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Donations Overcome Theft of Children's Gifts

Salvation Army declares victory over Grinch

(Newser) - Northern New Mexico residents donated gifts and money after somebody stole a Salvation Army van loaded with $6,000 worth of toys for children, a Salvation Army official said Saturday. "The Grinch will not have this victory," Salvation Army Lt. Christopher Rockwell said, the AP reports. Business leaders...

Salvation Army Racism Guide Angers Some Conservatives

Some withdraw support after pamphlet advises against being 'colorblind'

(Newser) - The Salvation Army released some new literature in April about racism and not all of its donors are happy. The church and charitable organization’s new initiative comes with what it calls a “ voluntary discussion guide ” that bills itself as representative of the organization’s “desire for...

Ancient Coin Is Dropped in Salvation Army Kettle

And it's not the only gold coin to be given

(Newser) - The Salvation Army is celebrating after rare gold coins were dropped in bell ringers' kettles in three states. A one-ounce 1978 South Africa Krugerrand coin worth $1,600 was found wrapped in a $2 bill following a round of collecting at Casey's Foods in Naperville, Ill., on Tuesday, reports...

Chick-fil-A Halts Donations to 3 Christian Charities

Chain moves away from anti-gay marriage groups

(Newser) - Chick-fil-A is ending donations to three groups that oppose gay marriage in an effort to halt protests and broaden its customer base. But the move has angered some of the fast food chain's fans. The Atlanta-based company said Monday that starting next year, it will focus its giving on...

'Coin Crusader' Strikes Again at Salvation Army Kettle

For 4th straight year, someone drops price gold pesos into Florida donation drum

(Newser) - It's practically a tradition: Officials found gold coins among the donations in a Salvation Army kettle in Florida. A Sun Sentinel report says it's the fourth consecutive year that someone has dropped gold 1947 Mexican 50-peso coins into the kettle outside a store in Pompano Beach. The newspaper...

Single Coin in Salvation Army Kettle Was Worth $1.2K

Anonymous donor dropped it in SC kettle

(Newser) - An anonymous person dropped a single gold coin worth about $1,200 in a Salvation Army kettle in South Carolina. The 1-ounce South African Krugerrand was dropped into a Salvation Army kettle during a fundraising drive at a Walmart store in Tega Cay, the Herald reports. The coin will likely...

Huge Check in Kettle Stuns Salvation Army

Half a million dollars

(Newser) - An anonymous couple in Minneapolis just raised the bar in a big way for all those dropping spare change into Salvation Army kettles. They quietly dropped in a check for $500,000 outside a Cub Foods store, reports the Pioneer Press . "The check did clear and was deposited in...

'The Dress' Ad Goes Viral, Too
'The Dress' Ad
Goes Viral, Too

'The Dress' Ad Goes Viral, Too

Is Salvation Army message on domestic violence on target or too frivolous?

(Newser) - Last week's viral sensation— what color is the The Dress —is this week's viral ad. As you may have seen, the Salvation Army in South Africa piggy-backed on the dress meme to deliver a public service announcement about domestic violence, notes Mashable . "Why is it so...

Weird Kettle Donation: Gold Tooth

Salvation Army figures it might be worth $100

(Newser) - Someone dropped a gold tooth into a Salvation Army collection kettle in Kansas City, Mo. Spokesman Rick Carroll says he's found diamond rings, silver bars, and four-leaf clovers but has never heard of a tooth donation. He says the item could be worth $100 depending on the amount of...

Man Returns $125K So Grandkids Will Be Proud

Police officer says Joe Cornell is one in a million

(Newser) - Joe Cornell was volunteering on Tuesday at a Salvation Army in Fresno where he attends a rehab program when he noticed something a bit odd. A car had pulled up beside a Brinks truck that was stopped at a light and someone inside said something to its driver. Yet the...

Roommates Return $40K Found in Old Sofa

Cash was widow's life savings

(Newser) - A 91-year-old widow in New York state has been reunited with her life savings thanks to the honesty of three young roommates who found the cash in a beat-up sofa they bought from the Salvation Army. Months after buying the couch, the trio were astonished to discover $40,000 stashed...

Salvation Army Donation: Big Bag of Pot

Pennsylvania outlet working with police to find owner

(Newser) - How ... generous? An act of charity may end badly for one donor to a Pennsylvania Salvation Army outlet. Sugarcreek Borough police say they were called when workers found a large plastic bag of marijuana among some donated clothes earlier this week. Police Chief Matt Carlson tells the Oil City Derrick...

My Stint as a Transgender Bell-Ringer in Salvation Army

Jennifer Finney Boylan faces dilemma between group's work and values

(Newser) - The Salvation Army has, in recent years, made waves for anti-LGBT views, not least one rep's comment that gays "deserve death." Would the group tolerate a transgender woman taking up bell-ringing? Jennifer Finney Boylan tells her story in the New York Times . She opted to volunteer before...

Bell Ringer Helps Grandma, Thief Steals Donation Kettle

Well bah humbug to you too

(Newser) - Police say someone stole a Salvation Army kettle from a bell ringer who left his post to help a grandmother and her four grandchildren get through the double doors at a shopping mall in North Carolina. Winston-Salem police say bell ringer James Griffin III told them when returned from the...

Found in Red Kettle: Gold Coin Wrapped in $100 Bill

Salvation Army volunteers found donation, note

(Newser) - A gold coin worth $500 wrapped in a $100 bill has been found in a Salvation Army red kettle set up at an upstate New York shopping plaza. Officials with the Elmira Salvation Army tell the local Star-Gazette that the coin was donated anonymously Friday at the Village Plaza in...

Fed-Up Lady Calls Cops on Bell Ringer
 Fed-Up Lady 
 Calls Cops on 
 Bell Ringer 
...happy holidays?

Fed-Up Lady Calls Cops on Bell Ringer

Sarah Hamilton-Parker says Salvation Army ringers violate noise ordinance

(Newser) - Sarah Hamilton-Parker is sick of the Salvation Army bell ringers that set up shop outside the New Hampshire store where she works—so this year, she called the cops on the very first day of bell ringing. “I listen to this for 200 hours a year,” she tells...

Salvation Army Rep: Gays Should Die

Organization rejects official's statement

(Newser) - A Salvation Army official, charged with, of all things, media relations, has ignited a firestorm over the charity's stance on homosexuality: Appearing on an Australian radio show, Major Andrew Craibe was asked about a Salvation Army doctrine that decrees gays "deserve death." Responded Craibe in a story...

Charities Take Biggest Hit in 20 Years

Donations are down 11%, report finds

(Newser) - Charitable donations plunged 11% in 2009, the worst drop in 20 years, a new report has found. The Philanthropy 400, to be released today by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, found that even the country's top charities, such as the United Way and the Salvation Army, were hit hard by the...

Couple Busted After Finding, Keeping Suitcase Full of Cash

Australians charged with 'theft by finding,' kept $100K

(Newser) - Imagine this: You buy an old suitcase from the Salvation Army, get it home, and discover that it has $100,000 hidden in its lining. It’s your lucky day right? Well, not if you live in Australia. A Melbourne-area couple who found themselves in that situation have been arrested...

Salvation Army Major Killed in Front of His Kids

Police in Arkansas seek two men after Christmas Eve shooting

(Newser) - Police are looking for two men who shot and killed a Salvation Army major in front of his three young children outside the organization's community center in Arkansas. The men accosted Philip Wise and his children—ages, 4, 6, and 8—on Christmas Eve. One pulled a gun, demanded money,...

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