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Dem Fundraiser Charged in Citibank Scam

Obama, Clinton donor allegedly tried to bilk bank out of $74M

(Newser) - A major fundraiser for Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was charged yesterday with using bogus documents to obtain a $74 million loan from Citigroup, Reuters reports. Hassan Nemazee, who did not enter a plea, faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. Prosecutors say he forged...

Dems to Palin: 'No Thanks on Campaign Help'

Polled on idea, they give 'awkward' responses

(Newser) - Sarah Palin recently said she’d be up for campaigning for some Democrats, but the interest doesn’t appear mutual, Politico reports: Many dove for cover upon being asked. “That’s a new one on me,” said a Georgia rep before ducking into an elevator. “There may...

Obama Takes Big Leads in Big Ten Country: Polls

Crucial Midwestern battlegrounds show sizable advantages for Democrat

(Newser) - Barack Obama enjoys sizable leads in crucial Midwestern states, a Big Ten Battleground poll shows. Across Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota—home to the universities in the Big Ten Conference and key battlegrounds in previous elections—Obama leads John McCain by margins of at least 10%.

Poll: Obama Is Most-Liked Candidate Since Reagan

Palin's high negatives dragging down Mac

(Newser) - Barack Obama is the most well-liked first-term presidential candidate in 28 years, New York Times/CBS polls found. More than half of voters, 53%, have a favorable impression of the Illinois senator, a 10-point increase over last month. And though John McCain’s approval ratings held steady, voters with a negative...

Obama: 67 Days, 6 Vital Tasks

Dem strategists come up with Obama to-do list to win tough fight

(Newser) - Democrats leave their convention on an emotional high, having anointed a historic candidate whose journey  former president Jimmy Carter called  "almost a miracle," USA Today notes. The paper consults top Democrats for a to-do list for a victory in November.
  • Go all-out to reintroduce himself to voters and

Convention's Focus: All-American Obama

Film, speeches seek to allay fears of Democrat's 'otherness'

(Newser) - Introducing a candidate to voters is a task in every campaign, but no presidential nominee has ever faced the challenge confronting Barack Obama. Next week's Democratic convention will feature an orchestrated roll-out of the Obama story on the candidate's own terms, the New York Times reports. Michelle Obama will headline...

Kaine Has Obama's Appeal, and His Flaws

Va. governor has a thin resume, but much post-partisan appeal

(Newser) - In 10 years, Tim Kaine has steered a meteoric rise from mayor of Richmond to governor of Virginia to prospective Democratic VP candidate. In many ways, writes the New York Times, Kaine's story mirrors that of Barack Obama: a liberal who speaks openly about religion, he disdains Washington and has...

Obama Shifts DNC Power to Chicago

Hopes to streamline party, campaign ahead of November

(Newser) - The Democratic National Committee is moving its field operations to Chicago as part of Barack Obama's strategy to centralize the party and streamline efforts for the general election. The move has been welcomed publicly by the DNC, even though it clearly shifts power from Washington to Obama's unassuming headquarters in...

8 Questions on the Table in Today's Primaries

Obama and Clinton face off in what could be decisive contests

(Newser) - Voters in North Carolina and Indiana go to the polls today in what many are seeing as the last major battle in the Democratic race. The Washington Post outlines the stakes.
  1. Has Obama put the Wright controversy behind him? Pretty much, say both sides; it's a media story now.
  2. How's

Charlotte Observer Endorses Obama

Wants voters to 'send a message to the world'

(Newser) - Just ahead of North Carolina’s critical Tuesday primary, the Charlotte Observer has endorsed Barack Obama, calling on readers to "send a powerful message to the world."  The paper brushes off the inexperience of "one of the most powerful, effective speakers to seek the presidency in...

Oprah Also Turned On Rev. Wright

TV star didn't want to offend her audience, friend says

(Newser) - Like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey attended Jeremiah Wright's church but ultimately gave up on it, Newsweek reports. She went for nearly a decade, starting in 1984, and wasn't surprised by his angry sermons. But "Oprah is a businesswoman, first and foremost," a friend said. "She's always been...

No More Mr. Nice Elitist

Bud-swilling Obama will connect with blue-collar votes if it kills him, Dowd writes

(Newser) - Barack Obama is trying his darnedest to shed the elitist vibe, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, ditching his dainty sips at a Pennsylvania brewery for big swigs of Bud at an Indiana VFW. But for a man of mixed race and a blue-collar upbringing, it’s proving...

Why Is Edwards AWOL in North Carolina?

Former senator has surprisingly little clout in home state

(Newser) - Why has John Edwards maintained silence as the precarious Democratic contest heads to his home state of North Carolina? Could be, Politico posits, because he knows he has little sway there. According to insiders, the state, which holds its primary Tuesday, knew the senator only fleetingly before he leapt to...

Obama Wins in Guam by 7 Votes

More than 4,500 Democrats give senator winner's share of 9 delegates

(Newser) - Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in Guam's caucuses today by a mere seven votes, Reuters reports. With four pledged delegates and five superdelegates at stake, more than 4,500 Democrats voted—despite the candidates' MIA status and residents’ inability to vote in the November elections.

Clinton Celebrates Pa. Win

She asks donors to go to her website

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton savored her win in the Pennsylvania primary tonight, pitching herself in her victory speech as the toughest Democratic contender for the job. She dismissed calls for her to drop out of the race, adding, "The American people don't quit and they deserve a president who doesn't quit,...

Hillary Notches Critical Win in Pennsylvania

She gets boost she needs to keep Democratic tussle with Obama going

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton gave her campaign a jolt of life tonight with a decisive win in the Pennsylvania primary, NBC News reports. With 99% of results in, Clinton led 55% to 45%, a margin of victory that gives her campaign enough credibility to remain in the race. "The tide is...

In Democrats' Primary Mess, Democracy Is Real Loser

Front-loaded slate had too many vote too soon

(Newser) - Info on the Democratic candidates is pouring out, too late for most voters to get much out of it, Walter Shapiro complains in Salon. "Most Democratic voters will have chosen between Clinton and Obama back in February," he gripes, and the voting that produced Obama's delegate lead is...

Ferraro Quits Clinton Post

She resigns honorary post after race flap over Obama

(Newser) - Geraldine Ferraro left her honorary post in the Clinton campaign today amid turmoil over her comment that if Barack Obama were white, "he would not be in this position." Ferraro stands by that assertion but says the Obama camp has twisted her remarks out of context. "I...

Obama Says He'll Sharpen His Attacks

He criticizes media for buying Clinton's claim of unfair treatment

(Newser) - Getting up off the canvas after yesterday's primary losses, Barack Obama promised to escalate criticism of Hillary Clinton over the next few days, targeting in particular her claim to be the candidate with the most foreign policy experience. "What exactly is this foreign policy experience?" Obama asked. "Was...

Clinton Camp Unveils Victory Blueprint

Plenty of time to turn this thing around, advisers believe

(Newser) - As Barack Obama continues to bask in the glow of a string of impressive primary victories, Team Clinton is pulling out the stops to capture important wins in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. Clinton advisers have hardly given up hope. They're optimistic Hillary can accomplish the latest victory blueprint: nail pending...

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