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Obama Ready to Cut Nukes Again

President issues nuclear warnings to North Korea, Iran

(Newser) - President Obama still thinks we could stand to get rid of a bunch of our nukes, and has promised a renewed effort to cut American and Russian nuclear arsenals following 2010's START treaty . "We can already say with confidence that we have more nuclear weapons than we need,... More »

Medvedev: Annan Syria's 'Last Chance'

Russia backs UN envoy as only way to avoid war

(Newser) - Russian President Dmitri Medvedev today got definitively behind Kofi Annan's mission to end the yearlong violence in Syria, reports Reuters , calling it the " last chance for Syria to avoid a long-lasting and bloody civil war." Medvedev met with Annan, the UN envoy to Syria today in Moscow,... More »

Medvedev Rips 'Provocateurs, Extremists'

President offers some reforms, but opposition says not enough

(Newser) - Outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev used his final state-of-the-nation address today to offer reforms in the wake of the massive protests and upheaval that have gripped the country since the Dec. 4 parliamentary elections , but he also railed against the "provocateurs and extremists" who threaten stability, reports the AP... More »

Kremlin Tries to Calm Protesters

Medvedev writes conciliatory note on Facebook

(Newser) - Russian leaders are swiftly trying to ease tensions over national elections that have sparked massive demonstrations in Moscow and around Russia, the Guardian reports. "We respect the point of view of the protesters," said a rep from Prime Minister Putin's office. "We will continue to listen... More »

Ruckus Erupts After Raunchy Medvedev Tweet

Prez allegedly called jailed activist a 'sheep' with an affinity for...

(Newser) - Well, this isn't very presidential: Dmitry Medvedev appeared to retweet a disparaging remark against jailed opposition activist Alexei Navalny shortly after riot police stopped a second post-election protest Tuesday night. "Today it became clear that a person who writes in their blog the words 'party of crooks... More »

Putin Officially Running for Prez

United Russia party nominates him to run in March elections

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has decided that he'd like to be Russia's top dog again, so his United Russia party today obliged him by formally nominating him to run for president in March's elections. Pooty-poot, who has relegated himself to the No. 2 prime minister job since 2008, has... More »

Russia Threatens to Aim Missiles at NATO Shield

Medvedev also says he'll back out of the START treaty

(Newser) - Russia is once again making noise about NATO's plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Dmitry Medvedev warned that Russia would deploy new missiles and aim them at the shield installations today, in a harshly-worded statement that the AP sees as an attempt to rally domestic... More »

Medvedev: Putin's More Popular Than I Am

Russian prime minister says he's no seat-warmer

(Newser) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev insists he's no seat-warmer for Vladimir Putin, the BBC reports. In a Russian TV interview shot today, Medvedev says he's letting Prime Minister Putin run for president in the next election because Putin is more popular. "Prime Minister Putin is now unquestionably the... More »

Tyrant Putin's Return Bad News

He's made Russian elections a farce

(Newser) - The editors of the Washington Post congratulated Vladimir Putin today “on his exciting, come-from-behind victory to become Russia’s next president ,” won after a brilliant and moving electoral campaign. “Oh, no, wait. That’s not how things work in Russia today. Actually, the story is simpler: Vladimir... More »

Putin Will Run for President: Medvedev Stepping Aside

He will likely lead Russia through 2024

(Newser) - He wasn't honing his image as an oh-so-buff Renaissance man for nothing: Vladimir Putin will again run for president in Russia next year, and the odds are that he will lead the nation through 2024, reports the Guardian . Current President Dmitry Medvedev ended months of Kremlin speculation today with... More »

Russia TV Edits Out Medvedev Dance Parody

Kremlin says it had nothing to do with decision

(Newser) - In the annals of Russian censorship, this barely makes a ripple. But it's a great excuse to run video of Dmitry Medvedev grooving at a college reunion. The video went viral in Russia when it first surfaced, and a comedy troupe recently won top prize in a TV competition... More »

Medvedev: To Combat Alcoholism, Let's Drink Wine

'Alcohol abuse stem from other drinks,' he says

(Newser) - In order to combat alcoholism, Dmitry Medvedev would like Russia to push people to drink more wine. That is not a joke ... and neither is Russia's battle with alcoholism . Medvedev believes that encouraging people to put down the vodka bottle and pick up a nice chardonnay is one way... More »

Kim Jong Il Enjoys 'Fun Trip' to Russia

It's trains, yachts, and limos for North Korea's aerophobic leader

(Newser) - So what did the Kim Jong Il think of his multi-day journey from Pyongyang to a small Siberian town on a custom-built, armor-plated train to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev? "We're having a fun trip," said the aerophobic North Korean leader. In his first visit to... More »

Kim Jong Il in Russia, Seeking Aid

Korean will meet with Medvedev on weeklong visit

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il arrived in Russia's Far East today and will meet with President Dmitry Medvedev during a visit expected to last a week, the Kremlin said. It is Kim's first trip to the country in nine years and a further sign of Pyongyang's... More »

Children's Bodies Found in Volga River Disaster

About 50 people, mostly children, discovered in interior room

(Newser) - A tragic confirmation from the Russian Volga river disaster : Divers searching the sunken cruise ship discovered the bodies of about 50 people, mostly children, in one of the ship's recreation areas. The children were known to have been brought to the interior area minutes before the ship went down... More »

Cruise Ship Catastrophe Death Toll Hits 100

Including many, many children

(Newser) - The death toll from the sinking of a Russian cruise ship in the Volga River has ballooned to more than 100, and a great many of those were children. Minutes before the boat sank, the children had been brought together in an interior play area, the New York Times reports,... More »

Russia Does About-Face, Says Gadhafi Must Go

Medvedev affirms at G8 summit as NATO raids intensify

(Newser) - The news got even worse for Moammar Gadhafi today: Longtime ally Russia looks to be cutting ties, reports the Guardian . "He should leave," Dmitry Medvedev said at today's G8 summit in France. "I proposed our mediation services to my partners. Everyone thinks that would be useful.... More »

Cracks Form in Putin-Medvedev Partnership

Lower-ranking politicians fired as tensions flare ahead of Russian election

(Newser) - After three years of relative harmony, cracks are emerging in Russia’s dual leadership ahead of this year’s presidential elections—and the country’s elite has “spent the whole last month on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” unsure who to support, wrote a Russian economist. Divisions... More »

Medvedev Cuts a Move to 'American Boy'

Get down, Dmitry

(Newser) - Look out, Michael Jackson. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev cut some moves to ... wait for it ... "American Boy" at a party, and his, er, performance has drawn thousands of gawkers to the YouTube vid of his public dance debut, reports RIA Novosti . Medvedev swirls, steps, and grinds to the lyrics... More »

Gorbachev Slams Russia's 'Sham Democracy'

Ex-Soviet leader attacks 'conceited 'Putin regime

(Newser) - Mikhail Gorbachev has launched his most blistering attack yet on Vladimir Putin's regime. The last Soviet leader, speaking at a press conference ahead of his 80th birthday, described Putin's Russia as a sham democracy, the Guardian reports. "We have everything—a parliament, courts, a president, a prime minister and... More »

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