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Reuters Kills Budget Story on WH Complaints

Pulled story said Obama budget had backdoor tax hikes

(Newser) - Reuters pulled an article suggesting President Obama's budget blueprint included backdoor tax increases last night after the news agency received complaints from the White House. The Reuters story was "falsely stating that the president's budget raises taxes for middle-class families, when in fact the opposite is true," a...

Populism Swings Left as Oregon Votes to Tax the Rich

Voters hit corporations, to, in state referendum

(Newser) - Don't be too quick to extrapolate from the Massachusetts election that the country's populist surge swings to the right: Oregon voters yesterday approved tax hikes for corporations and the rich. The referendum, which reversed more than two decades of Oregon voters shooting down tax increases, came as the cash-strapped state...

UK to Tax Bank Bonuses 50%
 UK to Tax Bank Bonuses 50% 

UK to Tax Bank Bonuses 50%

Any bonus over $40K subject to one-time charge

(Newser) - Britain will levy a 50% tax on bank bonuses over $40,800 this year, in an attempt to shore up the nation's finances—and appease angry voters—ahead of the coming election. Alistair Darling slammed banks who paid out hefty bonuses even as Britain remains in recession: "Their priority...

Time May Be Right to Talk Raising Taxes

In poll, less than half of Americans say they pay too much

(Newser) - If the administration must raise taxes, now could be its big chance, NPR reports. Only 46% of Americans in a recent Gallup poll said their taxes were too high—the smallest fraction since 1961. “Americans, relatively speaking, are more satisfied with the amount of taxes they pay than they...

Dems' Tax Plans Raise Fears of Rich Rebellion

(Newser) - Over the last few elections Democrats have captured House seats from the GOP in some of the wealthiest constituencies in the nation, from northern Virginia to suburban Denver. But as the White House and leaders in Congress look to tax hikes to fund the health care overhaul, recently elected congressmen...

Tax Hike Raises Ire of Small Manufacturers

Obama plan hits hard, business owners who reinvest profits say

(Newser) - Small-business owners aren’t big fans of President Obama’s plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011, and they’re making themselves heard on Capitol Hill, Politico reports. Many small businesses file taxes as individuals, and they fall well beyond the $250,000 income threshold. The White...

Ahead of Trial, Blago Paints Himself as Victim

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich addressed his public again today, warning the citizens of Illinois that if he goes down they are all in danger, the Chicago Tribune reports. Blago likened his Senate impeachment trial, which he will boycott when it starts Monday, to a “hanging” and “a gross violation of...

Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It
Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It
Talk Show Roundup

Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It

Obama aide says tax cut coming; Laura Bush defends George

(Newser) - To those who object to Rick Warren delivering the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration, chief adviser David Axelrod has a message: chill out. On today's Meet the Press, he heralded the choice as political bridge-building: A conservative pastor praying for a progressive president "is a healthy thing and...

Tax Hikes Loom as Deficit Nears $1T
 Tax Hikes Loom as 
 Deficit Nears $1T 

Tax Hikes Loom as Deficit Nears $1T

Blue or red, next president may need to boost revenues with increase

(Newser) - The bailout and other government spending are adding on to an already-enormous US budget deficit, and the next president might well have to raise taxes, no matter who it is, the Christian Science Monitor reports. This fiscal year will put the US down nearly $1 trillion, one nonpartisan group estimates,...

Obama's Tax Plan Is 'Dumb... Painful': McCain

Biden calls for tax hike on rich, urging 'it's time to be patriotic'

(Newser) - John McCain slammed Democratic plans to raise taxes as “just plain dumb” and “painful,” the Chicago Tribune reports. The vehement appraisal came after Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden urged high-income earners to embrace a tax hike targeted at them. “It's time to be patriotic…time...

McCain, Obama Outline Dueling Economic Plans

Candidates differ sharply on how to get economy rolling again

(Newser) - John McCain and Barack Obama drew clear battle lines yesterday over a central election issue—the sputtering economy. McCain promised to boost the economy with tax cuts and reduced regulation, while Obama set out a strategy to help the hard-hit poor and raise taxes on the rich, reports the Washington ...

Huckabee Plan Is Catnip to Tax-Phobes
Huckabee Plan Is Catnip to Tax-Phobes

Huckabee Plan Is Catnip to Tax-Phobes

But the 'fair tax,' a gift to the rich, perplexes nearly everyone

(Newser) - “Our tax system can’t be fixed with WD-40 and duct tape,” proclaims Mike Huckabee in promoting a more radical change—the 'fair tax,' which stirs taxpayer rebellion even while inciting economist ire, Politico reports. The plan, which would replace the IRS with a uniform 23% sales...

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