Doc Sends Woman to Morgue—Alive

Seems like there really should be checks for this type of thing....
By Polly Davis Doig,  Newser Staff
Suggested by Larry-Crehore
Posted Sep 26, 2011 3:10 PM CDT
Doc Sends Woman to Morgue—Alive
A Brazilian doctor sent a female patient to the morgue a little prematurely.   (Shutterstock)

Some of us have bad days at work, and then some of us mistakenly send perfectly alive people to the morgue: Such is the case of 62-year-old Brazilian Rosa Celestrino de Assis, who made the grave mistake of showing no vital signs while being treated for pneumonia, reports the AFP. Her doctor gave her up for dead, and sent her packing off to the morgue, where she spent at least two hours in a body bag. Then her daughter arrived to say her farewells, and discovered what years of medical training had not...

"I went to give my mom one last hug, and I could feel that she was breathing. I screamed out, 'My mom is alive!' And they all looked at me like I was crazy," says daughter Rosangela Celestrino. "Not only did I have to go collect my mom from a cold storage drawer at the morgue, but when I got there, I find her still breathing," (More strange stuff stories.)

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