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Iron Chef Fibs: Veggies Not From Obama Garden

Food Network backtracks about Michelle Obama episode

(Newser) - The Iron Chef America episode featuring Michelle Obama and her White House produce drew more viewers to the Food Network than any other program in network history—about 7.6 million tuned in. One problem: The produce used in the show by top chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Bobby... More »

In Face of Finicky Foodies, More Waiters Write It Down

Diners more sophisticated, have more allergies

(Newser) - As diners become more sophisticated—in no small part due to the proliferation of cooking shows—even waiters known for their steel-trap memories are being forced to write down orders. “Whoever invented the Food Network should be shot,” one veteran Washington waiter complains to the Post . “Everyone’... More »

We Live Vicariously Through Expert Gluttons

We can't gorge ourselves anymore, but we can watch others do it

(Newser) - The Food Network's Man vs. Food might look like a show about a guy eating way more than seems humanly possible, but it's much, much more, writes Greg Beato. When host Adam Richman dives into, say, a 10-pound hamburger, he's not just showing off—he's eating for the rest of... More »

Help! There's a New Bitch in My Kitchen

Male food snobs are elbowing women out at the stove

(Newser) - Over the past 40 years, the amount of time men spend in the kitchen has tripled—and they have turned the once-womanly art of home cooking into a competitive playing field. On TV, “it’s hard to keep up with the itinerant rage-aholics cycling through the Food Network,”... More »

Paula Deen Takes a Ham to the Face

Food Network star shakes off run-in with holiday meat

(Newser) - Paula Deen is fine and even joking about the size of the ham that whacked her in the face during a charity appearance today in Atlanta. The Food Network phenom was helping deliver donated meat when a relay toss went astray. "All of a sudden this ham that weighed... More »

Best Sites for Foodies

Whether you're looking to buy, cook, or just eat, the Internet has something for you

(Newser) - Aspiring foodies have thousands of resources available to them on the Internet, and Mashable lists 15 of the best sites for buying, cooking, and eating food:
  • For locavores: Foodzie and Foodoro are online marketplaces for small, independent producers. Local Harvest connects users with farms in their area, while the Locavore
... More »

Pollan: We Love Cooking Shows, But Not Cooking

Americans would rather watch food shows than make food

(Newser) - When Julia Child came on the scene, she changed the way America cooked. Child inspired women everywhere to try their hands at French cuisine. Today, we have loads more food shows, yet the average American spends just 27 minutes a day making food. “How is it,” asks food... More »

Food Network Cooks Up Winning Web Strategy

Revenue growth from Web offerings burns the competition

(Newser) - Food Network has found the recipe for double-digit revenue increases during one of the harshest first quarters for media companies in recent memory, Advertising Age reports. Turns out it’s guacamole. saw a 44% spike in ad revenue in January, in large part due to viewers seeking recipes... More »

McCain Recipes Cribbed From Food Network

Rachael Ray 'flattered' as aide blames intern, Cindy to hit 'The View'

(Newser) - Rachael Ray tells Us Magazine she’s “flattered” John McCain’s website passed off some of her recipes as belonging to wife Cindy. An aide was embarrassed that dishes like Passion Fruit Mousse and Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Slaw were lifted from Food Network sites, and blamed an... More »

Food Network Rethinks Its Menu

Falling ratings, expensive chefs add to business crunch

(Newser) - The recent cancellation of Emeril Live is just one sign that the Food Network is in the throes of a transformation, reports the New York Times. Having made chefs into stars, it is now trying to keep the money rolling in while facing increased competition—including instructional cooking on the... More »

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