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Colonial Paid Ransom to Hackers: Bloomberg

Drivers in Southeastern states can expect 'headaches' for another week or longer

(Newser) - Colonial Pipeline said this week it had no intention of paying ransom to the hackers who crippled its fuel shipments . So how did the company manage to begin restoring operations on Wednesday? As it turns out, Colonial paid a ransom after all, reports Bloomberg . The outlet says the company shelled...

South's Gas Shortage Spawns a Brawl

Motorist records brawl after woman apparently tries to cut long line in NC, which didn't go over well

(Newser) - Tensions over a gas shortage boiled over into a brawl this week at a North Carolina gas station. After a cyberattack on Friday against the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers about 45% of the fuel sent to the East Coast, industry analysts warned gas prices could rise if the pipeline wasn'...

Gas Panic-Buying Becomes 'Self-Fulfilling Prophecy'

Pipeline shutdown is now in its fifth day

(Newser) - More than 1,000 gas stations in the Southeast reported running out of fuel, primarily because of what analysts say is unwarranted panic-buying among drivers, as the shutdown of a major pipeline by a gang of hackers entered its fifth day Tuesday. Government officials acted swiftly to waive safety and...

Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline After Cyberattack
Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline
After Cyberattack
the rundown

Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline After Cyberattack

If Colonial system isn't back up in a few days, gasoline prices are likely to rise

(Newser) - The operators of the biggest US fuel pipeline were scrambling Monday to resume operations after a cyberattack forced a shutdown on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reports that because of existing gasoline inventories, the impact shouldn't be too dire if Colonial can confine the outage to less than five...

State of Emergency Declared Over Pipeline Shutdown

Ransomware attack continues to wreak havoc

(Newser) - The US on Sunday declared a state of emergency in 17 states and the District of Columbia in response to the cyberattack that shut down a major East Coast pipeline on Friday. The Department of Transportation's regional emergency declaration allows fuel to be transported via road, the BBC reports....

Major East Coast Pipeline Shuts Down After Cyberattack

Line carries 45% of fuel used on East Coast

(Newser) - A US energy company says a cyberattack forced it to halt operations on a major pipeline that delivers roughly 45% of all fuel consumed on the East Coast. Colonial Pipeline said the attack took place Friday and also affected some of its information technology systems. The company transports gasoline, diesel,...

Cyberpunk 2077 Maker on Hackers' Extortion: We Will Not Negotiate

Ransomware creators steal, threaten to release source code from CD Projekt Red

(Newser) - "You have 48 hours to contact us." That was the ransom note left Monday after a cyberattack against Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Projekt Red, which has posted the note online and said it's not in the mood for negotiations. The hackers' message indicated that they stole the...

Top National Security Agencies Issue Rare Statement on Huge Cyberattack

They say it was likely Russia, rejecting President Trump's assertion

(Newser) - Top national security agencies confirmed Tuesday that Russia was likely responsible for a massive hack of US government departments and corporations , rejecting President Trump's claim that China might be to blame. The rare joint statement represented the US government's first formal attempt to assign responsibility for the breaches...

Russia &#39;Pretty Clearly&#39; Behind Cyberattack, Pompeo Says
Pompeo, Trump Clash
Over Big Cyberattack

Pompeo, Trump Clash Over Big Cyberattack

The president says it might have been China

(Newser) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Russia was behind the grave cyberattack against the US, per the AP , the first administration official to publicly tie the Kremlin to the widespread intrusion. It's not clear exactly what the hackers were seeking, but experts say it could include nuclear secrets, blueprints...

'This Is Looking Like Worst Hacking Case in History of America'

Mitt Romney says silence from White House on alleged Russian attack 'inexcusable'

(Newser) - An alarming development in the massive cyberattack on American government systems: Sources tell Politico that the agencies that maintain America's nuclear weapons stockpile were compromised in the attack, which is strongly suspected to have been carried out by Russia. The sources say they have found evidence that hackers accessed...

This Ranks Among Biggest Intelligence Failures Ever

Grave warnings issued about suspected Russian breach into US government systems

(Newser) - US authorities are expressing increased alarm about an intrusion into government computer systems that officials suspect was carried out by Russia, per the AP . The cybersecurity unit of the Department of Homeland Security said Thursday that the hack “poses a grave risk to the Federal Government and state, local,...

Treasury, Commerce Hit by Hackers in Monthslong Breach

'Unacceptable risk' to government tied back to hugely popular server software

(Newser) - US government agencies were ordered to scour their networks for malware and disconnect potentially compromised servers after authorities learned the Treasury and Commerce departments were hacked in a monthslong global cyberespionage campaign, discovered when a prominent cybersecurity firm learned it had been breached. In a rare emergency directive issued late...

Cybersecurity Firm Reveals Massive Cyberattack

FireEye was hacked by nation state

(Newser) - Prominent US cybersecurity firm FireEye said Tuesday that foreign government hackers with “world-class capabilities” broke into its network and stole offensive tools it uses to probe the defenses of its thousands of customers, who include federal, state, and local governments and top global corporations. The hackers “primarily sought...

Sophisticated Hackers Targeting Vaccine 'Cold Chain'

IBM experts suspect a nation state is responsible

(Newser) - Cyberattackers have been using sophisticated phishing schemes in an attempt to hack companies and government organizations tasked with distributing coronavirus vaccines. IBM's cybersecurity division first revealed the scheme, which was confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday, per the New York Times . Experts say phishing emails were...

This Is the First Death From a Ransomware Attack

Woman dies in Germany after hospital is hit with cyberattack

(Newser) - In a tragic first for humanity, a death in Germany was the indirect result of a ransomware attack. A Duesseldorf hospital was the victim of the attack, and as a result of the attack, it was unable to receive a woman who was on her way there. She was re-routed...

Russia's GRU Among Those Hit by EU Cyberattack Sanctions

Penalties are the organization's first

(Newser) - The European Union on Thursday imposed its first-ever sanctions over cyberattacks, slapping them on alleged Russian military agents, Chinese cyber spies, and organizations including a North Korean firm. The six people and three groups hit with sanctions include Russia's GRU military intelligence agency, the AP reports. EU headquarters blamed...

Twitter Accounts of the Rich and Famous All Hacked at the Same Time

The victims include Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Kanye West

(Newser) - Big-name Twitter accounts belonging to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and many others were hacked Wednesday in an elaborate cyberscam that relieved victims of over $110,000. Looks like crypto-scammers took over the accounts for more than two hours, posting tweets that urged people to send money...

PM Says 'State-Based Actor' Is Targeting Australia

Cyberattacks are threatening government, critical infrastructure, he says

(Newser) - A "sophisticated state-based cyber actor" is targeting Australia in an escalating cyber campaign that is threatening all levels of government, businesses, essential services, and critical infrastructure, the prime minister said Friday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison would not name the state, amid inevitable speculation that the cyberattacks were part of...

Hackers Double Ransom Demand of Lawyer, Threaten Trump

Group now wants firm to pay $42M

(Newser) - Hackers who stole documents from a top entertainment lawyer have threatened to release files on President Trump if a ransom isn't paid. They've doubled their demand to $42 million, Page Six reports. A group that calls itself REvil hacked the server of Allen Grubman's firm, taking files...

A Charity's Twitter Feed Was Hacked. Then, Flashing Lights

Cyberattack against epilepsy group came during National Epilepsy Awareness Month

(Newser) - The Epilepsy Foundation has filed criminal complaints after hackers targeted the charity's Twitter followers with seizure-inducing videos. Flashing and strobing videos and GIFs were sent to some 30,000 followers as part of a cyberattack last month, according to a release . Indeed, the New York Times describes 30 attacks...

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