Richard Gere

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Booming Brazil Nabs A-List Ad Campaigns

From SJP to Richard Gere, American stars making pitches in Rio

(Newser) - If you want proof that the Brazilian economy is on fire, look no further than the TV ads. While Sarah Jessica Parker professes her love for a Sao Paulo mall, Richard Gere promotes hair care products in dubious Portuguese. What's made the influx of American stars possible, writes Bloomberg, is... More »

China Protests Singe Torch Sponsor Lenovo

Computer maker invested $100M; 'didn't anticipate' brouhaha

(Newser) - Lenovo execs were hoping for some major branding momentum from winning the Olympic torch design competition—not to mention from plunking down some $100 million as sponsors of the 2008 Beijing Games. What they got was anti-China vitriol that has accompanied the torch around the globe, and a marketing campaign... More »

India Lifts Gere Kiss Warrant

Charges from smooch that scandalized India dropped

(Newser) - An Indian court has lifted an arrest warrant for Richard Gere issued last year after he publicly kissed a Bollywood star on the cheek, AFP reports. Outraged Hindus held rallies and burned Gere in effigy after he planted a few kisses on Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness rally. "... More »

Why a Kiss On the Lips (or Even the Hand) Can Still Stir Controversy

(Newser) - Richad Gere and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are hardly soulmates, but both got into trouble last week for kissing (not each other) in public. The actor was hanged in effigy by an angry mob for kissing a female Bollywood star during a charity event in India; the Iranian president  reprimanded by religious... More »

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