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Dudes, All That Gaming Is Affecting Your Sex Drive
Two Ways Video Games
Affect a Man's Sex Drive
new study

Two Ways Video Games Affect a Man's Sex Drive

They have less interest, but less of a common problem, too, says study

(Newser) - For guys who game, researchers have good news and bad news. The good news is that guys who play video games "chronically," which at least for the purpose of one new study is defined as more than an hour a day, are less likely to ejaculate prematurely than...

'Herbal' Coffee to Boost Sex Drive Recalled After User's Death

FDA finds 'natural' coffee contains same active ingredients as prescription drugs

(Newser) - Does a supposedly natural coffee that will improve your libido and sexual stamina using just herbs sound too good to be true? Well, it was. CaverFlo Natural Herbal Coffee, which promised to do just that, is being recalled after a consumer died after drinking it—and subsequent Food and Drug...

Men Who Exercise Strenuously Have Lower Libidos
Men Who Exercise Strenuously
Have Lower Libidos
new study

Men Who Exercise Strenuously Have Lower Libidos

Moderate and light exercise are linked to higher libido

(Newser) - All right guys, if you're working on a beer belly and wish you hit the pavement more, fear not: at least your libido might be stronger than the guy who spends hours at the gym every day. Noting a distinct lack of data on the relationship between exercise and...

For Those With Psychological Sex Problems, Potential Relief

Kisspeptin is now being explored as a way to help couples struggling to conceive

(Newser) - Kisspeptin, a naturally occurring hormone that kicks off puberty and is thought to fuel what the Telegraph describes as the "voracious sexual appetites of young people," could well be a sort of "mental Viagra" for people with psychosexual disorders—that is, disorders that are psychological as opposed...

Scientists Pinpoint When a Woman's Sex Drive Declines

It seems to start 20 months before her final menstrual period

(Newser) - Sex is important to most middle-aged women, a fact established by a new study in the journal Menopause, which found that 75% of 1,390 middle-aged women reported sexual functioning to be moderately to extremely important. But roughly 20 months before menopause hit, these women reported a "notable decline...

Bright Light Stimulates Men's Sex Drive
Bright Light Stimulates
Men's Sex Drive

Bright Light Stimulates Men's Sex Drive

Light therapy shown to increase testosterone production

(Newser) - Men with low sex drive might try switching on a light, a new study shows. Taking a cue from depression treatment, researchers at the University of Siena in Italy found that bright light stimulates testosterone levels and led to better results in the bedroom, reports the BBC . Using a light...

Why Americans Are Poaching Wild Ginseng

It grows mostly in Appalachian and Ozark public parks, and 95% goes to Asia

(Newser) - A federal judge earlier this month sentenced a North Carolina man to six months in jail. The crime? Illegally possessing more than 500 ginseng roots he harvested in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times . He's far from the only domestic ginseng poacher: By New York...

Look Out, Viagra: Testosterone Drugs Gain Popularity

But doctors worry they'll be dangerously overused

(Newser) - New drugs designed in part to save the sex lives of aging men could become the biggest thing since Viagra, reports Bloomberg . The problem is that the testosterone boosters from Eli Lilly and Abbott are becoming so popular that doctors worry men who don't need them for strictly medical...

The Root of All Evil: Men's Sex Drive

 The Root of 
 All Evil: Men's 
 Sex Drive 
study says

The Root of All Evil: Men's Sex Drive

Male desire for battle is deeply rooted in our genes: British study

(Newser) - Wars, brawls, defense budgets, riots: All of these aggressive male by-products are genetically rooted in men's drive to win as many mates as possible, according to British scientists. A study published this week blames the world's conflicts on this male "tribal" attitude, saying it "might not...

Jane Fonda: Testosterone Ignited My Sex Life

Actor advises older women to take the hormone

(Newser) - Jane Fonda has a confession to make: Testosterone has fueled her intense septuagenarian libido. "I discovered testosterone about three years ago, which makes a huge difference if you want to remain sexual and your libido has dropped," she tells the Telegraph . "Use testosterone. It comes in a...

Lack of Sleep Kills Men's Sex Drive
 Lack of Sleep 
 Kills Men's 
 Sex Drive 
study says

Lack of Sleep Kills Men's Sex Drive

Testosterone levels drop without enough shut-eye

(Newser) - It's important to get a good night's sleep for lots of reasons: mood, proper cognitive functioning, and, this just in, sex. A study from the University of Chicago suggests that men who don't routinely grab quality shut-eye have less of a desire to do other things in...

As Women Near 40, Sex Drive Revs Up

Researchers theorize biological clock at work

(Newser) - The closer women get to 40, the stronger their sex drive, according to a new study from the University of Texas. Researchers surveyed 900 women about their sex lives, breaking them into three groups: the women at prime fertility (age 19-26), women with declining fertility (age 27-45), and those who...

FDA Skeptical About Women's Viagra

Review casts doubt on effectiveness of new drug

(Newser) - Hopes that a drug to boost women's sex drive—nicknamed Pink Viagra—would pass FDA muster took a hit today with the publication of an agency review. It found that the drug, called flibanserin and under development by the German firm Boehringer Ingelheim, produced results that were not "particularly...

Why Men Get Sicker Than Women
 Why Men Get Sicker 
 Than Women 

Why Men Get Sicker Than Women

Men 'live fast, die young,' so immunity is traded for sex drive

(Newser) - The phenomenon euphemistically referred to as “man flu”—the notion that men get sicker and sick more often than women—is real, researchers say. British doctors swear the theory is upheld by sophisticated computer models: The male immune system is underdeveloped compared to the female because men are...

Pork Is Natural Viagra: Argentine President

Cristina Kirchner describes 'impressive' pork-fueled weekend

(Newser) - Pork is no longer just the other white meat, but also the other blue pill, according to Argentina's president. That’s right: porcine meat is good for your libido. “Pork consumption improves sexual activity,” Cristina Kirchner said as she announced lower meat prices. “Some nicely grilled pork...

Four Contenders in the Quest for the 'Female Viagra'

Not in the mood? Maybe one of these new drugs will help

(Newser) - Good news for women with lagging libidos: The market for drugs and devices that stoke a woman’s desire is set to explode in the coming years. Vogue looks at some of the pills, shots, and jolts in development:
  • Orgasmatron: The decidedly unsexy combination of electrodes in your lower spine

11 Anti-Aphrodisiac Foods
 11 Anti-Aphrodisiac Foods 

11 Anti-Aphrodisiac Foods

Corn Flakes isn't the only bland creation aimed to curb our sex drive

(Newser) - Like sex itself, aphrodisiacs are an eternally popular subject. But what about anti-aphrodisiacs (more properly known as anaphrodisiacs)? Among the top sexual depressants, per 11 Points:
  • Corn Flakes. John Harvey Kellogg was a proponent of abstinence and invented Corn Flakes in the belief that a bland, meatless breakfast would calm

Women on Pill Shun 'Manly Men' for 'Boys'

With fertile days gone, women tend to like more feminine features, caring personalities

(Newser) - Women have been on the pill for so long that its impact on their hormones may have significantly reduced their attraction to "manly men" in favor of more boyish males, say researchers. Forty years of contraception use could explain the change in Hollywood idols from tough guys like Jimmy...

Women Want Sex Just as Much as You
Women Want Sex Just as Much as You

Women Want Sex Just as Much as You

The Fox 'sexpert' debunks myths about the fairer sex

(Newser) - Men have a lot of screwy ideas about women and sex, but Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, Fox News’ “sexpert” is here to set them straight. And she’ll use the whip if she has to. Here are some myths she’s debunking:
  • She needs an emotional connection, not a

Coming Soon: Viagra Ice Cream
 Coming Soon: Viagra Ice Cream 

Coming Soon: Viagra Ice Cream

Libido-boosting ice cream cocktail hits London

(Newser) - The Viagra of ice cream is hitting a London department store, and as long as you’re over 18, you can try a cool scoop of the hot stuff yourself: The Sex Pistol packs in libido-boosting ingredients like arginine and guarana and comes with a shot of absinthe on the...

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