Leonardo da Vinci

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Man Walks Into Auction House With Long-Lost Da Vinci

'An exciting discovery'

(Newser) - A Metropolitan Museum of Art curator says that when she took her first look at a newly surfaced drawing that a Paris auction wanted a second opinion on, her heart started pounding and her eyes "jumped out of their sockets." Carmen Bambach, the Met's curator of Italian...

Scientists Have Big Plans for da Vinci's DNA ... If They Can Find It

His remains are believed to be in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert

(Newser) - It's a project scientists say Leonardo da Vinci would have loved. Researchers plan to sequence the DNA of the Renaissance genius to discover more about his amazing abilities, and possibly even what he really looked like, the Independent reports. Da Vinci, however, wasn't trapped in amber Jurassic Park-style,...

Da Vinci May Have Used Male Model for Mona Lisa

Androgyny a "longtime fascination" for painter, says art detective

(Newser) - The Mona Lisa is two-faced. At least that's what a self-proclaimed Italian art detective says. Silvani Vinceti says his research shows that Leonardo da Vinci used two models—one female and one male—to create the famous 16th-century portrait that hangs at the Louvre, the Guardian reports. "I...

Historians Say They've Found Leonardo da Vinci's Relatives

It only took 43 years

(Newser) - After four decades of searching, two Italian historians revealed 35 people likely to be living descendants of Leonardo da Vinci, the BBC reports. "Obviously I’m surprised, but happy," the Guardian quotes one such possible relative, architect Elena Calosi, as saying. "Who has not studied Leonardo or...

500-Year-Old Design Used to Build World's Longest Ice Bridge

The ice bridge should be strong enough to hold a 2-ton car

(Newser) - In a move Leonardo da Vinci would definitely think is pretty cool, 150 students and volunteers will be using one of the Renaissance master's old designs to create the world's longest ice bridge, Discovery News reports. Construction on the project—helmed by Eindhoven University of Technology in the...

Behind Mona Lisa's Smile: Another Woman?

Pascal Cotte used reflective light technology to analyze the paint layers

(Newser) - Will the real Mona Lisa please stand up—or at least send us a signal from within the paint layers? The art world is buzzing over a French scientist's claims that he discovered a portrait of another woman lurking beneath the top layer of the world's most famous...

Forger Claims 'Da Vinci' Work Is His Own Fake

Is that a noblewoman or Sally from the co-op?

(Newser) - It might be a da Vinci portrait of a 15th-century noblewoman. Or it might be a fake featuring a modern-day cashier named Sally. Or perhaps neither. Whatever the truth, a forger's "astonishing" claim in Britain has the art world buzzing, reports the Art Newspaper . The claim comes from...

Scientist Unlocks a da Vinci Secret

 Scientist Unlocks 
 a da Vinci Secret 
in case you missed it

Scientist Unlocks a da Vinci Secret

'The Lady with an Ermine' has 2 previous versions hidden beneath it

(Newser) - Among Leonardo da Vinci's most famous paintings is a portrait of a woman holding an ermine, but a new analysis shows there's a lot more to it than that. The portrait features Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of the "white ermine," as da Vinci patron the Duke...

Disappearing da Vinci Portrait's Savior: Scientists?

New technique allows them to quantify the damage

(Newser) - A Leonardo da Vinci portrait—thought to be a self portrait of the artist in his 50s—has been fading ever since it was first drawn with red chalk on paper in the early 1500s. Now, thanks to a new technique, scientists say they've been able to quantify the...

DNA Tests Begin in Quest for the Real Mona Lisa

Bones unearthed in Florence could belong to painting's model

(Newser) - A three-year quest that has put researchers on a path toward what they hope is the "real" face of the Mona Lisa winds closer to its conclusion: Silvano Vinceti says DNA tests have begun on a skeleton his team unearthed in July 2012 in Florence , in an effort to...

Next Step in Mona Lisa Quest: DNA Testing

Reconstruction of Lisa Gheradini's face may give clues about famed painting

(Newser) - Art history fans have a good reason to crack a smile: We're getting closer to determining whether Lisa Gherardini did indeed serve as the model for Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa, reports CNN . Researchers in Italy have been sorting through a set of exhumed bones —currently...

Art Group: This Is Young Mona Lisa

Swiss foundation says da Vinci painted two works, 10 years apart

(Newser) - The world has a second Mona Lisa painting by da Vinci to ooh and aah over, says a Swiss art group. The Mona Lisa Foundation asserted today that years of historical and scientific research proves that the artist painted two portraits of Lisa del Giocondo at different ages, about 10...

Mona Lisa&#39;s Bones Unearthed?
 Mona Lisa's Bones Unearthed? 

Mona Lisa's Bones Unearthed?

Team finds intact skeleton in former Florence convent

(Newser) - We may be getting a little closer to discovering the secret of Mona Lisa's smile. Experts on Tuesday unearthed an intact skeleton beneath the floor of a former convent in Florence, and say this one could indeed belong to Lisa Gherardini. The tomb hunters last year said they had...

On Da Vinci's To-Do List: 'Find Human Skull'

Never-before-seen page of notebook to go on display next month

(Newser) - A never-before-seen page of Leonardo da Vinci's famed notebook is set to go on display next month at the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace, and it represents an interesting look into the genius' mind—because it's his to-do list. Scholars believe the list was written right before...

Experts: We're Close to Finding Lost Da Vinci

Probers convinced Battle of Anghiari is hidden behind other painting in Florence

(Newser) - Indefatigable art experts believed they've discovered the location of a long-sought Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece hidden behind another painting in Florence. A California team searching for the masterpiece Battle of Anghiari are convinced it's painted on a wall of the Palazzo Vecchio—behind another painting by Giorgio Vasari....

&#39;Sister&#39; Mona Lisa Found
 'Sister' Mona Lisa Found 

'Sister' Mona Lisa Found

Experts believe copy was painted by artist working alongside da Vinci

(Newser) - A stunning art find means that we can now see what Mona Lisa really looked like, say experts at Madrid's Prado Museum. The museum's researchers found that a painting in its vaults long thought to have been just one of dozens of replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's...

At Louvre, a Brawl Over a da Vinci

Some argue Leonardo's masterpiece was 'overcleaned'

(Newser) - Who knew art historians could duke it out like this? The Louvre finds itself embroiled in a big brouhaha regarding its recent restoration of a Leonardo da Vinci painting. Two of France's preeminent art experts, who sit on the museum's 20-person committee tasked with overseeing art restoration, have...

Did 'Lost' Da Vinci Sell for Only $21K?

Mystery endures for portrait

(Newser) - Christie's auction house let a "lost" Leonardo Da Vinci portrait fly out the door for a mere $21,000, according to some art experts. The portrait was from a 500-year-old book about the duke of Milan and likely features an illegitimate daughter, according to Oxford art historian Martin...

Long-Lost Leonardo Painting Resurfaces

First major da Vinci discovery in a century

(Newser) - For the first time in a century, a major “new” Leonardo da Vinci piece has emerged. This time, it’s a painting called “Salvatore Mundi,” discovered in a private American collection and confirmed as the master’s work. It’s a long-missing painting that once belonged to...

Team to Unearth Bones... of Mona Lisa?

'CSI art researchers' aim to find out who she is once and for all

(Newser) - Florence researchers are about to excavate the bones of the woman they believe served as the model for Mona Lisa. Their hope is that facial reconstruction will prove once and for all if Lisa Gherardini was the subject of the Leonardo da Vinci portrait that has mesmerized viewers for centuries....

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