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Where's the Virus's 'Missing Link'? We're Still Looking

Researchers acknowledge it may never be found

(Newser) - We may never know exactly how the novel coronavirus, originating in bats, jumped into people. But it's likely that it was passed through another species, which is why the World Health Organization is calling for higher safety standards in the wild animal trade. Health experts have long associated the... More »

There's Good News and Bad News on Coronavirus

News cases are slowing, but deaths now exceed SARS outbreak

(Newser) - The number of new cases of coronavirus has fallen, in what the AP reports is a possible sign of containment. But with that glimmer of hope comes a grim milestone: the BBC reports that China's death toll from the virus rose on Sunday by 89 to 811—which puts... More »

New Virus Blamed for Mysterious China Outbreak

Chinese researchers say new coronavirus found in Wuhan patients

(Newser) - Health officials say SARS isn't the cause of a mystery illness that has sickened dozens of people in the Chinese city of Wuhan—but it may be a related virus. The World Health Organization says the viral pneumonia may be the result of a newly emerging coronavirus, a family... More »

China's Mystery Illness May Be 'Occurring in the Right Spot'

It's not SARS, officials have confirmed

(Newser) - A mystery illness that is striking China isn't SARS—but it's dredging up memories and fears of the deadly outbreak that began in 2002 and killed 800-plus people. As of Sunday , at least 59 people have come down with a pneumonia-like illness in the city of Wuhan... More »

Here's How Earth Could Really End: Scientists

Global warming, pandemic, fungus ... a not-fun time for everyone

(Newser) - From Planet of the Apes to After Earth, Hollywood has depicted Earth's demise many a time—but scientists' fears of planetary catastrophe are just as scary, LiveScience reports. Here are a few Doomsday scenarios as imagined by scientific minds:
  • Global warming: Scientists call this the biggest threat of all.
... More »

'SARS-Like' Virus May Be Deadlier Than SARS

Virus has killed 38 of its 64 victims worldwide

(Newser) - MERS-CoV is often referred to as a "SARS-like" virus , but maybe someday it'll be the other way around. MERS has an "extremely high" fatality rate, seemingly much higher than SARS, a team of infectious disease specialists said in a report yesterday. In April, Saudi hospitals saw 65%... More »

Deadly SARS-Like Virus Spreads to Another Country

As WHO warns virus is 'threat to the entire world'

(Newser) - MERS-CoV, the potentially deadly virus that spread from the Middle East to France last month , is now creeping further, with three cases reported in Italy this weekend. The patients, a 42-year-old woman, 45-year-old man, and 2-year-old girl, are said to be in stable condition. The man recently traveled to Jordan,... More »

Deadly SARS-Like Virus Turns Up in Europe

NCoV case diagnosed in France

(Newser) - A man in France has been diagnosed with NCoV, a deadly, newly discovered cousin of SARS and the common cold. The case represents a new frontier for NCoV, which until now has been confined to the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia bearing the brunt of it, CNN reports. French officials... More »

Of Dozen People With New SARS-Like Virus, 6 Dead

But threat remains low even after death of UK patient

(Newser) - A UK patient has died after being infected with a SARS-like virus, meaning 50% of the known victims of the disease have now died. But the BBC reports that even with the staggering mortality rate, the novel coronavirus isn't considered a major threat because it doesn't easily move... More »

New SARS-Like Virus Can Spread Person-to-Person

But doctors say coronavirus not dangerously infectious

(Newser) - Evidence is mounting that a new SARS-like virus identified in September may be capable of spreading in a person-to-person fashion, reports Reuters . The novel coronavirus, or NCoV, has now infected 11 people worldwide, killing five of them. Ten of those people had traveled to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or Pakistan,... More »

New SARS-like Virus Does Not Spread Easily: WHO

One person has been killed so far, another critically ill

(Newser) - Good news from the World Health Organization, which is still investigating a new SARS-like virus : It's not easily transmitted from one person to another. Scientists think the virus, which has killed one person and left another critically ill, developed from animals. No new cases have been reported since a... More »

WHO Finds New Virus Similar to SARS

But don't freak out yet, expert says

(Newser) - Time to panic? The World Health Organization says it has identified a new SARS-like virus, but an expert says there's no reason yet to worry. The new coronavirus—a family of viruses that includes both SARS and the common cold—was identified in a 49-year-old Qatari man who had... More »

Hong Kong Quarantines Entire Hotel

(Newser) - Hong Kong has quarantined an entire hotel after a guest was diagnosed with swine flu, the Wall Street Journal reports. The territory's chief executive said he opted to err on the side of caution in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease. Roughly 300 guests are trapped inside;... More »

College Kids Take Global Outlook to Class

Interest in public health leads to skyrocketing course enrollment

(Newser) - In less than a generation, college students' international perspective has transformed many colleges' public health-related programs and courses. The AIDS epidemic served as a catalyst by opening young people’s eyes to the global character of disease, and the ease of worldwide travel and communication is spurring involvement abroad. The... More »

Deadly Virus Hits Kids in China

EV71 claims at least 21 lives, mostly young children

(Newser) - Almost 3,000 children living in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui have been infected with a deadly intestinal virus. At least 21 children have died of Enterovirus 71, a highly contagious malady whose cause remains unknown, reports state-run media. Most of the victims have been children under the age... More »

Network Beams Dissidence Into China

Satellite TV station part of media blitz by outlawed Falun Gong

(Newser) - A US-based satellite TV station staffed mainly by members of spiritual movement Falun Gong is broadcasting a dissident message into China, the Wall Street Journal reports. With Falun Gong called an "evil cult" and outlawed by the Chinese government, its members have started New Tang Dynasty, a radio station,... More »

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