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Russia's GRU Among Those Hit by EU Cyberattack Sanctions

Penalties are the organization's first

(Newser) - The European Union on Thursday imposed its first-ever sanctions over cyberattacks, slapping them on alleged Russian military agents, Chinese cyber spies, and organizations including a North Korean firm. The six people and three groups hit with sanctions include Russia's GRU military intelligence agency, the AP reports. EU headquarters blamed... More »

Twitter Accounts of the Rich and Famous All Hacked at the Same Time

The victims include Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Kanye West

(Newser) - Big-name Twitter accounts belonging to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and many others were hacked Wednesday in an elaborate cyberscam that relieved victims of over $110,000. Looks like crypto-scammers took over the accounts for more than two hours, posting tweets that urged people to send money... More »

PM Says 'State-Based Actor' Is Targeting Australia

Cyberattacks are threatening government, critical infrastructure, he says

(Newser) - A "sophisticated state-based cyber actor" is targeting Australia in an escalating cyber campaign that is threatening all levels of government, businesses, essential services, and critical infrastructure, the prime minister said Friday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison would not name the state, amid inevitable speculation that the cyberattacks were part of... More »

Hackers Double Ransom Demand of Lawyer, Threaten Trump

Group now wants firm to pay $42M

(Newser) - Hackers who stole documents from a top entertainment lawyer have threatened to release files on President Trump if a ransom isn't paid. They've doubled their demand to $42 million, Page Six reports. A group that calls itself REvil hacked the server of Allen Grubman's firm, taking files... More »

A Charity's Twitter Feed Was Hacked. Then, Flashing Lights

Cyberattack against epilepsy group came during National Epilepsy Awareness Month

(Newser) - The Epilepsy Foundation has filed criminal complaints after hackers targeted the charity's Twitter followers with seizure-inducing videos. Flashing and strobing videos and GIFs were sent to some 30,000 followers as part of a cyberattack last month, according to a release . Indeed, the New York Times describes 30 attacks... More »

Why This City's Workers All Turned Off Their Computers

State of emergency declared in New Orleans after cyberattack

(Newser) - New Orleans got an unwelcome surprise on Friday the 13th, starting before the sun came up, and it has prompted a state of emergency. At a presser, the city's chief information officer said that "suspicious activity" and phishing attempts were detected on the city's network around 5am,... More »

Hackers Demand Pensacola Pay Them a $1M Ransom

After attack this week, city says it hasn't decided yet

(Newser) - The city of Pensacola confirmed Friday that hackers seeking to extort money were responsible for crippling its computer systems earlier this week, but that officials have yet to decide whether they will pay a reported $1 million ransom. If they do fork over the money, they may have to dip... More »

Cyberattack Hit Pensacola Hours After Shooting

'We're still trying to figure out what's happened'

(Newser) - On the heels of the tragic attack in Pensacola, Fla. , came a virtual attack. "The city of Pensacola is experiencing a cyberattack that began this weekend that is impacting our city network, including phones and email at City Hall and some of our other buildings," Mayor Grover Robinson... More »

Hackers Take Control of Jack Dorsey's Twitter Account

Attack raises fears about security of president's account

(Newser) - The series of offensive tweets coming from Jack Dorsey on Friday afternoon weren't, of course, from Jack Dorsey. A group of hackers had taken over the Twitter account of the company's co-founder and chief executive, the Guardian reports. The attack lasted no more than 30 minutes, Twitter said,... More »

N. Korea Has Swiped $2B in Cyberattacks: Report

North Korea targeted banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to fund its WMD program

(Newser) - North Korea has funneled $2 billion into its weapons of mass destruction programs by using cyberattacks to pilfer from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a confidential UN report seen by Reuters and CBS News . The "widespread and increasingly sophisticated" attacks carried out by actors under the direction of... More »

Hacker Steals Data of Nearly Everyone in Entire Nation

20-year-old is arrested in Bulgaria

(Newser) - The personal and financial data of pretty much every adult in Bulgaria has been stolen, reports the New York Times . An individual claiming to be a Russian hacker took responsibility for the attack on the nation's tax agency while slamming the government's cybersecurity efforts as "parody" in... More »

Court System Hit by Ransomware

State takes down

(Newser) - A Georgia courts agency has been hit with a cyberattack, along with a demand for ransom. State websites including all sites, were shut down Monday so administrators could try to contain the attack, the Journal Constitution reports. Websites for the state Supreme Court and court clerks in large... More »

Instead of Military Strike, US Hit Iranian Computers

Sources say that Trump authorized a cyberattack on Iran's military computers

(Newser) - US cyber forces launched a strike against Iranian military computer systems on Thursday as President Trump backed away from plans for a more conventional military strike in response to Iran's downing of a US surveillance drone, US officials said Saturday. Two officials told the AP that the strikes were... More »

Florida City Agrees to Pay $600K to Hackers

Ransomware attack took Riviera Beach's systems offline

(Newser) - A Florida city has agreed to pay the equivalent of around $600,000 to hackers after becoming the latest victim of a very 21st-century crime. At a meeting Monday, the city council in Riviera Beach unanimously agreed to pay 65 Bitcoin to hackers who had paralyzed its computer system with... More »

Cyberattack Seized Images of Travelers, Customs Says

Subcontractor's computer network was hacked, agency reports

(Newser) - The US Customs and Border Protection service says images of travelers—which it presumably collected at points of entry—have been exposed in a malicious cyberattack. The federal agency said Monday that license plate images were also exposed in an attack that compromised a subcontractor's computer network, the AP... More »

The Tool Used to Hack US Cities? Guess Who Made It

The NSA designed a tool that's now used by America's enemies

(Newser) - An online hacking tool developed by the NSA is being used to cripple American cities and extort millions of dollars from government coffers, the New York Times reports. Called EternalBlue, the tool was stolen in 2016 and dropped online the year after, enabling rogue actors and foreign intelligence agencies to... More »

NRCC Suffered 'Major' Email Hack During 2018 Election

And didn't tell House leadership until now

(Newser) - Four senior aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee had their email hacked during the 2018 election, Politico reveals, calling it a "major" cyberattack. The hack exposed thousands of sensitive emails from the House GOP's campaign arm, three senior party officials say. The hack went on for several... More »

Pentagon to Hackers: Go Ahead, Access Russia's Cyber Systems

It's reportedly part of DOD plan in preparation for cyberattack if Russia interferes with midterms

(Newser) - What may soon become a more "regular currency of war": cyberattacks, per the Center for Public Integrity , and it notes that the US Department of Defense may start cashing in as early as next week. Current and former senior US officials reveal to the investigative journalism nonprofit that the... More »

Allegedly Hidden Beneath a Russian's Coat: an Antenna

Netherlands alleges Russian military intelligence was trying to hack the OPCW

(Newser) - A stunning allegation out of the Netherlands: The defense minister said Thursday the country had previously kicked out four Russians, believed to be GRU military intelligence officers, who were planning a cyber attack on the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague. The global chemical weapons... More »

Warning About Russia: They Can 'Shut the Power Off'

US says hackers have gained entry to power plants, including nuclear facilities

(Newser) - A US security alert on Thursday contained a jarring warning: Russia has infiltrated the US energy grid and could wreak havoc if it chose to do so. "They have the ability to shut the power off," an exec with the digital security firm Symantec tells the New York ... More »

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