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Lego Just Solved Its Most Painful Problem

1.5K people will soon be able to painlessly step on its blocks

(Newser) - If you've ever muttered a few choice curse words after stepping on a Lego block—and who hasn't—you'll appreciate Lego's genius new product: protective slippers. Made as part of a holiday promotion from French advertising agency Brand Station, the slippers are the "ultimate gift"...

Lego Refuses to Sell Bricks to Dissident Artist

Ai Weiwei's supporters are sending him plenty

(Newser) - Lego's attempt to keep its products out of the hands of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has come down on it like a ton of bricks. After Ai announced in an Instagram post that the Danish company had refused to sell him Lego in bulk because they can't...

First Dane in Space Is Bringing Lego
 Why Lego Went to Space Today 

Why Lego Went to Space Today

26 figurines accompanied first Dane in space

(Newser) - It's one huge journey for a Lego man: Three astronauts blasted off for the International Space Station this morning, including Andreas Mogensen, who's now the first Dane in space. Lego is one of his country's most famous products and Mogensen is bringing 26 Lego figurines bearing the...

Now Hiring: Lego Professor —at Cambridge

Candidates should have experience in 'play'

(Newser) - It's a potentially enticing intersection of goofing off and prestige: University of Cambridge is hiring a new professor for this fall to direct its Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning. Or, as the Telegraph puts it, a "professor of Lego," courtesy of a $6....

Scientists Make a Robot With a Worm's 'Mind'

Lego invention moves without being programmed

(Newser) - They're not quite at the point where they can implant a human brain into a robot—but scientists have taken a step closer. They've simulated the simple and well-studied nervous system of the Caenorhabditis elegans roundworm and stuck it in a robot, the Smithsonian reports. First, they mapped...

Lego Is Biggest Toymaker in the World

Company overtakes Mattel, thanks in part to its movie

(Newser) - Barbies and board games will always have a place in the family rec room, but it's Legos that rule the roost. The Danish toymaker now ranks as the largest toymaker in the world in terms of revenue, beating out competitors Hasbro and Mattel for the top spot with an...

Woman Stole $60K Worth of LEGO Sets: Cops

Gloria Haas wanted to sell them on eBay, detectives say

(Newser) - A New York woman is charged with stealing 800 LEGO sets worth almost $60,000 and trying to sell them on eBay. Gloria Haas, of Island Park, was arraigned yesterday on charges of grand larceny. Nassau County detectives say the 53-year-old woman lifted the toy sets from a storage facility...

Coming Soon: Female Lego Scientists

Toy maker responds to criticism

(Newser) - Lego has apparently heard the criticism that its plastic universe is mostly a boys' club, and things will change this summer. A new line of figurines due out in August will feature a female chemist, paleontologist, and astronomer, reports Time . The set was suggested by a female geochemist in Sweden...

Huge Lego Tower Breaks World Record

Budapest swipes honor from the USA

(Newser) - Lego lovers will be stoked by this news: Budapest, Hungary, is now home to a 114-foot-tall Lego tower to rival the city’s most picturesque architecture, CNN reports. The Guinness Book of World Records has put its official stamp on the project, declaring the multi-colored structure—which features a profile...

Man Selling Lego Collection to 'Save His Marriage'

Swede says wife can't stand it

(Newser) - A Swedish man is offering his entire, 700-pound Lego collection—including advanced items like a remote-controlled excavator—for sale because his wife finally put her foot down, the Local reports. "The old bag" told him to ditch the set, he writes in an online ad. "You can make...

The Lego Movie Transcends Politics

 The Lego Movie 

The Lego Movie Transcends Politics

Because it's a giant ad: Noah Kristula-Green

(Newser) - The Lego Movie has garnered positive reviews from people all over the ideological spectrum, which is unusual in an era when "everything is politicized." Why the widespread approval? "What really makes the film work is that it represents the highest form of capitalist expression," writes Noah...

LEGO Movie &#39;s Reviews Are Shockingly Good
 LEGO Movie's Reviews 
 Are Shockingly Good 
Movie Review

LEGO Movie's Reviews Are Shockingly Good

Critics are overwhelmingly behind this zany cartoon

(Newser) - One of the best-reviewed movies of the last 12 months is an epic story about ... LEGO people? Believe it or not, The LEGO Movie is getting virtually unanimous critical praise—as of this writing it's at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes , with just one Top Critic offering a negative review....

Lego People to Outnumber Real People by 2019

Will total 8B by the end of the decade

(Newser) - Today's oddest factoid: There may be 7 billion humans on the planet, but by 2019 a species of tiny plastic people will outnumber even us: Lego figurines. Randall Munroe, the physics grad behind the webcomic xkcd , has compared Lego production forecasts with human population predictions to determine that by...

Today&#39;s Legos Are Angrier
 Today's Legos 
 Are Angrier 

study says

Today's Legos Are Angrier

Happy plastic faces on the decline: study

(Newser) - Lego characters, it seems, are no longer living in a state of bliss. Once, the figures wore uniform smiles, whether they were gas station workers or hospital patients. Today, however, life has gotten more complicated: Since the 1990s, the number of angry Lego faces has climbed while the number of...

LEGO Found in Boy's Nose ... 3 Years Later

Isaak Lasson had been suffering from mysterious sinus problems

(Newser) - Six-year-old Isaak Lasson has been dealing with sinus problems for the past three years, and doctors finally figured out why: He's had a LEGO piece stuck up his nose all that time. "I felt so bad," dad Craig Lasson tells . "He was sleeping with...

High-Tech Executive Accused of ... Lego Theft

Silicon Valley exec used his own bar codes at stores, say cops

(Newser) - Legos? The San Jose Mercury News weighs in with the tale of a Silicon Valley executive accused of using his high-tech skills to steal, yes, Legos. Lots and lots of Legos. Thomas Langenbach of software giant SAP allegedly created his own bar codes, then made the rounds of local Target...

Want to Copy Lego Launch? Not So Fast...

Weather balloons can pose danger to airplanes, officials advise

(Newser) - Lego men in space —like the one recently sent 14 miles above sea level by two Toronto teens—may be cool, but pilots have a warning for would-be copycats: Your weather balloon could endanger airplanes, reports the Toronto Star . Were a plane to fly into a large balloon,...

Teens Launch Lego Man Way, Way Up There

Video captures weather balloon flight above Earth

(Newser) - Two Toronto teens have launched a Lego Man to startling new heights: 14 miles above sea level, to be exact. Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad attached him to a weather balloon that soared about three times higher than your typical airliner. The 97-minute flight came down softly by parachute some...

Critics Bash Sexist &#39;Girly&#39; Legos
 Critics Bash Sexist 'Girly' Legos 

Critics Bash Sexist 'Girly' Legos

Critics call new Legos gender bias, a charge Lego execs deny

(Newser) - A new line of Legos made especially for girls just doesn't stack up for critics who complain the Lego Friends' line is needlessly gender-biased, reports the LA Times . With bright colors, stylish clothes, and slim female figurines, Lego Friends is facing online petitions and strong words from the International...

Giant Lego Man Washes Up in Fla.

 Giant Lego Man 
 Washes Up 
 in Florida 

Giant Lego Man Washes Up in Florida

And no, Lego is not behind it

(Newser) - Jeff Hindman was walking along Siesta Key Beach in Florida this month when he noticed a huge shape floating in the water. When he waded in, he found something decidedly odd—an 8-foot-tall, 100-pound fiberglass Lego man. “It doesn’t make sense,” Hindman tells the Herald Tribune . After...

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