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Farmers Worried as Death Rates Surge for Female Pigs

Agriculture industry trying to get a handle on problem with sows

(Newser) - Operators of farms with a large number of female pigs are seeing a worrying trend—death rates are surging among the sows. One industry group, Swine Management Services, says the death rate increased from 5.8% to 10.2% from 2013 to 2016, per National Hog Farmer . "This makes... More »

If You Live Near Atlanta and Spot Roaming Cows, Call Police

Overturned livestock truck dumps dozens of bovines onto a highway cloverleaf; half are missing

(Newser) - An overturned livestock truck spilled a herd of cows onto a highway cloverleaf north of Atlanta on Monday, causing traffic chaos, including wrecks that killed several cows and injured a driver. Sgt. Sam Worsham of the Sandy Springs Police Department said the wreck happened about 3am Monday on the Cobb... More »

6 People, Thousands of Cattle Killed in Devastating Wildfires

Blaze was biggest in state history

(Newser) - Devastating wildfires have set a record that the Kansas Division of Emergency Management says "it never hoped to see and never hopes to surpass." More than 500,000 acres in two counties in the southwest of the state have burned this week in what is believed to be... More »

A 'Dzud' Comes Every 12 Years. Except for This Time

40K livestock are already dead in Mongolia; 1M died last year

(Newser) - It may rhyme with "dud," but it packs a deadly wallop: A dzud (pronounced 'ZUHD) is an extreme weather phenomenon unique to Mongolia that's characterized by a summer drought and then a prolonged winter of heavy snow and temperatures of minus 40 to minus 59 degrees... More »

5% of China's Beef to Come From Huge Cloning Factory

BoyaLife says it will produce 100K bovine embryos per year

(Newser) - Facing a serious meat shortage as its population continues to grow and industrialize, China is set to open the world's largest animal-cloning factory in the first half of 2016. But it's not just cloning and raising cattle for beef. Commercial genetics company BoyaLife , which is building the center... More »

$200K Show Horse Stolen, 'Filleted' for Meat: Fla. Cops

Champion jumper was butchered by someone who knew what they were doing

(Newser) - Just a couple of days after two Florida bodybuilders were arrested for starving their horses, an even more gruesome equine crime has been reported in Manatee County. "Your new horse is missing" was the first piece of bad news Debbie Stephens got on Sunday, per the New York Times ... More »

Wanted: Meat for a Hotter Planet

Scientists search for more resistant livestock to feed global demand for meat

(Newser) - Food scientists are on the hunt for livestock that can withstand heat—and we're not talking your Fourth of July barbecue. Rather, as the LA Times reports, they're looking for heat-resistant breeds that can be incorporated into American flocks and herds and thrive even as global temperatures spike.... More »

25 of 26 Drug Makers Will Curb Antibiotics in Animals

FDA's voluntary plan has gained major ground

(Newser) - The FDA's first attempt to limit antibiotic use in farm animals appears to be working: All but one of the 26 drug companies asked to curb the use of antibiotics in animals to promote growth have agreed to do so, though the plan is voluntary. The plan will see... More »

New Virus Decimating US Pig Farms

Epidemic has killed off untold thousands of piglets

(Newser) - A plague from overseas is devastating American pig farmers already reeling from soaring feed prices. The porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, which first surfaced in Ohio last spring, has spread to 16 states this year and wiped out thousands of piglets, the New York Times reports. Farmers are scrambling to sanitize... More »

In Record Drought, Nation's Farmers Twist in Wind

Depression, lost land, ditched vacations

(Newser) - The worst drought in decades has reached farming families' personal lives, making for a year very different than they might have expected. "You probably can’t print our mood," says a South Dakota rancher. "The wife says she can’t drink enough to dull the pain of... More »

Town Buys Livestock to Go Green, Save Dough

Charlotte, Vermont, replaces mowers with goats and sheep

(Newser) - Want to cut back on grass-cutting costs and go green at the same time? Buy a few sheep and goats to chomp on your lawn. That's been the solution in one Vermont town that wanted to save money without letting its cemeteries become overgrown with grass and weeds, NPR... More »

Video Alleges Abuse at Pig Farm

Humane Society footage prompts investigation in Wyoming

(Newser) - Wyoming officials are investigating alleged animal abuse at a pig farm after a secret video of conditions there was released. In the footage, workers are seen punching, kicking, and jumping on pigs and tossing piglets, reports CBS in Denver . Other pigs have untreated abscesses, notes the Huffington Post . The footage... More »

FDA to Require Prescriptions for Livestock Antibiotics

Strategy aims to battle antibiotic-fueled super bugs

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is trying to slow the rise of drug-resistant super bugs by reducing antibiotic use in livestock. The agency will now require farmers and ranchers to obtain a prescription from a veterinarian before they can give antibiotics to animals, reports the New York Times . Close to... More »

Ruling Might End Use of Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Judge tells FDA to put process in motion

(Newser) - A decision yesterday by a federal judge could mean that farmers have to stop mixing antibiotics into animal feed, reports the OnEarth blog. The judge ordered the FDA to warn drug-makers of the coming change and give them a chance to prove that the antibiotics are safe and won't... More »

Montana Gov OKs Shooting Endangered Wolves

Brian Schweitzer says gray wolf population has fully recovered

(Newser) - Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has all but declared open season on gray wolves, ordering wildlife officers not to investigate or prosecute ranchers who shoot the endangered animals to protect their livestock, CNN reports. He’s also directed them to kill entire packs if they endanger the state’s elk or... More »

Eating Meat OK if It's Farmed Right

New book changes George Monbiot's mind

(Newser) - In 2002, Guardian columnist George Monbiot wrote a piece called "Why Vegans Were Right All Along"—but eight years later, he's changing his mind. He originally concluded that, after considering the vast divide between land used to feed people and land used to feed livestock, veganism "is... More »

Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'

Furry friends are also perfect food animal for budding DIY farmers

(Newser) - Rabbit as food is a troubling conceit for many Americans—“it’s this weird association with Easter,” a chef says—but the animal is taking off with a small group of budding butchers, urban farmers, and those just enamored of its lean, healthy meat. “This is my... More »

Kenya Feeds Zebras to Hungry Lions

Carnivores in Amboseli National Park have been attacking local livestock

(Newser) - In a sort of zoological sacrifice, the Kenyan government is rounding up thousands of zebras and wildebeest to feed to starving lions and hyenas in the country's drought-ridden south. Some 80% of herbivores in Amboseli National Park were felled by the dry conditions, leading the hungry carnivores to attack neighboring... More »

Cattle Rustling Makes a Texas- Size Comeback

Thievery soars in Wild West as recession-hit cowboys go bad

(Newser) - A crime of the Old West is becoming a serious problem in 21st-century Texas, the Los Angeles Times reports. Cases of cattle rustling have more than tripled over the last couple of years, a trend investigators blame on the recession and on city-dwelling ranch owners who don't take the time... More »

Mexican Wolf Recovery Is Howling Flop

(Newser) - A US effort to relocate endangered wolves along the Arizona-New Mexico border is actually rendering them extinct, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officials moved eleven Mexican gray wolves to the Gila National Forest in 1998, where managers are trapping, penning, and shooting the wolves to control their roaming and cattle-killing... More »

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