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We've Lost 68% of Wildlife Populations Since 1970
Nature Is 'Unraveling'
Before Our Eyes

Nature Is 'Unraveling' Before Our Eyes

It's time to overhaul our food system: WWF report

(Newser) - Nature is "unraveling" at a rate not seen for millions of years. That's according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund, which finds wildlife populations have fallen by an average of 68% since 1970. In Latin America and the Caribbean, populations have fallen by an average...

Investigation: WWF Bankrolls Rangers Who Torture and Kill

BuzzFeed says World Wildlife Fund turns blind eye to human rights abuses

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund, well-known for its work saving animals from the slaughter of poachers, is now facing allegations of abuse itself. BuzzFeed is out with the start of an investigative series alleging that the charity—one of the world's biggest—bankrolls forces who torture and kill humans in...

Pandas Now Off the Endangered List

They're now listed as 'vulnerable,' WWF says

(Newser) - The animal on the World Wildlife Fund 's logo now represents a rare and very welcome environmental success story. The group says the giant panda has been bumped down a notch in the Red List of Threatened Species and is now classed as "vulnerable" instead of "endangered,...

World Lost Half Its Wildlife in 40 Years

WWF finds decline is even worse than it thought

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund has improved its methods of measuring the world's wildlife populations—and discovered that the situation is even worse than previously thought. In its Living Planet report , the numbers are stark: Populations of vertebrate species—including mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles—fell by a staggering average...

'Asian Unicorn' Captured on Camera

It's the first sighting of the saola in Vietnam since 1998

(Newser) - One conservationist went so far is to call them "the most important wild animal photographs taken in Asia, and perhaps the world, in at least the past decade." That's because, captured in them, is an image of the "Asian Unicorn." That's the nickname given...

Worst for Wildlife: Vietnam
 Worst for Wildlife: Vietnam 

Worst for Wildlife: Vietnam

New WWF report ranks China second, Laos third

(Newser) - Rhinos, tigers, and elephants don't fare so well in Vietnam: The Asian country is the worst when it comes to wildlife crime, says the WWF in its first report on the matter. Rhinos are in danger there because citizens believe the horns have medicinal value; legalized tiger farms also...

Record Number of Rhinos Killed in S. Africa

Meanwhile, Interpol joins effort to save Asian tigers

(Newser) - Two stories of note on the wires about animal conservation:
  • Rhinos: Poachers have killed a record 341 rhinos this year in South Africa, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The horns fetch big money on the black market for use in traditional medicine or as ornamental daggers, reports the BBC

Wild Tigers Could Be Extinct in 12 Years

Population has dwindled to just 3,200

(Newser) - Tigers could vanish from the 13 countries where they still roam wild unless urgent action is taken to safeguard habitats and deter poaching, experts warned at a "tiger summit" in St. Petersburg today. In only 100 years, the tiger population has dwindled from an estimated 100,000 to about...

123 Quirky New Species Found in Borneo

World Wildlife Fund hails success of conservation project

(Newser) - A color-changing flying frog, a slug that fires "love darts" into potential mates during courtship, and the world's longest insect are among the 123 new species discovered in central Borneo over the last three years. The World Wildlife Fund has issued a report on the amazing finds to mark...

Earth Hour Under Way
 Earth Hour Under Way 

Earth Hour Under Way

Lights go out for an hour at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour is under way, with cities in Australia and New Zealand being the first to turn off the lights in main buildings and landmarks at 8:30pm local time. About 4,000 cities in more than 120 countries are expected to participate in the fourth annual event, reports AP...

Lights Go Out Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities across the world flick switches at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour returns tomorrow night, with cities across the world turning off the lights at 8:30pm local time. The annual event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund is in its fourth year and growing quickly. About 30 US state capitals are expected to take part, up from 8 last...

New Proposals Boost Hopes of Copenhagen Deal
New Proposals Boost Hopes of Copenhagen Deal
climate summit

New Proposals Boost Hopes of Copenhagen Deal

Negotiators appear ready to extend, build on Kyoto protocol

(Newser) - New draft proposals at the Copenhagen summit have renewed optimism that negotiators will find consensus on a substantial deal. One plan would renew and extend the Kyoto protocol—this time, presumably, with a US endorsement—which is set to expire in 2012. Another draft proposal, framed as a "Kyoto...

5 Years Until Climate Disaster, Warns WWF
 5 Years Until Climate 
 Disaster, Warns WWF 

5 Years Until Climate Disaster, Warns WWF

Checking global warming requires 'green revolution'

(Newser) - Disastrous climate change is inevitable unless the world begins cutting carbon emissions within the next five years, the World Wildlife Fund warns in a new report. Ahead of December's clutch Copenhagen summit, meant to forge a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, the fund repeats that global temperature rises could stay...

Wildlife Group Disowns 9/11 Ad
 Wildlife Group Disowns 9/11 Ad 

Wildlife Group Disowns 9/11 Ad

WWF actually rejected 9/11-themed advertisement

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund has been blasted for an ad bearing its logo that shows a slew of planes bearing down on New York City. The latest twist: WWF never authorized it. In fact, it's just a spec ad created by a Brazil agency that was quickly rejected by the...

'Tasteless' WWF Ad Exploits 9/11
 'Tasteless' WWF 
 Ad Exploits 9/11 

'Tasteless' WWF Ad Exploits 9/11

World Wildlife Fund uses attacks to prove environmental point

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund roars right into "tasteless" territory with a new ad that plays off the 9/11 anniversary, writes David Gianatasio in the AdFreak blog of Adweek. The print ad shows hundreds of planes converging on lower Manhattan with copy that reads: "The tsunami killed 100 times...

Fish Farms, Retailers Hatch Green Standards

Whole Foods leads way as aquaculture becomes eco-friendly

(Newser) - Supermarkets are tightening the net on farmed seafood products as demand for environmentally-friendly products grows, reports the Washington Post. Aquaculture now supplies more than half of America's rising demand for fish and shrimp and retailers are working with producers and green groups to make sure the farmed products are both...

Wildlife Populations Plunging
 Wildlife Populations Plunging 

Wildlife Populations Plunging

One of 'great extinction episodes in history' unfolding: report

(Newser) - Humanity is rapidly wiping out the planet's species, sending wildlife populations plunging, the BBC reports. Pollution, habitat loss, and overfishing have cut wildlife numbers as much as a third since 1970 and wipe out 1% of species each year. One of the "great extinction episodes" in Earth's history also...

World Will Dim Lights Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities will power off to call attention to global warming

(Newser) - Cities across the world will dim their lights  tomorrow night—temporarily darkening major landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney’s Opera House and Chicago's Wrigley Field—in an effort to raise awareness about energy conservation and climate change. Phoenix, Atlanta, and a dozen other US cities will join...

Endangered Tigers Fading Fast
Endangered Tigers Fading Fast

Endangered Tigers Fading Fast

Numbers plummet as WWF calls for quick action

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund has warned that the world's tigers are in grave danger of extinction, reports the BBC. Experts believe tiger numbers have fallen in half over the last 25 years to as few as 3,500 worldwide, the WWF said. The South China tiger and the Sumatran tiger...

Thugs Skin Tiger in China Zoo
Thugs Skin Tiger in China Zoo

Thugs Skin Tiger in China Zoo

Carcass of beheaded female discovered outside cage

(Newser) - Officials are searching for the thugs who skinned and beheaded a rare Siberian tiger at a zoo in central China. The female carcass—missing its head, legs and skin—was found outside its pen in Yichang City in Hubei province. Four homemade anesthetic rifles lay nearby. "It is highly...

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