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Not Only Can This Duck Talk—It Swears
Not Only Can This Duck
Talk—It Swears

Not Only Can This Duck Talk—It Swears

34-year-old recording of Ripper the Aussie musk duck has been unearthed: 'You bloody fool'

(Newser) - If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck but talks like a cranky Aussie, it's probably still a duck. At least that's the case with Ripper, the brash musk duck from the Canberra region that scientists claim has provided the first documented proof of the...

Cops: Ex-Students Use Bat to Put Duck 'Out of Its Misery'

19-year-olds charged with aggravated animal cruelty in Alabama

(Newser) - Former student baseball players at an Alabama community college are accused of pulling a duck from a campus pond and beating it with a bat. Following a party, Thomas "Landon" Grant and Jacob Frye allegedly beat the white Muscovy duck found on the campus of Central Alabama Community College...

Iraq Vet Cited Over His 14 'Therapy Ducks'

Ohio village has ordered him to get rid of them

(Newser) - A veteran who says he came home from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder and a major back injury is worried about losing the 14 ducks he has come to rely on. Darin Welker, 36, says the village of West Lafayette, Ohio, has ordered him to get rid of the ducks...

Man Swims Freezing Lake to Save Duck

Swedish 'friend of animals' spotted bird caught on hook

(Newser) - A Swedish man is being called a hero by some and a fool by others for risking his life to save a duck caught on a fishing hook. When he spotted the struggling bird, 38-year-old Kenth Rehn immediately stripped off and plunged into the lake, swimming 65 feet and returning...

Aflac Duck Finds New Voice
 Aflac Duck Finds New Voice 

Aflac Duck Finds New Voice

Dan McKeague of Minnesota replaces Gilbert Gottfried

(Newser) - After 11 years of being voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, the Aflac duck has a new man behind it: Dan McKeague, a radio ad sales manager from Minnesota. Gottfried was fired last month after making some ill-advised jokes about the Japan earthquake, and McKeague beat 12,500 people to replace the...

'Lough Ness Monster' Eating Brit Ducks

Mystery predator spooks visitors to English lake

(Newser) - Ducks are disappearing, pet owners are nervous, and anglers are excited at England's Stonebow Washlands. A mystery predator dubbed the "Lough Ness Monster" has been devouring waterfowl at the lake near Loughborough. Some believe the beast is a catfish, a pike, or even a mink. One witness says she...

Hunting Dog Steps on Gun, Shoots Master

Calif. man sustains minor injury when shot hits him in the back

(Newser) - A man out hunting with his dog got a small taste of how ducks must feel when the dog accidentally shot him. The hunter left his shotgun with his Labrador retriever and went to collect some decoy ducks he’d left about 15 yards away. The dog stepped on the...

Plucky Duck Thinks She's a Dog

'Hound duck' turns heads in British town

(Newser) - A duck who thinks she's a dog has been causing plenty of double-takes in Bournemouth, England, the Daily Telegraph reports. Nine-month-old Essy's owners say the duck wags her tail, tries to bark, and even goes on walks with the family's two Staffordshire terriers who are fiercely protective of their pal...

Polish Court: Go Ahead, Call Prez a 'Duck'

Twin pols railed against newspaper's rip on their name

(Newser) - Poland’s president and his twin brother, the head of the opposition party, called it slander when the press labeled them “ducks”—but a Polish court is letting it fly, Der Spiegel reports. The Kaczynski brothers' surname comes from the word for “duck,” and at first,...

Spill Hits Diving Duck Hardest
Spill Hits Diving Duck Hardest

Spill Hits Diving Duck Hardest

Migratory species accounts for one-quarter of dead birds in SF Bay catastrophe

(Newser) - A migratory duck already under environmental pressure has taken the brunt of the damage from the San Francisco Bay fuel spill, the AP reports. Of at least 1,365 dead birds, more than one-quarter are surf scoters, as are 40% of the birds being cleaned. "The oil spill just...

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