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Not Feeling Sexy? 'Just Do It.'

New book reveals reasons behind lack of sex in marriage

(Newser) - Why does passion so often fizzle in a marriage? Prepare to be shocked: Bettina Arndt’s The Sex Diaries reveals the reasons aren’t what you think, the Daily Mail reports. Included in the nearly 100 couples who kept diaries for a year are many men who love their wives...

Being Vegetarian Doesn't Make You Better in Bed

PETA's banned ad is misleading

(Newser) - The idea makes for one steamy ad campaign, but vegetarians don’t necessarily have better sex, Nina Shen Rastogi writes for Slate. PETA’s claim that meat makes people “fat, sick, and boring in bed” is a little misleading—the research is based on people who ate low-fat, low-cholesterol...

Testosterone Patch Boosts Female Sex Drive

Treatment significantly lifted libido in study of menopausal women

(Newser) - A testosterone patch boosted menopausal women's sexual desire and satisfaction in a new study, the Chicago Tribune reports. The women reported a big leap in libido, and their number of satisfying sexual experiences rose from twice a month to once a week. Some suffered side effects, including facial hair growth....

Why Take the Risk of Public Sex?
 Why Take the Risk
 of Public Sex? 

Why Take the Risk of Public Sex?

Confessionals, beaches, bathrooms: 22% of Americans are oddly willing

(Newser) - The story of a quickie in an office bathroom got one scribe wondering: Why risk job, humiliation, and even prison to do it in a public place? Diane Mapes admits in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to fooling around by a river, but never on a beach or a church during Mass—...

Big Differences Found in Male, Female Brains

They're apparently based on different genetic blueprints, studies find

(Newser) - The brains of men and women are so physically different they amount to different organs and may have developed from distinct genetic blueprints, new research shows. Distinct anatomical differences between male and female brains likely explain many well-established differences of perception and behavior between the sexes, from problem-solving strategies to...

Patch Aims to Trigger Sex With Smell

Can a lemony 'libido patch' for women stir sensuality?

(Newser) - A new patch is being marketed to make women think "sexy time"—but does it really work? Scentuelle’s “libido patch” claims to “turn you on” and “enhance feelings of sexuality through our sense of smell." Linda Dahlstrom of MSNBC tried it, and was...

Quickies Are the Way to Go
 Quickies Are the Way to Go 

Quickies Are the Way to Go

Study shows 3-13 minutes is gtoo long in bed

(Newser) - Size may or may not matter when it comes to sex, but length (of time) definitely does, reports the AP. A recent survey of sex therapists reveals that 3-13 minutes is ideal. One researcher wanted to refute the notion that "more of something good is better, and if you...

Sex Drug for Women Being Tested
Sex Drug
for Women Being Tested

Sex Drug for Women Being Tested

Viagra-like treatment aims to boost female libido, drive

(Newser) - The University of Virginia is set to become the latest institution to test a drug designed to boost the sex drive of women, the AP reports. LibiGel is a testosterone-laden ointment the patient rubs into her skin to increase energy and libido. Decreased sex drive is believed to affect one-third...

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