: It’s black, clever, and zany, and David Ansen writes in Newsweek that he “enjoyed just about every heartlessly jolly minute of it.” The film is nominally a spy/thriller spoof, its sidewinder plot involving airhead gym employees trying to...

Jones Sues for $10M in No Country Pay

Paramount hasn't coughed up promised bonuses, he argues

(Newser) - Actor Tommy Lee Jones has sued the producers of Oscar Award-winning No Country for Old Men for $10 million he claims is owed him. The suit charges Paramount Pictures failed to pay Jones a promised chunk of "significant box-office bonuses" and other compensation linked to the success of the...

Burn Flares Up, Flames Out
 Burn Flares Up, Flames Out 

Burn Flares Up, Flames Out

Critics love and hate new Coen brothers film with top-flight cast

(Newser) - Burn After Reading, a dark comedy about Washington bureaucrats and other buffoons, “tries to mate sex farce with a satire of a paranoid political thriller, with arch and ungainly results,” Todd McCarthy writes in Variety. The Coen brothers dial everything up to “an almost grotesquely exaggerated extent...

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