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MTV Names Post-Millennial Generation

Now we've got 'Founders' in the fray with baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials

(Newser) - Baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials looking for a new group to blame the woes of the world on, rest easy: Whether we wanted them to or not, higher-ups at MTV—or, rather, "arrogant marketing dolts at the increasingly irrelevant basic cable channel," as Don Kaplan writes for... More »

New GOP Super PAC Targets Young Voters

Crossroads Generation hopes to turn frustration into GOP gain

(Newser) - A new super PAC is targeting younger voters—but it's Republican, not Democratic. Crossroads Generation aims to tap into the frustration of young Americans fed up with poor job prospects, overwhelming student loans, and a weak economy. The new PAC is today launching a $50,000 social media campaign... More »

Say Hello to 'Generation C'

People 18 to 34 are 'connected,' says Nielsen

(Newser) - Nielsen wants "Generation C" to be the descriptor of choice for 18- to 34-year-olds, notes Mashable . Why is it better than "Generation Y" or "Millennials"? Because the "c" stands for connected, and Nielsen provides new stats today to bolster its case:
  • Gen C'ers make
... More »

The 9-to-5 Workday Could Soon Punch Out

Young workers are demanding flexibility

(Newser) - Show of hands, how many people are still clocking in at 9 and out at 5 every day? Well, you might be in the minority soon. In its annual list of top trends, communications firm Euro RSCG Worldwide is predicting that “Generation Y will upend the traditional workday, as... More »

Gen Y on Jobs: Facebook Access Trumps Fat Salary

40% of students would take less pay in exchange for social media freedoms

(Newser) - If you employ a lot of 20-somethings, don’t block their access to Facebook—they might revolt. Today’s young people value access to the Internet and social media extremely highly, according to a new Cisco report, which surveyed 1,400 students and 1,400 young professionals aged 21-29. Among... More »

Not Gen X or a Millennial? Hello, 'Generation Catalano'

'This micro-generation is hard to pin down': Doree Shafrir

(Newser) - Perhaps last week’s Generation X screed didn’t quite ring true to you—but neither did the article about the Millennial Generation that prompted it. If so, you might be a member of “Generation Catalano,” born during the Carter administration and forever stuck between two groups that... More »

Dear Millennials: Shut Up. Sincerely, Gen X

Generation X had it tough too: Mat Honan

(Newser) - Mat Honan has a message seemingly directed at the current generation occupying Wall Street and feeling sorry for itself: “Generation X is sick of your bullshit.” A recent New York article claimed this might be the first generation to end up worse off than its parents: “Please.... More »

Sorry, Grads: We've Taught You All Wrong

'Finding yourself' isn't step one

(Newser) - As another class graduates from colleges across America, David Brooks reflects on a generation “ill served by their elders”: We haven’t given them the skills to “navigate” an unpredictable world. “This year’s graduates are members of the most supervised generation in American history,” Brooks... More »

Welcome to the Real World; It Stinks

Class of 2010 has dim prospects and unrealistic expectations

(Newser) - A meeting with a childhood friend of his twentysomething son—an Ivy League grad making $250 a week as an intern with a street fair—got Joe Queenan thinking. His inescapable conclusion: the millennials are screwed. "With the obvious exception of youngsters born during the Great Depression," Queenan... More »

Spendthrift Generation Y: Screwed and Oblivious

Lost generation doesn't realize it's a loser

(Newser) - Economically, things are very, very bad for Generation Y, but the hipster cohort doesn't seem to have noticed. A whopping 37% of 18-to-29-year-olds are underemployed, the worst figure any age group has seen in over 30 years. Nearly 70% aren't building up a cash cushion, and they're drowning in credit... More »

Big Three See Bumpy Road With 20-Somethings

Demographic key to rebuilding for US automakers

(Newser) - Detroit automakers face a hard road when it comes to Generation Y—consumers aged 22-32 whose business is crucial to securing the firms' futures, BusinessWeek reports. Their boomer parents broke from tradition by shifting to Japanese cars, and Gen Y is following in those footsteps. Detroit “simply must do... More »

Meghan McCain: House Hunk Is GOP's Hope

(Newser) - Meghan McCain continues her Generation Y rebellion within the GOP with a blog on a hottie congressman she admits discovering from beefcake shots on TMZ. In her Daily Beast column, McCain sees 27-year-old Aaron Schock of Illinois as the party's best hope of reinventing its stodgy image. "Schock should... More »

Obama Signals End of Boomers' DC Reign

But at 47 he's too old for Gen X; seen as more of a bridge

(Newser) - Baby boomers will lose Washington next week to a new, more pragmatic generation. But which one that is seems up for debate, reports the AP. At 47, Barack Obama is a tad too young for boomers—whose partisan politics are informed by civil-rights marches and sexual liberation—but too old... More »

Why Gen Xers Hate Corporate Jobs

10 reasons you won't find Xers in an executive suite

(Newser) - Generation Xers don't seem to be clambering to the top of the corporate ladder in the numbers they should be—and many are turned off by corporate life altogether. BusinessWeek has 10 reasons why this might be so:
  1. Xers started their careers just as the economy went into its early
... More »

Philly Best for Young Grads

City of Brotherly Love has many of New York's charms—but at a big discount

(Newser) - Cheesesteaks aren’t the only things luring young people to the City of Brotherly Love, MSNBC reports. A survey by and Careerbuilder that factors in the cost of apartments, job opportunities, and the number of 20-somethings, puts Philadelphia—$962 for a one-bedroom compared with $1,520 in NYC—... More »

Author Just Talking 'Bout X Generation

'Ignored' demographic keeps 'everything from sucking,' book argues

(Newser) - Between the stuck-in-the-'60s boomers and their blog-happy offspring is a mighty yet forgotten generation, Jeff Gordinier writes in his new book, X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking. From less Dylan to more Cobain, the author wants the "dark-horse... More »

China Faces Baby Boomlet

Echoes of relaxed one-child rule, healthy economy will manifest soon

(Newser) - China is bracing for a bumper crop of babies as kids born after the relaxation of the strict one-child policy in 1984 start their own families, the London Times reports. Strict penalties still apply to couples with more than one child, but tradition-bound and wealthy Chinese can afford to pay... More »

Passé the Turkey

Increasing number of Gen-Yers aren't spending Thanksgiving with family

(Newser) - Don't expect the kids home for Thanksgiving. Young adults are increasingly spending the holiday with their buddies instead of their families, the Christian Science Monitor reports, due in large part to the longer distances between where Gen-Yers live and where they were raised. A 2006 poll found 8% of Americans... More »

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