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LiLo Skips Community Service Again?

Doesn't show up at morgue on time as ordered by judge

(Newser) - Apparently being led out of court in handcuffs and thrown back, albeit briefly, in jail was still not enough to teach Lindsay Lohan how to actually show up for her court-ordered community service. Lohan, who was ordered by the judge yesterday to perform community service at the county morgue until...

Doc Sends Woman to Morgue—Alive

Seems like there really should be checks for this type of thing....

(Newser) - Some of us have bad days at work, and then some of us mistakenly send perfectly alive people to the morgue: Such is the case of 62-year-old Brazilian Rosa Celestrino de Assis, who made the grave mistake of showing no vital signs while being treated for pneumonia, reports the AFP...

Cash-Strapped Detroit Outsources Autopsies

Move will save Wayne County $1.5M over three years

(Newser) - With bodies piling up and funding disappearing, Detroit has decided to save some money by outsourcing its morgue operations to the University of Michigan, Bloomberg reports. Detroit’s morgue is unusually busy, with five pathologists performing autopsies on 2,400 corpses a year. Earlier this year, it had 185 bodies...

Grandpa Wakes Up Screaming in Morgue

Needless to say, the South African man was not actually dead

(Newser) - A South African grandfather is apparently just fine after spending 21 hours inside a morgue—but we're guessing family dinners are going to be awkward for a while. His family assumed he was dead when they were unable to wake him up, and called for an undertaker. But he...

Lindsay Lohan Morgue: Actress Will Complete Community Service Doing Janitorial Work in Morgue
 LiLo: Not 
 Dead Yet, 
 but Going 
 to Morgue 

LiLo: Not Dead Yet, but Going to Morgue

Lohan sentenced to janitorial work at LA County Morgue

(Newser) - Community service is never glamorous, but for Lindsay Lohan, paying her debt to society is going to be especially gruesome: The actress will be doing part of her community service—120 hours, to be exact—at the LA County Department of Coroner, reports People. "She won't be handling...

The Scary Truth About America's Morgues
The Scary Truth About America's Morgues

The Scary Truth About America's Morgues

Mistakes have sent innocents to jail, let guilty go free, ProPublica finds

(Newser) - Misplaced bones and bodies, overlooked bullet holes, corpses cremated before an investigation was complete: Most real morgues bear little resemblance to the shiny, high-tech world of CSI’s labs, a new investigation reveals. ProPublica , Frontline, and NPR took a yearlong look at the country’s coroner and medical examiner offices...

Jackson's Body Released to Family

(Newser) - Michael Jackson’s body has been released to his family, Reuters reports. The family is said to be meeting at Jackson’s parents’ home to discuss funeral arrangements, but no plans have been released to the public. The body was taken to a mortuary from the morgue after an autopsy...

In Mexico, No Room at the Morgue

(Newser) - As Mexico's drug war erupted in Ciudad Juarez, the bloody results inevitably ended up in one place—the city's overwhelmed morgue. Some 2,300 victims of violence rolled through its doors last year, reports the AP, a flood of death that has resulted in stacked cadavers and plans to double...

Judge Sends Lohan to the Morgue
Judge Sends Lohan to the Morgue

Judge Sends Lohan to the Morgue

Actress will chase DUI conviction with community service

(Newser) - Glamorous, it ain't. Lindsay Lohan will begin working at a morgue as punishment for her most recent drunken driving conviction, the AP reports. Lohan will put in two days of community service at the morgue and another two in a hospital emergency room. The court-ordered program is aimed to illustrate...

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