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Inventor of One of World's Grossest Drinks Dies at 89
Pour One Out
for the Inventor
of the 'Sourtoe'

Pour One Out for the Inventor of the 'Sourtoe'

Capt. Dick Stevenson, who created popular cocktail with a toe floating in it, dies at 89

(Newser) - "I'm pretty sure I'm the only daughter in history that has to, following my dad's will, make sure that his toes are removed and dried." Dixie Stevenson explains why to the CBC : Her late father, Capt. Dick Stevenson, would like his digits used in the...

Man Donates Amputated Toe to Hotel Bar

It's another 'gross' garnish for the Sourtoe Cocktail

(Newser) - Nick Griffiths is understandably sad to have lost the big toe of his left foot to frostbite in an extreme winter marathon in the Yukon last year. But it's not goodbye forever. Now recovering at home in Bolton, England, the ex-British commando has sent his amputated toe to the...

Iowa Issues Warning to Cocktail Drinkers

That trendy Moscow Mule might pose a risk in copper mug

(Newser) - One of the most talked-about cocktails this week is the trendy Moscow Mule, but for all the wrong reasons. You can thank Iowa. The spate of headlines was kicked off by an official state health advisory warning that the drink, usually served in a copper mug, poses a health risk...

Drinker Steals Bar's Prized Pickled Toe

'What a low-life,' saloon's 'toe captain' says

(Newser) - The key ingredient in one of the world's weirdest cocktails is missing and a saloon in Canada's Yukon Territory wants it back. The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City says the Mounties are investigating the theft of a pickled human toe served in its "Sourtoe Cocktail," the...

Bartender Comes Clean About 'Historic' Louisville Cocktail

Oops! Adam Seger says the 'pre-Prohibition' drink isn't one

(Newser) - When Adam Seger was brought on as head of restaurant operations at the storied Seelbach Hotel (now the Seelbach Hilton) in downtown Louisville, Ky., he announced that he'd stumbled upon the recipe of a pre-Prohibition drink that used to be the hotel's signature drink and that he tried...

Get Ready for the $40K Cocktail

It comes with a 4-carat ruby

(Newser) - Want to impress your date? How about a $40,000 drink? The Ruby Rose cocktail will be available starting in June at a Kennebunk, Maine, restaurant and inn. The secret ingredient: a 4-carat ruby. The idea was a guest's joke, but the White Barn Inn decided to take it...

Women Attack India Bar Over 'Rapist' Cocktail

Women from the Nationalist Congress Party order protests

(Newser) - Rape is sort of a touchy subject in India right now, so promoting a new cocktail named "Balatkari" (meaning "rapist") probably isn't a great idea. But a Mumbai bar called Bonobo did it anyway, sparking a fierce protest from a group of women from India's...

Bloody Mary Gets a New Look
 Bloody Mary Gets a New Look 

Bloody Mary Gets a New Look

Baby tulips or beef jus, anyone?

(Newser) - Who says you can't put boiled shrimp and aged balsamic vinegar in a Bloody Mary? All over the country, the tried and true Sunday brunch companion and noted hangover cure is being redefined at the hands of avant-garde chefs, the Wall Street Journal reports. Traditionally a mix of tomato...

Shaken, Stirred, or ... Aged in a Barrel?

Bartenders borrowing the principle for cocktails, too

(Newser) - The New York Times declares a trend in the bartending world: barrel-aged cocktails. Barkeeps across the country are applying the same principle that works on whiskey to their concoctions, writes Robert Simonson. It's as simple as it sounds: Make up a batch, stick it in a barrel for about six...

Enough With the Fruity Martinis
 Enough With the 
 Fruity Martinis 

Enough With the Fruity Martinis

Martinis are about simplicity and sophistication, not... apples

(Newser) - Listen up yuppie bar-goers of America, this is the recipe for a martini: gin, dry vermouth, and maybe some olives or a lemon peel twist. That’s it. The apple-tinis, lemon-tinis, and prickly pear-tinis that young people have been quaffing in recent years just don’t sit well with NPR...

Beer Cocktails? Cheers!
 Beer Cocktails? Cheers! 

Beer Cocktails? Cheers!

Porters, ales, stouts, pilsners all OK with a little mixing

(Newser) - The week of St. Patrick’s Day is always big on the drinking front, and perhaps you’re ready for something other than plain old beer. Esquire suggests some beer-based cocktails:
  • Porteree: Take a quarter-pint of porter, add superfine sugar, then fill with ice before topping off with more porter.

Sully Gets His Own Cocktail
 Sully Gets His Own Cocktail 
Flight 1549 Anniversary

Sully Gets His Own Cocktail

It's a Manhattan with a splash, get it?

(Newser) - Today’s the first anniversary of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III’s death-defying Hudson River landing, and if you’d like to raise a glass and celebrate, here's just the thing. Renowned cocktail inventor Dale DeGroff whipped up a cocktail formula worthy of Sully’s name, and the New York ...

5 Booze Trends for the 2010s
 5 Booze Trends for the 2010s 
drink up!

5 Booze Trends for the 2010s

Expect your cocktails to be herbal, matched with food, and cold

(Newser) - Absinthe and other speakeasy libations are so last decade. Now that craft cocktails are mainstream, what will the next 10 years bring to the hottest watering holes? Derek Brown of the Atlantic looks into his crystal ball:
  • Food pairings: They're not just for sommeliers anymore. "Expect to see cocktails

New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry
 New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry 

New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry

Don't just cook with it; mix a drink with it

(Newser) - After decades relegated to a spot in the cooking aisle, sherry is making a comeback. The Spanish fortified wine is becoming a trendy cocktail ingredient, especially in Los Angeles, the Times reports. The drinks can get pretty swanky—one involves gold dust; another, reportedly loved by Frank Sinatra, flamed orange...

Gossip Girl Puts Another Nail in Speakeasy's Coffin

A good cocktail is timeless; this trend is not

(Newser) - Not even a month after one mag wished for the speakeasy trend to die, Gossip Girl (yes, a show about high school and college kids, but that’s another topic) is pounding another nail in the cocktail conceit, Derek Brown writes. With one of the show’s characters opening a...

J.Lo Cooks Up Dinner Party for Sotomayor

Lopez, Marc Anthony host new Supreme Court Justice at their LI home

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony honored Sonia Sotomayor’s achievement as the first Latina Supreme Court Justice with a dinner party last night, Gossip Cop reports. The couple had Sotomayor and about a dozen guests—“mostly political types,” the site says—over for cocktails and dinner at their...

Beer's New Role: Cocktail Mixer
Beer's New Role: 
Cocktail Mixer 

Beer's New Role: Cocktail Mixer

New drinks throw away rules about mixing alcohol

(Newser) - The days of keeping your beer and liquor separate are over, with bartenders crafting crossover drinks that mix beer with other spirits—even wine. “Other countries have been doing this for a long time,” one beer connoisseur tells the New York Times. Creations range from the “Muddy...

Local Food's New Apostles: Bartenders, Er, 'Bar Chefs'

(Newser) - The affinity for fresh, local produce in US restaurants has spilled out into the bar, USA Today reports. Many mixologists—or the new term of art, “bar chefs”—are starting their days scouting farmers markets instead of ordering syrups. “The flavor in the produce is not only...

Designer Cocktails Call for Designer Ice

(Newser) - Innovation in cocktails has spread to their simplest component, the Globe and Mail reports—ice. “Ice is the equivalent to a stove for a chef,” says one bartender whose watering hole boasts three kinds of frozen water. Another Canadian bar produces seven varieties for different drinks. Mixologists use...

How to Make a Real Old-Fashioned
 How to Make a Real 

How to Make a Real Old-Fashioned

(Newser) - Esquire adds to its everything-a-man-must-know lessons with a primer on the Old-Fashioned, which is nothing less than the “Fender Strat of cocktails” because it “embodies the classic American combination of offhand style, swagger, and micrometer engineering,” writes David Wondrich. At its heart is good old American whiskey—...

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