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Think Your Lab Is Too Chunky? There's a Reason
For These Dogs, a 'Double
Whammy' on Chonking Out

For These Dogs, a 'Double Whammy' on Chonking Out

Labradors, other flat-coated retrievers have genetic mutation that predisposes them to obesity

(Newser) - Every pet owner has to take care to keep their furry friends happy, healthy, and at a safe weight. For those who have a Labrador or flat-coated retriever in their charge, however, that last task might prove a bit more difficult. That's due to a "double whammy" with...

25 Years Ago It Wasn't in the Top 75. Now It's No. 1

The most popular purebred dog breed in the US is the French bulldog

(Newser) - For the first time in three decades, the US has a new favorite dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. Adorable in some eyes, deplorable in others, the sturdy, push-faced, perky-eared, world-weary-looking, and distinctively droll French bulldog became the nation's most prevalent purebred dog last year, the club...

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in US
10 Most Popular
Dog Breeds in US

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in US

Labs are still king, but poodles are gaining

(Newser) - Labrador retrievers are still tugging hardest on US dog lovers' heartstrings, but poodles just strutted back into the American Kennel Club's top five most popular dog breeds for the first time in nearly a quarter-century, per the AP . The club's annual popularity rankings came out Tuesday, drawn from...

80K People Beg School Not to Kill 4 Dogs

A Swedish university says it had little choice

(Newser) - Half a dozen labradors lost several teeth and then their lives as part of a controversial lab experiment in Sweden—and animal rights activists are howling, the Local reports. "These dogs could have been able to live their lives," says Malin Gustafsson of the Animal Rights Alliance. "...

Judge Orders Neighbors to Share Custody of Lab Mix

'Both parties have spent a great deal of time with the dog,' judge says

(Newser) - A rift between two former neighbors has resulted in them sharing custody of a Labrador retriever mix, the AP reports. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Tina Marie Walker and David Somerville lived next to each other in a Florida apartment complex when he drove her in 2016 to an...

These Genes Make Your Dog Look Fat
 These Genes Make 
 Your Dog Look Fat 
study says

These Genes Make Your Dog Look Fat

Your dog might have good reason to be chubby, at least for Labs

(Newser) - Labs are among the most popular dogs in the country, and they're also prone to packing on too many pounds. A new study suggests a scientific reason that helps explain both: a genetic mutation. Researchers at Cambridge found that about 25% of Labs have a gene variant that makes...

Labs Still No. 1, but a Rival Is Gaining Ground

American Kennel Club releases annual dog rankings, with bulldogs No. 4

(Newser) - America still loves its Labs, but it's growing ever more fond of its bulldogs. The American Kennel Club released its annual rankings of the most popular dogs in the nation, and, surprise, surprise, Labrador retrievers were at the top of the list for the 24th consecutive year, reports AP...

Dog Finds Human Leg on Mass. Beach

Police investigate remains on Plum Island Beach

(Newser) - A man watched in horror yesterday as his Labrador discovered a human leg on a Massachusetts beach, the Boston Globe reports. Bill Barrett says he and his puppy were out for a walk, searching for seashells on Plum Island Beach, when the leg turned up. "We walked over there,...

Beijing Cops Hunting Down Golden Retrievers

Ban on 'large and vicious' dogs includes Labs, Dalmatians, and collies

(Newser) - Beijing police have recently started enforcing a prohibition on "large and vicious dogs." It's a ban that includes breeds such as golden retrievers, Labradors, and Dalmatians, and affects any dog taller than 13.7 inches—apparently the size at which authorities feel pooches are no longer appropriate...

Loyal Lab Sticks With Dog Pal Hit by Car

Shelter saves 'Grace,' seeking home

(Newser) - Doggone it, that's loyalty. A faithful black Labrador braved whizzing traffic to stick with a pal fatally hit by a car on a busy boulevard in Los Angeles County. A good Samaritan placed traffic cones to protect the dogs and took a cell-phone video of the arresting sight, and...

Prince William Gives Kate a Black Lab Puppy
  William Gives Kate a Puppy 

William Gives Kate a Puppy

Royal pair spotted with a new black Lab, says tabloid

(Newser) - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly have a new bundle of joy, but it's a bit more furry than the one diehard royal watchers were hoping for. Prince William has given Kate Middleton a Labrador retriever puppy, reports the Mirror , likely for her 30th birthday. “The dog...

Hunting Dog Steps on Gun, Shoots Master

Calif. man sustains minor injury when shot hits him in the back

(Newser) - A man out hunting with his dog got a small taste of how ducks must feel when the dog accidentally shot him. The hunter left his shotgun with his Labrador retriever and went to collect some decoy ducks he’d left about 15 yards away. The dog stepped on the...

MIA Dog A-OK After Year in Afghanistan

Bomb-sniffer Sabi gone for a year after 2008 firefight

(Newser) - An Australian military bomb-sniffing dog that went missing during a firefight in Afghanistan in September 2008 has been reunited with one of her trainers. An American soldier found Sabi wandering near a remote base last week and realized the black Lab wasn’t a stray when she responded to commands....

Dog + Kitchen Magnets = Emergency Surgery

(Newser) - A British dog is healthy after emergency surgery to remove an alphabet’s worth of fridge magnets from his belly, the BBC reports. Jack had just returned home from being neutered, and his owner put him in the kitchen to rest. “The next morning I noticed the whole alphabet...

Lab Is Top US Dog, 18 Years and Counting

Yorkshire terrier is second; bulldog now at No. 8 and gaining fast

(Newser) - The Obamas’ pup could change things, but for now the playful Labrador retriever remains America’s most popular purebred, the American Kennel Club calculates. It's the Lab’s 18th consecutive year as king; the Yorkshire terrier and German shepherd are second and third, Reuters reports. Bulldogs moved up two spots,...

'Rattling' Dog's Diet Included Golf Balls

Black Lab's gut gives up a baker's dozen

(Newser) - Oscar the Scottish black Lab is on the mend after undergoing surgery to remove the snacks that were disturbing his digestion: 13 golf balls. "He normally brings a few home, but I had no idea he had eaten so many," Oscar's owner told the BBC. "It was...

In LA, Chihuahuas Are Hot Dogs
 In LA, Chihuahuas Are Hot Dogs 

In LA, Chihuahuas Are Hot Dogs

'Lucky' the most common name

(Newser) - At least 1,262 Chihuahuas named “Princess” live in Los Angeles. That priceless pearl of wisdom comes from “LA’s Top Dogs,” a new searchable LA Times database of every registered canine. Only half the city’s dogs are legally registered, but of that population, Chihuahuas are...

Doggone! Labrador Runs for Mayor of Alabama Town

If you can't lick 'em, join 'em, muses Willie

(Newser) - A new candidate has bounded into the running in the mayoral race in Fairhope, Alabama, reports the Press-Register. Townspeople sick of the endless politicking are backing 7-year-old Labrador retriever Willie Bean Roscoe P. Coltrane for mayor. Supporters note that Willie Bean is the only candidate to have American Kennel Club...

Bulldogs Back in AKC's Top 10
Bulldogs Back in AKC's Top 10

Bulldogs Back in AKC's Top 10

Beefy canine was last on list in 1935; lab is tops for 17th consecutive year

(Newser) - The bulldog has returned to the American Kennel Club's list of top 10 most popular American dog breeds for the first time since 1935, the AP reports. The Labrador retriever held on to #1—it’s been top dog for the past 17 years. Check out the other popular pooches:...

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