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'Dragon Booger' Emerges From Lost Lagoon

It's the first time bryozoans have been seen in Vancouver

(Newser) - Pectinatella magnifica, a water-dwelling blob, has long confounded scientists trying simply to categorize them. The brown-green snotty lumps are called bryozoans, and sometimes "moss animals," "dragon boogers," and "ectoprocta," which means, "anus outside," reports Popular Science . The blobs, which are actually whole...

Knife-Stealing Crow Wreaking Havoc Again

This time Canuck attacked a mail carrier

(Newser) - It’s been awhile since Canuck stole a knife from a crime scene, so perhaps boredom had set in. Or perhaps the crow just has a taste for blood. Either way, the local celebrity in Vancouver, Canada, shut down mail service to several addresses in the city for more than...

Smart Thinking Saves Pet Rat After Heroin Overdose

Snuggles recovering after her overdose

(Newser) - The heroin epidemic has made its way to Vancouver, British Columbia, and even the rats are being felled. In the case of Snuggles, a pet rat rushed into the Overdose Prevention Society on Sunday, volunteers were actually able to save her life after a quick-thinking pharmacy student administered naloxone (aka...

Tragedy on Canadian Mountain: 'I Think Your Friends Have Fallen'

5 hikers fall 1.6K feet to death after Mount Harvey snow overhang collapses

(Newser) - When a hiker who'd fallen behind five of his friends on Vancouver's Mount Harvey got to the summit on Saturday, he expected to find them waiting for him. But in a horrific ending to his climb, he instead found another hiker not with his group, who told him,...

Pub Irritates 'Entire Country' With 'Sacrilegious' Beer Pour

You just don't do that to a Guinness, Vancouver's Railtown Cafe has discovered

(Newser) - There are plenty of online resources for those looking to pour a perfect pint of Guinness this St. Patrick's Day, but it doesn't appear anyone behind the bar at Vancouver's Railtown Cafe did their due diligence. Per the CBC , the Canadian pub decided to advertise its celebrations...

10 Best Cities for Students
10 Best Cities for Students

10 Best Cities for Students

After 5 years on top, Paris is dethroned

(Newser) - A French city has been replaced by a French Canadian one at the top of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking , a list of the best cities in the world for international students, based on university rankings, employment, affordability, and—for the first time this year—student opinions. To be...

Moby Dick Restaurant's 'Offensive' Name Spawns Suit

Building council objects to eatery's moniker and logo

(Newser) - Maybe if they had just called it Ishmael, none of this would have happened. A British Columbia company has filed a lawsuit against a building council that refuses to let it lease a unit it owns to a Moby Dick Restaurant fish-and-chips franchise in part because the second word in...

Bird Takes Off With Knife From Crime Scene

 Bird Takes Off 
 With Knife 
 From Crime 

Bird Takes Off With Knife From Crime Scene

Cops had to chase city's 'most notorious crow'

(Newser) - The CBC describes Canuck as "Vancouver's most notorious crow," and it's not hard to see why: After cops in the Canadian city shot and injured a man who confronted them with a knife on Tuesday, a crow believed to be Canuck—because of a distinctive red...

Rubio's Patriotic Ad Actually Shows Canada

'It's morning again in America,' or maybe not

(Newser) - Marco Rubio can't seem to catch a break . Over the weekend, the Republican contender shared a new ad, "Morning Again," which appears to be a bleaker play on Ronald Reagan's 1984 "Morning in America" ad. It opens with a boat passing through a harbor as...

The 5 Most Livable Cities in the World

Head for Australia (Melbourne is No. 1), Canada, or Austria

(Newser) - "Civil unrest, acts of terror and violence" around the world are compromising the livability of cities around the globe, per a new ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit that surveyed 140 cities. The report notes even cities in North America have suffered, some from the turmoil caused by the...

Scientists Find Planet's Most Polluted Bird

Cooper's hawk found with higher levels of flame retardants than any other

(Newser) - The Vancouver area is home to what is thus far known to be our planet's most polluted wild bird. Researchers studying the livers of local birds of prey found that the Cooper's hawk was tainted with polybrominated diphenyl ethers, chemicals that function as flame retardants. Of the 13...

Only Woman on US Marshals' Most-Wanted List Is Busted

Janet Killough Barreto was on lam for 5 years

(Newser) - Janet Killough Barreto, who apparently adopted multiple kids from Central America in the mid-2000s, was ultimately accused of abusing one of them to death and released on bond, reports the Columbian . But she was a no-show at her 2009 trial to face charges of manslaughter, child abuse and neglect, and...

Canada Teaches Alcoholics to Make Their Own Beer

Program aims to steer users away from toxic drinks

(Newser) - Another innovative harm-reduction strategy from the Vancouver group that introduced crack pipe vending machines : Brewing lessons for hardened alcoholics. The Portland Hotel Society, which works to help addicts and the mentally ill in the Canadian city, says the aim is to steer extreme alcoholics away from more dangerous substances like...

Oh, Canada: Vending Machines Hawk Crack Pipes

Nonprofit tries to boost health of Vancouver users

(Newser) - A pair of jaunty, polka-dotted vending machines in Vancouver are selling something unusual: Crack pipes for a quarter. They have been installed to make sure addicts have a cheap, reliable source of pipes. "They don’t run the risk of then sharing pipes, or pipes that are chipped or...

Vancouver Bans ... Doorknobs?
 Vancouver Bans 
 ... Doorknobs? 
in case you missed it

Vancouver Bans ... Doorknobs?

Levers make life easier for the elderly, disabled

(Newser) - Vancouver is taking the lead in getting rid of something that many people didn't realize was problematic: the lowly doorknob. The city has already replaced knobs with levers—which are much easier for elderly or people with disabilities to operate—in public buildings, and the city's building code...

George Takei: Forget Russia Homophobes, Yank Olympics

Petitions to move Games back to 2010 host Vancouver

(Newser) - George Takei is fed up with Russia's anti-gay policies , but a boycott of Russian vodka —or even of the 2014 Sochi Olympics—isn't the way to make change. Rather, Takei wants to strip Russia of its Games and send them to Canada. In a blog post Tuesday,...

4 Men to Travel Northwest Passage —by Rowboat

Canadians hope to make a point about global warming

(Newser) - Arctic adventurers of yore probably never imagined a day when a few guys in a rowboat could traverse the Northwest Passage. But that's exactly what four Vancouver residents plan to do over a 75-day span this summer, reports the Toronto Globe and Mail . Their 1,900-mile journey is being...

Vancouver Body Parts ID&#39;d as Magnotta Victim
 Vancouver Body Parts IDed 

Vancouver Body Parts IDed

Teacher suspended for showing class murder video

(Newser) - A hand and foot received in the mail by two schools in Vancouver last week have been identified as those of Lin Jun, a Chinese student believed to have been murdered by porn actor Luka Magnotta. Only his head is still missing, and investigators suspect it may also have been...

Magnotta Posted YouTube Vids Before Bust

Vancouver body parts linked to Montreal suspect

(Newser) - Attention-craving murder suspect Luka Magnotta posted three videos to YouTube while he was the target of an international manhunt. The Canadian porn actor—who was arrested while reading about himself in a Berlin Internet cafe—says "Hi to all my fans!" in one video, reports the New York ...

Human Hand, Foot Sent to Vancouver Schools

Cops suspect body parts belong to Magnotta victim

(Newser) - A human hand and foot were received by two schools in Vancouver yesterday, and police suspect there's a link to the gruesome Luka Magnotta case. The Canadian, who was arrested in Berlin earlier this week, is believed to have murdered and dismembered a man in Montreal before sending one...

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