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Startup Bets 'Young Blood,' Taken Literally, Fights Aging

Clinical trial underway, but you have to pay to play

(Newser) - If you'd like to fill your veins with the blood of young people, you need only drain your bank account of $8,000. That's right, young blood is now joining the ever-growing ranks of "cures" people are paying for to combat age-related diseases and even aging itself.... More »

This Party Drug May Soon Treat Depression

Clinical trials on ketamine now underway

(Newser) - A controversial party drug might become the first new treatment for depression in about 50 years, reports CNN . Clinical trials are underway focusing on ketamine or "Special K" and its reported ability to ease depression , particularly in those who don't respond to other treatments. Initially used as an... More »

Goal of Clinical Trial: Reverse Human Death

Researchers hope to revive brains of the clinically dead

(Newser) - Scientists are predicting "the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime," and a new clinical trial could take us one step closer to that goal. The National Institutes of Health has approved "the first trial of its kind" by US biotech company Bioquark to attempt to revive... More »

Volunteer in Botched French Drug Trial Dies

Man in Biotrial clinical trial had been declared brain-dead

(Newser) - A French hospital says a patient has died after taking part in an experimental drug trial, and five other participants remain hospitalized. The Rennes University Hospital said in a statement that the patient, who had already been in a state of brain death , died Sunday. The statement says the hospital... More »

Cure for Obesity: Freeze-Dried Poop?

Clinical trial aims to find out

(Newser) - Atkins, paleo, juice cleanses … people will try most anything to shed some pounds. How about freeze-dried poop? A clinical trial set to start this year will involve 20 obese patients taking capsules filled with freeze-dried stool from healthy donors to test researchers' hunch that intestinal microbes can influence people'... More »

Hallucinogenic Brew May Help Depression

Results from first human clinical trial of ayahuasca are promising

(Newser) - A psychedelic brew from the jungles of Brazil shows promise as a treatment for depression—in fact, as a treatment for those who don't respond to more traditional medication. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo have just published the results of the first clinical trial involving the anti-depressant... More »

'Unprecedented' Study: Breast Cancer Drug Prolongs Life

Perjeta gives women about 16 extra months, study says

(Newser) - One of the most popular breast-cancer drugs on today's market is giving sufferers a significantly longer life, a new study says—as long as they can afford the $5,900 monthly price tag. In a clinical trial involving 808 women, those who took the drug Perjeta lived almost 16... More »

Pill Cuts HIV Risk by 50% in Addicts

Tenofovir can reduce risk in all populations: source

(Newser) - HIV prevention among drug users has taken a huge step forward in a confirmation that retroviral treatments can cut the risk of transmission across the board: According to a major study published in the Lancet , addicts who took a daily tenofovir pill were 49% less likely to be infected with... More »

FDA Tweak Could Be Boon for Alzheimer's Drugs

Proposal could make it easier to get early-stage drugs OKed

(Newser) - Good news in the Alzheimer's arena: The FDA could ease the rules for approving new drugs to treat the disease, reports the New York Times . Under the proposed plan, the FDA would be able to OK drugs that returned improved results on memory or reasoning tests in clinical trials... More »

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: Parasitic Worms

Hookworms, whipworms can reduce brain lesions caused by MS

(Newser) - The fight against multiple sclerosis has found an unexpected ally—parasitic worms. Researchers in the United States and Denmark are looking into the eggs of pig whipworms, which can reduce the size of the MS brain lesions and the effects of the disease, while doctors in the UK are studying... More »

Insider Trading Suspect Jumps to His Death

Seattle Genetics exec was accused of sharing clinical trial results

(Newser) - An executive accused of illegally profiting from inside knowledge of his company's promising new cancer drug jumped to his death from an airport parking garage in New Jersey. Zizhong Fan, manager of clinical programming at Seattle Genetics, is believed to have shared insider information on clinical trials involving the... More »

US Prescription Drugs Tested on World's Poor

Drugs declared 'safe' on basis of unregulated trials abroad

(Newser) - Prescription drugs that are considered safe kill an estimated 200,000 Americans a year, and investigative reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele have exposed a massive loophole that could help explain why. Some 6,485 clinical trials were conducted abroad in 2008—more than 20 times as many... More »

First US Stem Cell Trials Begin

Paralyzed patient injected with embryonic cells

(Newser) - American scientists have begun testing embryonic stem cells on a patient for the first time. The groundbreaking, federally-approved clinical trial involves injecting millions of the cells into a patient who suffered paralysis after a recent spinal cord injury, reports Reuters . Scientists hope the stem cells will regenerate nerves in the... More »

When Clinical Trials Kill

Journalist sees danger in industry-funded tests

(Newser) - Dan Markingson was a happy, smart 26-year-old from Minnesota, until the day his mother visited him in Los Angeles and found him delusional, even murderous. He was hospitalized in November 2003 and would have been involuntarily committed—but he was granted a stay, on the condition that he comply with... More »

A Few Nasty Germs May Actually Help Babies

Scientists investigate healing power of dirt

(Newser) - Babies in America tend to be a lot cleaner than those in, say, Namibia, and that has some advantages—most notably a drastically lower infant mortality rate. But scientists are beginning to wonder if our obsessively sanitary culture has actually given rise to various health issues, they tell the Wall ... More »

Weight Watchers Sues Jenny Craig Over Ad

Commercial claims 'clinical trial' proves Jenny is better

(Newser) - Weight Watchers is suing Jenny Craig over a commercial in which the weight loss company claims that a “major clinical trial” showed that the average Jenny customer lost twice as much weight "as those on the largest weight-loss program.” That’d be Weight Watchers, which says its... More »

AIDS Vaccine Data Overstated

Much-hyped Thai results statistically insignificant, researchers say

(Newser) - The data from last month’s much-hyped Thai AIDS vaccine trial are actually statistically insignificant, according to a secondary analysis published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. The original results from the trial, which included more than 16,000 people, concluded that the vaccine reduced infections by a... More »

Swine Flu Vaccine Works in One Dose

Trial results better than expected, shot should be cheaper

(Newser) - An Australian H1N1 vaccine has been surpassing expectations in its clinical trials, inoculating patients after a single injection, the New York Times reports. That means the supply of the vaccine will go further and cost less. It should now be possible to inoculate all of the estimated 159 million people... More »

Immunotherapy Offers New Hope on Alzheimer's

(Newser) - An immune-system booster already used in the treatment of other diseases could prove to be a powerful weapon in the fight against Alzheimer's disease, researchers have found. Analyzing the records of patients who received intravenous immunoglobulin—IVIg—they discovered that recipients were 42% less likely to develop Alzheimer's, HealthDay reports. More »

Scientists Find 'Master' Cells For Human Heart

Stem cells can mature into three different kinds of heart tissue

(Newser) - Researchers have found a cell that can become three different kinds of heart tissue, the Boston Globe reports. Harvard scientists hope that such “master” heart cells can be used to grow tissue so that researchers can perform experiments or test medications on human heart tissue, instead of animal substitutes. More »

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