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Bain Workers Launch Anti-Romney Bus Tour

They're hitting the swing states

(Newser) - Workers for Bain-owned companies are hoping to turn one of Mitt Romney's proudest assets into a weakness. In a bus tour of swing states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia, current and former employees of firms Bain has bought—from Burlington Coat Factory to Dunkin Donuts—are taking a...

Romney in '85: Bain Will 'Harvest' Companies

'Mother Jones' airs another video

(Newser) - Mother Jones is out with another Mitt Romney video, this one from all the way back in 1985, when he was explaining what the new Bain Capital was all about. The choice quote:
  • "Bain Capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in startup companies and

Obama Files Trade Complaint Against China

Accuses Romney's companies of being 'pioneers in outsourcing'

(Newser) - Barack Obama launched a trade enforcement case against China today, arguing that it had unfairly subsidized its automobile exports—and he didn’t hesitate to make political hay of it. As he announced the policy in Ohio, Obama took a swipe at Bain Capital's record on outsourcing, the New ...

Axed Workers at Bain Plants Slam Romney Pain
Axed Workers at Bain Plants Slam Romney Pain
dem convention

Axed Workers at Bain Plants Slam Romney Pain

Mitt's got lots of experience cutting ... jobs, they say

(Newser) - Who triggered some of the biggest boos for Mitt Romney at the Democratic National Convention tonight? Three workers who lost their jobs after their companies were taken over by Romney's Bain Capital. “Mitt Romney said, 'I like to fire people,'” noted Randy Johnson, whose work...

Probe Targets Finance Firms Over 'Sneaky' Strategy

Bain Capital gets a subpoena

(Newser) - Do private equity firms like Bain Capital use a sly strategy to avoid paying hundreds of millions in taxes? That's what New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman aims to find out. In recent weeks he issued subpoenas to more than a dozen companies, including Bain, TPG Capital, and Sun...

Romney: Hope Again With Me

He hails Bain record, talks of 5M jobs plan

(Newser) - A smiling Mitt Romney grasped hands all the way to the stage before a booming Republican National Convention tonight to hail his record at Bain Capital, lash President Obama's failed "hope and change" that America "deserved," and present his vision for the future. He pointedly wooed...

Romney's Campaign a Lie of 'Historic Dimensions'

Mitt Romney rails against debt, but he got rich by creating it, Matt Taibbi argues

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's entire campaign is built around debt—he once described the nation's debt as a "prairie fire" getting "closer to the homes and children we love." Which makes the whole affair "a shimmering pearl of perfect political hypocrisy," writes Matt Taibbi for...

What Bain Capital Taught Me
 What Bain Capital Taught Me 
Mitt Romney

What Bain Capital Taught Me

Mitt Romney on how his time in business prepared him for presidency

(Newser) - If you're shopping for school supplies at Staples this fall, you can thank Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate reminds readers in today's Wall Street Journal . Staples was "one of many businesses we helped create and expand at Bain Capital," he writes. "The lessons I learned...

Gawker: Help Us Decode Bain Files

Site posts cache of financial documents

(Newser) - Gawker is slowly assembling an investigative report on Bain Capital, and it wants your help (though it might help if you're a tax attorney or an accountant). The site has acquired a trove of internal files that "reveal the mind-numbing, maze-like, and deeply opaque complexity" of Mitt Romney'...

Italy Stewing Over Bain's Tax-Free Phone Deal

Mitt Romney's company sold phone company for $1B profit

(Newser) - Good thing Mitt Romney ducked Italy on his European tour; Italians aren't too thrilled with him right now. That's because Romney's Bain Capital played a key role in acquiring a phone-directory company from the Italian government and selling it for a $1 billion profit at the height...

Mitt: Obama Is 'Demonizing' Success

But he's not a monster, Romney tells voters

(Newser) - Mitt Romney went on the offensive yesterday, accusing President Obama of starting a class war and "demonizing" success. Romney, addressing remarks Obama made last week about the role government plays in helping create businesses, said the comments show how "out of touch he is with the character of...

Mitt Critics Crooning 'You're So Bain'

Meanwhile, Bain workers sign petition begging Romney to save their jobs

(Newser) - There's a new tune in the political song wars . Mitt Romney's critics are increasingly guffawing over " You're So Bain ," a YouTube parody of Carly Simon's 1972 hit "You're So Vain." The Bain version, released earlier this year, features a Simon-esque voice...

Who Cares About Offshoring?
 Who Cares About Offshoring? 
Richard Cohen

Who Cares About Offshoring?

Richard Cohen says job crisis deserves more than 'schoolyard-level' debate

(Newser) - Imagine Mitt Romney had replaced lots of American workers with robots. Surely, no one would be running attack ads about that. "Robots, for some reason, are good Americans," quips Richard Cohen of the Washington Post . But the Obama campaign is running ads accusing Romney of sending jobs overseas—...

Stewart: Romney's Misusing His Time Machine
 Stewart: Romney's 
 Misusing His Time Machine 

Stewart: Romney's Misusing His Time Machine

Also, why does Mitt's horse get to go to prom?

(Newser) - Jon Stewart joined the chorus mocking Mitt Romney's " retroactive retirement " on last night's Daily Show . "I'm not saying that if you have a time machine you necessarily have to kill Hitler," he quipped, "But this retroactive retirement is the worst use of...

Why Romney's Finances Are Fair Game
 Why Romney's 
 Finances Are 
 Fair Game 

Paul Krugman

Why Romney's Finances Are Fair Game

Paul Krugman tells Beltway naysayers to 'get real'

(Newser) - Some Washingtonians are decrying President Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's personal history—be it his tax returns , or his murky Bain exit . Why, they ask, can't we just discuss policy? "The short answer is, get real," Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times . "...

Romney's New Target: Obama's 'Political Payoffs'

Campaign to point to favoritism among donors

(Newser) - With political chatter centered on Mitt Romney's Bain record , the candidate is ready to fight back: "We're turning the page," says an adviser. So get ready for a new offensive, dubbed "Obama's Political Payoffs and Middle-Class Layoffs." The Romney tactic aims to demonstrate...

Aide: Romney 'Retroactively Retired' From Bain

Leave of absence became permanent, Gillespie tells CNN

(Newser) - Senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie muddied the waters further while trying to clear up the question of when Mitt really left Bain Capital. "There may have been a thought at the time that it could be part-time," Gillespie told CBS' Face the Nation when asked about Romney's...

Romney Defends Bain Role, Wants Obama Apology

Attacks are 'beneath the dignity of the presidency,' he says

(Newser) - Mitt Romney went on the offensive in a big way today over his tenure at Bain, giving a series of TV interviews to insist that he stopped having any management role in 1999 and to demand that President Obama apologize because of his advisers' "disgusting" attacks on him over...

Romney's Bain Explanation Doesn't Fly
 Romney's Bain 
 Doesn't Fly 

Romney's Bain Explanation Doesn't Fly

Steve Kornacki: A clean break in 1999? That's not what he said before

(Newser) - So did Mitt Romney stop running the show at Bain in 1999 or 2002? Romney would have us believe 1999, and Bain backs him up with the explanation that it took time for all of the formalities to take effect. At Salon , however, Steve Kornacki sees a problem with that...

Obama Camp: Romney May Have Committed a Felony

SEC docs could have 'very serious legal consequences'

(Newser) - If Mitt Romney wasn't actually Bain Capital's CEO in 2002, there could be "very, very serious legal consequences," an Obama campaign lawyer told reporters yesterday. Romney has said publicly that he left Bain in 1999, but the Boston Globe yesterday reported that Bain SEC filings indicate...

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