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Vancouver Body Parts ID&#39;d as Magnotta Victim
 Vancouver Body Parts IDed 

Vancouver Body Parts IDed

Teacher suspended for showing class murder video

(Newser) - A hand and foot received in the mail by two schools in Vancouver last week have been identified as those of Lin Jun, a Chinese student believed to have been murdered by porn actor Luka Magnotta. Only his head is still missing, and investigators suspect it may also have been...

Magnotta Posted YouTube Vids Before Bust

Vancouver body parts linked to Montreal suspect

(Newser) - Attention-craving murder suspect Luka Magnotta posted three videos to YouTube while he was the target of an international manhunt. The Canadian porn actor—who was arrested while reading about himself in a Berlin Internet cafe—says "Hi to all my fans!" in one video, reports the New York ...

Human Hand, Foot Sent to Vancouver Schools

Cops suspect body parts belong to Magnotta victim

(Newser) - A human hand and foot were received by two schools in Vancouver yesterday, and police suspect there's a link to the gruesome Luka Magnotta case. The Canadian, who was arrested in Berlin earlier this week, is believed to have murdered and dismembered a man in Montreal before sending one...

US Fighter Jets Scrambled Over Korean Air Bomb Threat

Second warning in two days to same flight

(Newser) - A Korean Air flight from Vancouver to Seoul was forced to make an emergency landing at a Canadian Air Force base after someone called in a bomb threat yesterday, reports the CBC . The flight, which was carrying 134 passengers, was accompanied by American F-15 fighter jets as it rerouted to...

Miss Universe Execs Boot Transgender Contestant

Jenna Talackova not 'naturally born female' as rules require

(Newser) - Jenna Talackova might look like a babe, but that's not what it says on her birth certificate, so she's getting the boot from Canada's Miss Universe pageant. The transgender contestant from Vancouver might be a "real girl" now, say officials, but pageant rules require that each...

Accused LA Arsonist Eyed in Vancouver Fires

Canada rejected Burkhart's claim for refugee status

(Newser) - Cops in Vancouver are wondering whether accused Los Angeles firebug Harry Burkhart hates Canadians as much as he hates Americans . Burkhart and his mother lived in the city before moving to LA, and Canadian police now suspect him of involvement in at least a dozen unsolved property arsons in Vancouver,...

Occupy Vancouver Woman Dies
 Occupy Vancouver Woman Dies 

Occupy Vancouver Woman Dies

She's found in tent unresponsive after suspected OD

(Newser) - An Occupy Vancouver tent city resident has died of a suspected drug overdose, and the city's mayor is calling for the encampment to be shut down. A woman in her 20s was found unresponsive in a tent and rushed to a local hospital over the weekend, but died shortly...

Melbourne Ousts Vancouver as Top Place to Live

Australia and Canada dominate the list

(Newser) - Dear readers, we have a question for you: Why don’t you live in Canada or Australia? Because apparently those are the world’s bestest places to live, according to an annual study from the Economist Intelligence Unit , which rates cities from around the world based on factors like political...

Vancouver to Give Out Crack Pipes

Would join Calgary, Winnipeg in practice

(Newser) - Vancouver is upping the ante in its efforts to fight the risks of crack addiction: The city will soon give out free crack pipes to users. Officials hope the plan will help prevent the spread of diseases through shared pipe use and will allow health authorities to reach out to...

Video Shows Cops Shoving Kissing Couple

Proves Vancouver riot moment wasn't staged

(Newser) - It certainly wasn’t staged: New video has emerged showing the moments leading up to the now-legendary kiss at the Vancouver riots—and it’s clear that police knocked the couple down, hovered briefly over them, and moved on. The video shows a distraught Alexandra Thomas being comforted by Scott...

Vancouver Kissers Seek Endorsements

And perhaps some standup comedy gigs

(Newser) - Lesson learned from the Vancouver riots: It pays to make out in the middle of the street. At least that’s the case for Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas, the couple who made their name by doing so. (Jones says he gave Thomas a kiss to comfort her after she...

Vancouver Cops Turn to Facebook to ID Rioters

'Let's label these losers,' Facebook group asks

(Newser) - Vancouver police trying to track down the people who trashed their city have a powerful tool on their side that wasn't around during the 1994 Stanley Cup riot. A Facebook group set up within minutes of the trouble beginning encourages people to help police by posting their pictures of...

What&#39;s With the Riot Kiss?
 What's With 
 That Riot Kiss? 

What's With That Riot Kiss?

Time stood still for couple in apparent lovers' embrace amid chaos

(Newser) - The earth moved for two apparent Vancouver lovers, but it wasn't because of the riots. Though the city went completely bonkers when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup, the two were captured in a photo locked in "The Kiss" that has captivated the public. Bizarrely, the pair's...

Thousands Join Vancouver Cleanup

City pitches in to scrub riot damage away

(Newser) - The sun had barely risen over the aftermath of the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver before the first of thousands of volunteers arrived to help clean up their city. People who arrived with gloves, brooms, and garbage bags said they wanted to do their part to restore Vancouver's good...

Shame on You, Vancouver

 Shame on You, Vancouver 

Shame on You, Vancouver

Hockey riots mar a world-class city: Helene Elliott

(Newser) - Vancouver's police chief is blaming "anarchists and criminals" for the violence that erupted last night after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup, reports the Vancouver Sun . Some numbers from AP : 100 arrests, 150 injuries requiring hospital treatment, 15 burned cars, 9 injured cops, three stabbing victims, and scores...

Vancouver Erupts in Rioting After Canucks Lose

Fans go on rampage as Bruins lift Stanley Cup

(Newser) - Hockey fans enraged by the Canucks' 4-0 home loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals went on a rampage in downtown Vancouver. The mood turned ugly downtown as some 100,000 fans watched the game's final minutes at bars and restaurants, and on...

Scientists Find Bedbugs Carrying Nasty Surprise

Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria found on bedbugs in Vancouver

(Newser) - Hate insects? Afraid of germs? Researchers are reporting an alarming combination: bedbugs carrying "superbug" germs. Canadian scientists detected drug-resistant MRSA bacteria in bedbugs from three hospital patients from a downtrodden Vancouver neighborhood. The study is small and very preliminary: Five bedbugs were crushed and analyzed after a simultaneous boom...

Comic Must Pay $16K for Lesbian Insults: Court

Jokes during amateur's show were discriminatory, says victim

(Newser) - A Canadian human rights tribunal has ordered a stand-up comedian to pay a woman $15,700 after he insulted her and her partner at a show. Lorna Pardy says amateur comic Guy Earle discriminated against her based on gender and sexual preference, the Vancouver Sun reports. The owner of the...

World's Most Liveable City Is...
 World's Most Liveable City Is... 
in case you missed it

World's Most Liveable City Is...

Vancouver, for the fifth straight year

(Newser) - Looking for a new place to hang your hat? Consider Vancouver, which tops the list of the world’s most liveable cities for the fifth year running, Reuters reports. The annual survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks cities on stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure, and...

Facebook Photos Lead to Arrests in Gang Rape at Party

Canadian police bust teen who may face child porn charges

(Newser) - After Facebook photos of a brutal gang rape at a party went viral, police have made two arrests and are calling for a halt to the sharing of the images, which have been "spreading like wildfire," the lead investigator tells the Vancouver Sun . "The very public discussion...

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